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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Is 35 Days Away...Ready to help you with your cards!

Christmas Card Help is only minutes away!

The above designs were found online and this is exactly what you kind of Picture Christmas Cards you can have for less than $ 2.00 per card including a stamp using my online greeting card system and having some "creative help"!

Just a few ideas on how beautiful you can have your Christmas Cards using SendOutCards this year! Are you BUSY? Let me help you!

Regardless of how busy you are there is one thing that I believe in as a business professional and that is giving personal follow up to my clients, family and friends! I have been using a great program for almost two years now and I have tested it long enough to know that the quality and the service is top notch!

I want to share it with you in order for you to be able to use it as well. If you become a customer on any level in SOC by December 1st you can email me your photos (no more than 3 is best) and I will help you create a memorable Christmas Card for no charge! This offer is ONLY for customers or clients in SendOutCards under the downline of The 3 B Method Seminars!

Let me share with you about the system and you decide the level that interest you! Regardless of your choice in packages we will help you with your Christmas Cards this year and help you with your card sending year round!

The system is SendOutCards and it allows you to create a real greeting card and write what you want in the card in your own handwriting and you can have up to 4 signatures in the system. Once you make your card online choosing from over 15000 greeting cards you input who the card is going to, they validate the address, they print it, they stuff it in an envelope and THEY MAIL IT for you! You can send one card out to 1000's at a time or you can make greeting cards or postcards to be dripped out to one person over a period of up to 4 years!

The system also has a great reminder program for birthdays and anniversary's! I can tell you that we have loved using the system and have found it to be great to send a card from any laptop or smart phone...(i phone app is even being released very soon) -

Here is the cost breakdown for you to own your own online greeting card store:

Retail Customer Accounts - starter account

49.00 SOCBOX Customer - You pay a one time fee of 49.00. You can opt to get an instructions package in the mail for additional shipping or pay just the 49.00 for immediate access to the system. The 49.00 is a ONE TIME fee. This gives you access to over 15000 cards and it includes the picture plus system that allows you to send picture cards! This alone is a 99.00 software value! You also get 10 greeting cards including the stamp with your initial SOCBOX order. Once you have used all 10 cards you can purchase the ability to send cards in increments of $20.00 for 10 cards...Therefore the cost of cards using the retail SOCBOX is 2.00 per card (INCLUDING THE STAMP) - This is a great starter account. You can upgrade to wholesale or distributor accounts and get a 49.00 credit anytime!

Positive: 2.00 a card includes stamp, use pictures, great fonts available

Negative: NO personal handwriting or signatures can be used on this level, no campaigns can be set up for drip mailings on this level, you can only send 2 panel greeting cards, NO postcard or 3 panel card options.

Retail Customer Account with Full Features

The full feature accounts are on a points pay system. The points are used and valued as follows:


1 Point - a postcard
2 Points - a 2 panel greeting card
3 points - a 3 panel greeting card (is actually 4 panels that you can customize)


Retail: .49 a point
Wholesale: .31 a point

Here are how the full feature packages break down:

$99.00 RETAIL Picture Plus retail account: allows you to pay a one time fee of 99.00 and then you are a full featured SOC user. You pay an auto order of 24.50 a month for 50 points (that is 50 postcards or 25 greeting cards) - if you do not use all your points you do not lose them - they rollover and store in your system.

Positive: Picture Plus System is great and allows personal cards to be sent, full access to over 15,000 cards, Groups Manager to sort contacts, Contact Manager for contact storage and birthday reminders (yes you can upload contacts from outlook or other files), the ability to purchase the handwriting and signatures if desired and the ability to send GIFTS such as gift cards, kid gifts, wrapped presents, foods, books, etc.

Negative: None

298.00 WHOLESALE ACCOUNT: Pay a one time fee of 298.00 and get 200 points right away (62.00 Value) Get the Picture Plus system (99.00 value) - Get the personal handwriting package to send in to SOC (49.00 value), get 4 personal signatures uploaded for personal use with the cards (25.00 value) and with this package you are a WHOLESALE point user!

