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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Getting ready for the GETPHATONLINE Challenge!

Yes I am getting ready to repeat "ANOTHER" fitness challenge! The exciting part is that for once I really think it will be the last one I will ever have to do because the progam I am about to take on is one that will carry me through life!

You see, I did one a while back on my own and the truth is I did pretty good on the last challenge until the motivator in me quit motivating! So, I have hired a friend and a professional to get my rear in gear and we start 8/1/2009. I will be following the Jen Hendershot GetPhatOnline Program. I encourage you to look at this and do it with me! Jen is a 2 time Ms. Olympia Fitness Champion and she has great phat camps all over the US to help people just like you and I get it together! She does help women to compete and she host her own shows but she really thrives on seeing people reach goals and get healthy! See more about the progam and current specials at:

I will post all of my stats by Monday but I will tell you now that I think I am around 150 and my goal is 127!

If you want to just watch the transformation in my body subscribe to this post because I will be posting photos soon and measurements!

Personally, I want you to join me because I want you to feel better about the skin you are in at a size 20, 12 or 2! I feel great at 147 lbs, I just know that there is a far better body underneath all of the skin I have and I honestly am not so crazy about the dimples ( all 24 of them)!

The other fact to why I want to do this is that I really believe that if you are healthier and if you have more energy you will make more money in your business and you will be more confident in everything you do!

I NEED TO GET MY A GAME BACK ON!!!What about you?


Elizabeth Ward Small

Monday, July 27, 2009

18 Changes I Would Make with My Kids if I Could Go Back 10 YEARS!

In not particular order I would change the following if given the choice:

1) I would pick my battles wiser

2) I would have been more involved with homework and school instead of depending on teachers

3) I would have set rules to be followed at all times not just when we felt like they should be followed!

4) I would have never bought a gameboy, playstation, WII, DS, Cellphone or laptop for my kids

5) I would have read with them at night more often

6) I would have taken more videos and far more pictures

7) I would have never spanked them out of anger

8) I would have sheltered them more from all of the things they know now that they should not know for years

9) I would have spent more one on one time with each of them

10) I would have loved them like it was the last day they wanted to hug me in public or sleep with me at night

11) I would have never not allowed them to come and get in bed with us...that is why we have a KING bed anyway!

12) I would have child proofed TV and never would have put one in the bedroom with them

13) I would have made them do more stuff! Dance, basketball, sports etc...

14) I would have made them learn to sleep on a schedule

15) I would have made them learn to get ready and be independent

16) I would not have babied as much to help them learn Independence

17) I would have put the money I spent on private school for 10 years in a college account and made public school work!

18) I would have read more parenting books about what I am dealing with NOW to have been more prepared for tweens!

Oh how these kids being teens is hard! Is it all my fault?

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