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Monday, May 17, 2010

So..What is Next? Only the Good Lord Knows..

It is amazing how time flies! I guess that cliche has been around forever but the truth it that the older I am getting the faster the sand is sifting through the hourglass...

I apologize for not updating the blog in a while. I think when you take your brain to .25 carbs a day it takes a while to get back to normal. Then...once you are even close to normal (meaning eating ice cream and all of foods great pleasures), normal does not even feel good. HONESTLY....YUK! BLOATED and RESTLESS!

I will have to say I was very excited to see 118.9 on my scales 4 weeks ago. Ha - no more! I just needed a break and have not been a full time gym rat at all. I have actually been trying to stay as focused on my kids and work as much as I possibly can. Realizing how hard it was to get two hours of cardio a day and 6 meals in and drink 2 gallons of water...all of this and try and be a mom and a wife and still master my many careers...Glad I understood the 3 B Method!

Anyway, it has been a bit over a month since the State Show, I am holding 126 lbs and ready to get back to some fish and asparagus...NOT yet ready to shoot for anymore shows...(not yet anyway) - I did promise Jen I would compete in the Charleston Show October 22nd...That is a ways off so I am not committing just yet!

I am ready to just get all of the eating and training down to a real LIFE APPLICATION and ENJOY LIFE at the same time...

SO, WHAT IS NEXT on the bucket list?

Less than 7 months left to complete a pretty huge list!

I guess I better get my calendar out and start getting busy!

I will tell you that one of the items on the bucket list I plan to merge with this blog is a prayer journal...I recently attended an AM Bible Study and was encouraged by others to journal my prayers. Of course that sounded pretty neat to me...Not sure if that should be a public or private thing. My prayers are pretty deep and as most people...pretty personal. However, prayer changes lives and I have always been an open book so I will just have to see where the Lord leads me on this one...

AnywaZE! Happy Rainy Monday!


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