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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Water! Water! Water!

You have to have water for your wheel to keep turning! This is one of my biggest problems...well...I have many...But as for getting ready for this show in 11 weeks I have to really get onto drinking more water and peeing far more often! I spent this past weekend getting my butt kicked and my mind focused on commitment! So I asked myself tonight - what else do I have to get committed to and that my friend is drinking the H20!

I have the diet under control finally, the workout knowledge has been beat into me this weekend and now if I can chug the water I will have it all under control! I promise to write all about this weekend but I am pooped!

I found this blog I wrote last year so I am reposting it for my own record keeping and beacuse I am soooo tired!


Let's face it - most of us do not drink enough water. Water is the boring choice when it comes to the many choices we have. However, water needs to be your 1st choice and it needs to be a requirement for all of your other body parts to function.

How much and when?

As soon as you wake up in the morning you need to chug a good 8 oz! Make it before you have anything else and treat this like medicine if you have to! I will be honest...You may feel rather yuk the 1st few days you start to drink more water. Some experts will tell you to start a gradual increase. Research this or call your doctor for his advice. Personally, I am ready to start detox of all of the sweets and treats!

So how does this water wheel help you?

Realize that as you drink water you are making your own body produce energy! You are making all of your vital organs work and getting your metabolism burning fat and working for you! However, without the water...just like the water will shut down! You will slow your metabolism and you will not burn fat and you will start having all kinds of issues with your bowels and is just miserable! Are you tired and sleepy all the time...MAYBE YOU NEED MORE WATER!

So, start turning your water wheel NOW!

How to make this easier?

Carry a jug with you all day! Fill up in the morning and drag that water jug everywhere! Sip all day and yes, for a while until your body/water wheel is smoothly running you will be in the bathroom a lot!

8 oz x 8 EVERY DAY

64 oz is a great number to start out as a goal! if you are working out you need to add 8 oz for each hour you are training! This is just a good rule of thumb to replace the fluids you are losing!

Can you have flavored water? I prefer until you reach your goal you stick to real plain H2O! However, crystal light is a great tasting water! You are training your body to want the water. It needs the water!

This is a foundation to build FOREVER! This will not stop. You want your water wheel to turn, to burn and work for you!


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