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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Motivator in Me is M.O.T.I.V.A.T.E.D!

This is my personal blog so yep you got it...It is my WORLD. I can write about and say whatever I want! Someone recently shared that I was a great "self promoter" - Well, gosh...I have to be because there is not another company promoting me! I make my weekly paychecks on my own, by myself with my own mouth and my own two feet! So, please before I rant anymore today please know that again...This is my PERSONAL blog. I write to think and clear my head here. I sell on facebook, activerain and other places...Here I just write and vent and write and vent...I just started this little ole blog in 2009 and have loved that my Dear Diary!

I love to be inspired. I read and listen and I love to go and watch other speakers to help me do what I do best even better...More than anything I love to get excited about something new...

"I get asked ALL the time...Please look at this. I have something to share...I have a new company that you would be just soooooo great at..."

I will give you an open door right now...right here, right now and anytime you want to share your business with me...SHARE IT!!!

I think if you are excited about something you should share it and if you have THE best product in the all means...I want to know about it and I am sure many others will as well...

The truth is...there is a great product for everyone...The perfect fit for you is just that...the perfect fit for you! There is no promise I will join or sell or wear anymore hats than I already where because I will tell you the one thing I have learned in business is that you can't be the best at everything! If something fits like a PERFECT FIT in my life...I promise...I will look but do not be upset if I say it is just not a fit!

Like you fitting into following my blogs...

Sometimes I may write something in this blog that is written to be used in my Social Media locations...I will make sure to tag these blogs in 2010 as PROMOTIONS so that if you subscribe and you are not a fan of my selling side super promotions and giveaways that you can just skip the read! LOL!

So, why I am so hyped today! I just watched a video and literally within 10 minutes of watching it I made $220.00 by sharing it...It was not the video that made the $220.00 for me but it was the product I use that did!

Some people go to work for 8 hours a day and do not make $220.00! I did it in 15 minutes today!

So, here is what has me so excited...A new video just hot off the press by Kody Bateman...The founder and leader of a company that "fits me like a glove - the perfect fit"!

Enjoy and please...If you have been shared this company by someone else CALL them! If you have never heard of it CALL ME or take 10 minutes to open a free trial account now!

Have a great weekend!

Elizabeth Ward Small


Unleashed and Unplugged!

Did you know that this is really going to be the BEST YEAR of your life?

I do not just believe this...I KNOW IT!

I believe with all my heart that every second, every hour of every day is YOUR DAY to shine!

Do you honestly know that you have within you the ability to be the very best that you can be and this is your year to have an abundance of success in your personal have an abundance of success in your business and to have an abundance of success in any and everything that you touch!

My core goal for 2010 is to really give you lots to think about on many levels of life!

My MOTTO for 2010 is: "Follow me...I will be right behind you"!

So please do not be shy to shout out on my facebook page why I or others should follow you and what you have to GIVE and offer others! This is how you grow!

I am also on a lifelong health kick for 2010...Did you know that everything about you - your life is a stem from the root of your health? I mean let's be honest...I will be!

LIFE IS TOUGH! But the one thing I have sure realized in 2009 and that is...I AM TOUGHER and SO ARE YOU!

Last weekend was the 1st of the new year weekend and now that you are IN IT and have your feet wet...Let's just ask...What do you want with this New Year? I mean really - WHAT DO YOU WANT? What is holding you back? NOTHING can stop you once you turn on the switch to change your habits!

Maybe your goals have nothing to do with health...No problem...just promise me this...Have SOME GOALS...Happiness is all about having something to look forward please...write some goals and start looking forward to them being accomplished! Claim them now as DONE! COMPLETE!

I want to help you! I am diving in and dedicating more of my life to helping others and on a personal note I am also excited to share that I will be the big "40" December 24, 2010.

One of my big things to do this year before I turn 40 is compete in a real show - on stage! I just want to be a hot momma! LOL!

So, if interested you can follow my progress on this personal blog at

Thanks for hearing me out this Friday afternoon...I hope this sparked you to look deep within your heart...YOU ARE A STAR - I just had to tell you that!

Best of luck to you in 2010! is your year, your choice!


Elizabeth Ward Small


PS - I still have spaces open for your company events in 2010! I promise you...2010 is all about being unleashed and unplugged and I will deliver and unreal, unforgettable event for you!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Happy New Year! Yes, this post is a bit behind...actually 7 days behind...But who's watching? Oh, you are! Sorry! By the way with that said...Thank you for subscribing.

I started this blog as a place to just pour it all out! I feel like I am so business in so many places from facebook, twitter to active rain that I wanted a place that was just fun and carefree...A place I could get a bit more personal and just journal...

So, welcome to the dear diary...Not to sound like the rest of the world and say the biggest thing that is going is my new diet...but it is a big thing to me. Not new...I started the GetPhatOnline program in August for a little goal and wanted to more or less see what it was about. I lost 20 lbs and found it to be a really great life changing program. I took a break over Thanksgiving and Christmas and of course added back on about 8 lbs but am excited to start one of my biggest missions in life...I am going to compete in the NC State Body Building and Figure Competition.

Wheewww - Now that I said it...It is official. Here is the truth and the facts...

I have never competed in anything like this before. The stage I can handle but the stage in a little bikini - sounds fun!

I think, no I know this is one of the 40 things to do before I turn 40. I promise to share that list in a blog soon for anyone that wants to hold me accountable to it!

So, April 10th in Greensboro. If my body looks ready and I will trust a few near and dear friends to tell me this...I WILL DO IT. If I am just not conditioned and ready enough I will wait and do Jen Hendershotts show in Charleston later on in the year...

The bottom line to all this is yes...I will be 40 in December.12/24 to be exact and not that I am not happy with my body now. I have been 210 and loved every roll (lie) - but I want to be fit, healthy and if course, I want to be HOT! Demi Moore inspires me, getting older does not bother me but being out of shape does!

So...I have started officially this week and through my entire family having the flu and me dealing with some starting diet headaches it has not been so bad.

In a nut shell here is what I am eating all week, each day:

Meal 1 - Protien Drink
Meal 2 - 5 egg whites and 1 whole egg
Meal 3 - 2 Pumpkin Pancakes - Phatcamp special recipe
meal 4 - Grapefruit or apple and 1 tbs. of peanut butter
Meal 5 - 6 oz. white fish and 1 cup of greens
Meal 6 - 2 rice cakes with peanut butter or a protein drink

I am taking a multivitamin (B WHOLESOME from GNC), B6 3 x a day, BComplex 100 MG 1 X, Vit. C, Calcium, Magnesium, Potas and Omega 3 Fish Oil tab. - I love Scivation protein and VasoCharge to keep me fueled!

On a training plan I am getting in at least 1 hour of cardio a day and still doing some weights! We got the kids a trampoline for Christmas so I am hoping that I can use it a lot for fun burning!

So, come on and start with me! We can eat and count meals together!

Before and After pictures promised - just not yet! Still trying to photoshop the butt dimples!

Happy New Year to you my friends! Let's make 2010 a year to remember!




By the way - thanks again for subcribing here but I also post daily on and on facebook - be my friend! If you like to follow real estate news subscribe to me at and of course if you just want to talk to me, pick up the phone and call or text me direct at 336-516-4506!

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