398.00 WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR: Pay a one time fee of 398.00 and get everything shared in the Wholesale account package and a full day seminar on customer service and self development. Also with this package you get 5% of your card spending paid back monthly once you have two customers and you have the ability to make an income or use as fund raiser for organizations! This package is the only package that allows you to make a residual check on greeting cards sent. You basically own your own greeting card business with this package and you can opt to make money with it or not...

Some may just want to get the 5% back of personal card spending as I do...However, after using it a year I feel comfortable to share it and encourage you to use it in your personal life and your professional life!

Positive: Money back in your pocket..ability to be paid back and make an income or raise money
If interested in this part you can learn more by watching this video:

If you are looking for extra income - this is a super business to be a part of!

Negative: NONE!!!

If you have specific questions please call Elizabeth Ward Small at 336-516-4506. You must make sure to tell her that I referred you to SOC and she will help you. She will even help you get your picture Christmas card created at no charge! You have to love that!

I know this was a lot to explain and I also know the economy is tough for so many. If you are a card sender you can't go wrong with this program! If you are on the road a lot as we are and you need to send personal gifts it is a wonderful system. If you just want to go ahead and get birthday cards sent for the the next 4 years so you do not forget it will work for that as well! Save time from going to the store, save gas by getting on the computer and 1.2.3 BOOM you are done and you are not forgetting someone or have a drawer full of cards that SHOULD have been sent!

If you wish to purchase a package NOW please got to and click the JOIN NOW button. You will need the following code: 31882

If you are more comfortable to trial the system for 3 days and to send a card to see how easy it is please take 1o minutes and do this now:
- this will give you ONE free card on me including a stamp to send to someone you need to reach out to!

Remember if you do this that the account is only open for 3 days and then you must join or it will delete from your system.

I am hoping you will consider this as a program for your personal life and your business year round.

If you decide to sign up and do so by December 1st, not only will we help you with a custom card we will donate a portion of the proceeds that are made to help needy families this Christmas!

So please, send your card today and I promise you this will be a program you will value for a lifetime!

If after you look at this and you feel SOC is not for you...Please tell me why? I would really value your feedback in growing my online greeting card business!

By the way - if you are a photographer or a graphics artist you must contact me to see how you can benefit owning your own greeting card store to share with your clients!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Pip and Pop CheerZONE

Accidently saved and not posted for OCTOBER


1st Competition October 17th

Our 1st ever cheer competition! WOW! It was awesome! The kids did a great job and for the first time I believe Garrett actually got "INTO" it! He was as nervous himself as the entire team!

Not that I feel the need to make any excuse for why my son is cheering...I will say he loves it and at 14 if you find something your kid go with it and be proud and I am as proud of them as any parent is!

McKenzie was NOT so crazy about all of the glitz and makeup! The stuff is like GLUE!

Garrett was just thankful we did not make him wear a star or anything!

The team placed 3rd in the overall and that is not bad seeing one girl lost her shoe as she was thrown in the air...

More pics to come at the next competition December 12th in Greensboro!

There is REALLY only ONE Answer!

I will not write a blog to apologize for being MIA since October!

I am sorry! Forgive me...I have been Busy! Busy! Busy!

Just a highlight of the last few months include:

Getting the Kids back in school...

Eating and training with Jen Hendershott's program (14 lbs down at this point and 20 more to GO)...

Listing and selling some real estate...finally...

Learning the SendOutCards new program SOC cool...( a great tool for Christmas cards...

Driving 10 hours in my car with Lynn getting to know friends better and attending a surprise 40th BDAY for a super special couple...

Having a blast at Halloween and of course dressing up...

Attending my 20 year reunion (WOW...So much fun)...

Celebrating a birthday drink here and a birthday drink there and seems like a lot of birthday drinks everywhere...

Ups and downs with the kids back in school...
Ups and downs with real estate...
Ups and downs with training...(Up a pound or two or three and down a pound or two or three and back up again with every freakin birthday)...

and finally...Here...back to my personal blog. The one fun thing I love to do and my sanity for unloading and sharing and downs and fun times with the world!

