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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Talk2Us from Elizabeth Ward Small

Good morning. This is (Elizabeth Words now?) bringing you a quote to text blog on Saturday. The sun is shining and so should you. It is beautiful and I want to tell you today that no matter what circumstances surrounds you. No matter what you were dealing with, realized that you have a choice. Is it a good day or a bad day. I'll choose to make it a bless day. Join with me and realize that you have the power to make those changes with each moment, with each step. As the the sun is shining, so should you. Be blessed.

Recording attached. Thanks for using Talk2Us.

Talk2Us from Elizabeth Ward Small

Wow, now this is a trip. It's 2 a.m. I am extremely jacked up on (Concovi?) and I have just installed this Talk to Text on my new Iphone. Needless to say in testing the texting to myself I use the account that it set up for my blog and it appeared on my blog immediately. So I am testing a pretty long winded little voicemail here to see if it will be on appear on my blog. This should be interesting. Stay tuned.

Recording attached. Thanks for using Talk2Us.

Talk2Us from Elizabeth Ward Small

Testing. Testing. Testing.

Recording attached. Thanks for using Talk2Us.

Friday, March 19, 2010


It is late...1 AM and I am on my last blog for the night before I close my eyes and dream of walking across the NPC stage April 1Oth in my hot new almost 40 beach ready booty with my new hot and sexy curves that were created via fish and sweat!

So, I have a challenge...BEACH BOOTY time is approaching...It is time to think about getting into the bathing suit and being one proud hot chick! So, are you ready? I mean are you really ready...If so I have a BEACH BOOTY CHALLENGE FOR YOU!

THE WINNER will be selected by me with the help of Jen Hendershott and her team!

I strongly encourage you to contact them and get started on a 6, 8 or 12 week plan! I personally started in September and took a NOV and DEC break and since Jan. 2nd it has been game on! I have lost 22 lbs so far and we shall see what the next few weeks bring me...

THE WINNER will WIN a WEEKEND PHITNESS BOOTCAMP with me! This is a $400.00 value. You will need to cover your travel to Burlington NC. I will cover you hotel stay and all meals!

So, what do you need to do...You must take before pics with you holding a paper or something representing your start date of this contest. EMAIL IT TO ME AT:!

Send pictures, measurements and why you want your BEACH BOOTY HOT statement to me no later than April 12th! You must also give me permission to post your pics...(wear shorts and a tank if you prefer) -

I will help you all I can but I strongly encourage you to check out the program I am on with Jen at - however, any trainer you use is great and your chances of winning will not be determined by who is training you! It will be determined by how you train you and how you change your eating and training! More to come on that!

The contest will run starting NOW until July 1st! This my friend will give you at least 90 days to be BEACH BOOTY HOT!

Any women, any weight, any age can join this challenge!

Let's have fun with this!


Last Sunday I blogged the picture timeline from 210 to now...I am so happy to finally be under 130 and I know I am doing this the right way! I am healthy and no fasting or taking crazy drugs! I am eating 6 small meals a day that are clean (read earlier blogs - all diets are there) and I am training hard, REALLY hard!

BUT I AM STUCK! I could not get under 130 last weekend and now as we approach this weekend I am stuck all over 128! I know I should be happy but the pictures I did take to share with you still tell the truth...I am just not at all ready for stage! The butt dimples are still there in the picture although today they are smaller and look much better...What will my stage weight be? Who knows! I have never done this. I do know that I the last time I was 117lbs I was in 8th grade! In 9th Grade I was 122 and a size 0 or kids 16 and right now! I am sure after 2 kids 122 will be more like a 1 but I suppose we shall see!

I have been sprinting, running steps, walking on an incline, pushing water to the tune of 100 oz a day and still eating the same thing I have been on for the last two weeks in which I realize I have not shared...

So here goes!

3 egg whites, 3 tablespoons of Cream of Rice

Solution 5 Protein Drink Yummy - Link at the bottom of my page to order!

4 oz white fish, 4 oz of broccoli

4 oz white fish, 1/2 grapefruit

4 oz chicken, 4 oz sweet potato

5 egg whites PLAIN

That is a safe and clean 1203 calories, 185 Proteins, 85 Carbs and 13 Fat Grams!

SO WHY AM I NOT DROPPING! I am still shrinking.
The goal per my friend Susan Torres AKA Turtle Torres is Skinny and Tight! You just gotta love that being almost 40 (8 more months)!

Maybe work stress, maybe I need more than 6 hours of sleep! OK...yep - I am sure that is it...I need more sleep! .So after this I have one more very important blog that I know a few are waiting on...

So, hang in there with me - I will post the new pics when I get my IPHONE back!


MY WHY 2010 Conference Call Recap

Tonight I had a 30 minute conference call to share with some of the people that are registered for the event in TN next weekend a little bit about who I am and what I will be sharing with them next Saturday. We also opened it up for anyone that just wanted to listen and and Jesse Lee, the host offered a great discount for anyone that has not purchased tickets a sweet deal...He did a buy 4 tickets and get 1 free! So, still if you can grab a group and head to TN, I would love to meet you and have you really get a great day of great information from both Dani Johnson and myself!

The call was fun but eeek - conference calls make me nervous. I can stand in front of a crowd of 10,000 and speak for 3 hours and have a ball doing it, I can stroll across a stage as I hope to April 10th in a wee little bikini and not be nervous but get me on the phone to share and I am nervous...Go figure.

