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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I believe I have officially went HARD CORE on the diet today! I can normally eat the same thing for weeks and weeks. I needed a break but wow! This new diet is a bit tougher! Lynn calls this one a hard core body builders diet...I suppose that is what I need to lean on down some more...

Here were my current stats on Saturday, February 13th
131.6 lbs

Had a cheat meal Saturday night and needless to say...Weight went up and I am sure the measurements can be thrown out the window! I feel great and other than lower carbs today I have lots of energy!

So here is my eating plan - Pack and Carry and Eat ALL DAY!

Meal one - 3 egg whites and 3 tbs. of cream of rice
Meal two - Protein Drink
Meal three - 4 oz. chicken and 1 cup of broccoli
Meal four - 1/2 red apple and 1 TB of PB
Meal five: 6 oz white fish, 3 oz yams, 6 asparagus sticks
Meal six: protein shake and 1/2 cup of broccoli

OH YUM! Healthy, Healthy here I come!

The Buzz is All About Some BUZY!

WOW! I am so excited to finally see the real estate market get buZy again! Properties that are priced correctly are seeing good activity and what was once a buyers market is getting pretty even right now when it comes to what's available and who is buying! I can sure tell you that if you are a possible first time buyer you have to have some really good reasons for not wanting to take advantage of current prices and the tax credit! HINT! HINT!

Current updates:

Family: Too much to write and just too much drama for blogging right now!

Business: Rocking - thank GOD - Finally

Personal: Keeping focused on the 40 things to do before I turn 40 and enjoying some great movies with friends! (NO POPCORN, NO DRINK and NO CANDY) but still fun! I also have enjoyed tanning recently. I know...I do not burn and it is just for the winter and the April 10 show!

Spiritual: GOD is so amazing and keeps showing me so much. I am trying to listen and learn more where this is concerned.

Physical: Finally...I am shrinking a bit. Still seems like I have forever to go. The butt is still in much need of sprints and lunges. I did both today thanks to Jen and LD~ (OUCH is about all I can say)

Happy News: Life is always happy. Sure, some things going on are tough but I am a survivor and I will not allow anyone to steal my joy anymore...Life is just to short...

Sad News: Speaking of life...My lil Ronnie Allred (My lifetime best friends brother died yesterday of unexpected lung failure. He had so much to live for...We all do! I have been asked tonight to speak at his funeral Saturday. He would have liked that and I for anyone reading...pray for me...pray for the right words to help my dear friends and family with this...

Current Goals:
Day to Day with this diet! On a new one I will post in sec!
2 hours of cardio a day
Gaining more listing inventory
Keeping follow up in place for all clients in all businesses I run!
Getting more sleep...
Shooting for possible SOC trip in April - I am in serious need of seeing and smelling the OCEAN!

Current Rocks:
Family misunderstandings and set backs
Kids grades and kids tween drama
Staying Balanced and Blessed while being so busy~LOL

Current Books:
Split Second Choice - Jim Winner
Successful Spiritual Businesses - Dani Johnson
Social Media Bible and IPOD Apps books

Songs I just added to my playlist:

Today - Gary Allen - Love this song
The Man I Want to Be - Chris Young - Love this new song
Surprise - Daughtry My cousin is the cook in the video
Come Away From ME - Nora Jones Bathtub music
TROUBLE - Ray Lomantage Love this beat
Into the Mystic - Van Morrison (Lynn and I claim this on as our song) LOL

OK - time to go to bed....SOON!

Happy Late Valentines Day!

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