My title "There REALLY is only ONE answer" a true statement to sum up the last few months of my life...Confessions? Maybe....

You see..Since the last blog I think I have had a few of those pivotal moments of life. They say you will have SEVEN in your lifetime...In four months I have had about three!

Those moments that define who you are, those moments that peel the layers of who you think you who you really are...and yes...those moments you learn, you grow and you discover and sometimes, even change...

CHANGE IS GOOD...Or at least I hope it is!

I look forward to writing about some of these pivotal moments as I hope that you will be able to grow as well from my learning experiences...

In a nutshell, I have learned that as much of a people pleaser as I am...that is not what I want to be...I want to please GOD. I want to praise him, share what he has done for me in my life and by me doing this...GOD does his work for you in your life...

In trying to reconnect my spiritual self I have learned a lot about how I so many times have been talking to GOD yet as I talk to him I have my finger on the MUTE button...Just like in a marriage or any relationship...I hear what I want to hear and I press MUTE on what I do not want to hear....Sound familiar? Do you relate?

So..forgive me for saying things a bit to the point, a bit abrasive or just being down right honest...But...I, Elizabeth Ward Small, superwomen sales, is no longer a PEOPLE PLEASER...I am laying my heart and soul down for the truth. For the real answers...the one and only answers...the ones that are found by having a closer relationship with GOD.

I want to share a short few paragraphs from a GREAT book...This book was given to me the first part of this year...Nan, my dear angel of a friend was witnessing to me...I was hearing my friend speak to me and I was hearing my friend guide me and I was praying to God as I love him and knew he would not forsake me...Oh was I praying as real estate had hit such a low and my life had tail spinned from being on top of the world to sliding under a pile of rocks so deep I had no clue if I would see light again...Nan gave me this book and asked me to read it over and over and over again. TRUTH: I have still not read the book. It is only 95 pages and I hope by the time I write again, I will have read it and will share more TRUTH with you! I have read some and I love this particular chapter as it really reached out to me and gave me a hug straight from the heavens when I have needed it most...

The BOOK is: the practice of the presence of GOD by brother Lawerence

Page 65 reads: The Union of the Soul with God

The first way in which the soul is united with God is through Salvation, solely by His Grace.
This is followed by a period of time that a saved soul comes to know God through a series of experiences, some of which bring the soul into closer union with Him and some take it further away. The soul learns which activites bring God's presence nearer and remains in his presence by practicing those activities.

The most intimate union with God is the actual presence of God. Although this relationship with God is totally spiritual, iti s quite dynamic because the soul is not asleep; rather, it is powerfully excited. In this state, the soul is livelier than fire and brighter than the unclouded sun, yet, at the same time, it is tender and devout.

This union is not a simple expression of the heart, like saying, "Lord, I love You with all my heart, "or other similiar words. Rather, it is an inexpressible state of the soul - gentle, peaceful, respectful, humble, loving, and very simple - that urgest the person to love God, to adore Him, and to embrace Him with both tenderness and joy.

Everyone who is striving for a devine union must realize that, just because something is agreeable and delightful to the will, that it does not mean that it will bring one closer to God. Sometimes it is helpful to disengage the sentiments of the will from the world, in order to focus entirely on God. If the will is able to in some manner comprehend Him, this can be only by love. And that love, which has its end in God, will be hindered by the things of the this world.

Nan would say, just go get the book and read it. I am feeling...Oh my...That was a deep and spiritual chapter I just shared and I am sure to cause someone to unsubscibe to my blog...The people pleaser from my past is worried about offended you, the new God pleaser says...It IZ What It Iz with Liz and this Iz the way it Iz to be!

So be it and I will now leave you with this...My favorite quote:

"Why Seek Happiness and never find it when Happiness is a choice." A single choice that you make right this instance, right this second...You can choose to be happy! is not that difficult.
So Why Seek peace and a life everlasting when peace and everlasting life is a choice. Salvation is a choice. A single choice that you make right this instance, right this second. You can choose GOD, it is not that difficult!

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