I did it...However, the introduction was not recorded. So, the recorded session missed the story of me being 210 lbs and hitting rock bottom because I was in debt over $1,000,000, being told I possibly had cancer, being on top of my career and making 3 times what the Bank CEOs were making, yet...I was broke, unhappy, not in such a happy place in my marriage and raising two babies at the time that thought my name was "Elizabeth Ward Small Coldwell Banker"! It also missed me sharing that I owned a 5000 sq. ft house on land and 8 rental properties that went vacant AND that I had to MAKE over $17,000 a month to just pay debt of mortgages, cars. Harleys, phone & so on....

Hang on....I want to go and puke just writing this remembering the stress and the burdens I carried! I did not eat EVER after breakfast. I had one meal a day and no water...I ran, ran, ran and honestly am today so thankful GOD directed me on the path that he did so I could discover and create not only "Simply Rocks" to write and share with you in a book one day but The 3 B Method: Living Life Busy, Balanced and Blessed!

Life is still a challenge and a journey that I am on...I am still learning  as we all are...But I have peace in ALL I do and I have a new outlook on life since 2000 that will have forever changed me. God saved me, changed me and has molded and shaped me!

I hope you enjoy listening to this 20 minute clip that was recorded...I also hope that if you can make it to TN that you come up and give me a huge HUG and introduce yourself!

Here ya go! Call 1-712-432-1085 and enter 933602 - I am sure this will only be good for a short amount of time so listen soon!


Dedicated to you!


Limited Time OFFER - Two FREE GIFTS!
See website for details!

KhhhhCCCHhhheeeee....Technical Problems. Please try again later...

KhhhhCCCHhhheeeee....Technical Problems. Please try again later...That is honestly how I have felt since Friday afternoon when all of sudden as I am sending a very important email my Toshiba laptop of less than 2 years CRASHED. I mean just turned off and would not turn back on...

Well, thank God for the IPhone and the email ability I have there now (FINALLY) - however, for those that love me and tolerate me so well...know that the screen has been cracked FOREVER and it is has been one thing after another on getting it repaired...

Then, on top of all of that...My old and trusty desktop that I am using in my new home office space that I so love started acting like a TURTLE...It took me the entire show of American Idol last night to complete a contract, upload it to Docusign and email it...something that honestly takes me less than 5 minutes to prepare and send! AN HOUR! I do not have that kind of patience....and then again...the Lord reminds me...simply rocks Liz, Simply Rocks!

Simply Rocks is my baby that I hope to birth this year before I turn 40! This book is all about how God teaches us to slow down, appreciate and go back to the basics of so many things...I mean let's face it...We ZOOM around everything, whip in, whip out, whip up! I did take a deep breathe this week, just as I teach and I said...IT IZ WHAT IT IZ! I know what I must do to fix this problem as it will not fix itself and finally, four days later I am back to typing on my desktop that is moving a bit faster than me now and it is awaiting its new memory BOOST that was ordered today!

So, I am again sorry for those that have waited for a few day eating plans and for updates on this past Sunday's pictures that did not get posted (and still will not because the IPHONE is in day surgery at the moment)!

So, I leave this technical blog update with my new them song...BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! I still am not sure if I love it or hate it...You decide!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Take it On Tuesday has MUCH TO TAKE ON!

I am laughing as I type this becuase honestly I can't see! I had an eye appotintmet this morning afoter my workout and they put hose drops in your eyes that blind you! He told me I would be OK within an hour and well...It has been THREE! I love my eyes and am thankful for them because it has been really hard to NOT SEE this morning and do everything I have on my list today!


I use this on facebook about...yeah...every Tuesday! I will try and be more original but hey - It works and why redo what works! I started this whole personal blog as my place to vent and air my frustrations...I have not posted in the last week because of the fear of people going OMG - this girl is really losing it! HA!

This competition eating has been a new dicipline for me that is OUT OF THE NORM! I do not ever do anything with structure and this has really been a tough week for me. Many other things have been going on with my kids, with contracts, with closings faling through, with my grandfather turning yellow (now he is OK), to me still not budging past the 128 mark and Jen telling me I need 3 lbs a week to be ready! OH yes, the pressure of life has been on! Then of all things...My laptop is DEAD!

So, have a complained enough yet that you wish to quit reading! I am sorry! I know we all many problems! What would life be without them! Boring I suppose!

I have came across some really good eating plans I want to share for some of you that I have ran into at GNC and the gym...For all my gals at BLISS and for a few others that I know are watching (which I so appreciate)~! I will post all of this and more updated pics within the next 24 hours! I am working around not having my laptop and just now set up blogging on the GO so I will be able to send blogs direct from my Iphone as great and exciting things happen! OH BOY! That will be a blast!

Thanks for understanding! More later peeps!

PS - I still can't see so sorry for any mishaps!

Retry of photo upload to blog

Elizabeth Ward Small 336-516-4506 Message sent from iphone 3G

My crazy child in Target!

Testing photo upload from iPhone!

Elizabeth Ward Small 336-516-4506 Message sent from iphone 3G

Test blog from iPhone computer and most important business too crashed this weekend! So I am sorry to have delayed in getting a posting on here! This is a simple test to see if this even works!

Know that I have lots to share! So check back in tonight!

Elizabeth Ward Small

Message sent from iphone 3G

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