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Thursday, October 15, 2009


Well my friends...It has sure been long enough!

I suppose 1st things are 1st! An apology to you and myself.

This blog was created to be my sanity. HA!

The one place to come and journal, share and be personal on life on the "Small" highway...

As those that know me will understand...Busy is an understatement and just like I teach everyone to put yourself 1st...It is the easiest thing said than DONE!

For those that really like to stay connected please know that my facebook is pretty much open 24/7 and I post several times a day there as it is the coolest application on my IPHONE! I can stay very consistent there because it travels with me....Maybe I will research and be a blogger on the go as well!

So I have missed you for about 30 days...Here is a recap of the months whirlwind!

Kids: Crazy as always...Both are growing and we are excited to gear up for the 1st Cheer Competition this weekend in Charlotte...It should be interesting! Love it!

Lynn: He has been busy helping his old company...We are not ever apart and have pretty much worked side by side for the last 7 years...This market, his training, my training, our schedules, our kids, life's demands has sure given our marriage the boost of survival and a kick in the rear! Love it!

Real Estate: WOW! Picking up...It has been a whirlwind itself! Love it!

Speaking: Busy! Busy! I have been to New Jersey and Texas and doing several webinars! Love it!

SendOutCards: Rocking! There is a new SOCBOX that is getting ready to make lots of organizations, businesses and distributors LOTS of money! GOTTA Have it!

Happy Times: Each day is a blessing...The last 30 days has been a true test of faith. I just thank God for his love everyday and pray to walk in the WILL of God in all I do...GOTTA Have it!

Sad Times: As crazy as this sounds I lost a piece of my soul this past weekend. My best friend and 9 year old Schnauzer was killed by a car. He has been roaming...Needless to say, my heart has been broken and I miss him so! Not Like it or Love it at all!

MY DIET! I have been working hard on the intake and trying to keep committed to the output! I am steady between 135 and 138...Pushing hard now for Nov. 6th to have some pictures made with Lisa Brewer for business! So...GAME ON! Love it and GOTTA HAVE IT!

I hope this quickie gets us back in the saddle again with one another! Stay tuned for much more!

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