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Friday, April 9, 2010


Do not doubt your abilities. Do not delay your worthy impressions. With God’s help, you cannot fail. He will give you the courage to participate in meaningful change and purposeful living.

Great words from Marvin J. Ashton

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gotta Love Some Lynn...Eyes Only...Hands OFF!

I will let this be a picture blog...I am really proud of him!

Yeah...At 47 he looks really great...Ladies...You can look all you want but don't even think about touching...I am not kidding either...:)

I am low carb and I am liable to kick someone square in the tush if I have too...

Gee...he does look good though! He has worked hard and is a winner to me no matter what!

OOOH Now I am getting EXCITED!

OK Friends...I know I am all over the place! That is the ADHD in me that I personally think I manage pretty well juggling a million balls and two fun, loving and CRAZY kids! I know that when I am focused I may only blog about one subject over and over again...Sorry - I am just wired that way and this week, spring break is all about prepping for this NPC show! The picture above was taken this afternoon after posing with LD and Jen and getting a final hour of cardio in with them! THANKS GALS! YOU BOTH ROCK!

LD competes as well and I am sure hoping she rocks out and gets her Pro Card! She is ready!

Am I ready? I again am not sure the jiggle in the butt is going completely away but I will have to say that I have not seen my abs or legs looking this lean since track days in High School! So...Yes...I am excited. I will be there and be there proud of what I have accomplished for myself and my family! McKenzie has been my biggest supporter and is as excited as I am!

So, if you are curious what I am eating...FISH and ASPARAGUS ALL DAY LONG! NO seasons, no salt, no diet drinks, no fun stuff AT ALL! NO splenda, no crystal light, no no no no NOTHING!

Oh but it is only a few more days! I am excited and I can't wait to see Lynn compete! Yes, this is the 1st time that I have competed and so far the good has outway the bad when it comes to doing this together...The hardest part is getting our kids fed...Poor things are living off McDonalds and Pizza which they do not mind at all! It is just so hard to cook and not lick the spoons this week. We make chocolate chip cookies after school almost everyday for them and that has had to stop last week because the temptation is just there! We have been great and not cheated...Or at least I have not! The one thing I fell in love that JEN said NO to was sugar free RED BULL...this week like I said above I get nothing but H2O and almost 2 gallons of it until Friday!

So, all that great stuff being said I have to tell you that I really appreciate everyone's support. There are people out there that drive us to do better and be more than we are! There are also those lifelong friends that honesty was the driving force in pushing me harder to do this...My dad for one loves me unconditionally but will tell me when my 5'1" frame is looking on the heavier side...I also have a dear friend that I have worked with since I was 22 and I ran into him and his most awesome wife whom I love and adore in January...He told me that if I was going to be on stage in April in a bikini that he would not believe it! He kindly did not recognize me that day because I was in that upper 140's thicker frame that I WILL NEVER BE AGAIN!
Speaking of that day...He never hurt my feelings, he only inspired me! I will hug his neck and thank him for it and hope that I inspire him and his wife to live a life of fitness as well!

I have to also tell you...If you see me...DO NOT say...You are too little, you have lost weight too fast! I have been a steady 2 lbs per week, some weeks more, some NONE...I have not had drugs or products other than RED BULL to boost me or trim me! I am natural, I am real and I do not want to hear from anyone saying anything negative...and honestly, I am NOT too little...I have plenty more weight (at least 15 lbs that really could be shed) -

I am sure those that follow my facebook know that I visit my family farm to check in on my grandparents as much as I can. My grandfather is in his final months of life and that alone is a blog for another day...Anyway, the caretaker that is there fussed at me about my new little size and keeps trying to make me eat dumplings, cobbler and many other things they have on hand 24/7 on the farm! Another friend of the family, Shirley Dixon told me...Liz, you keep doing this! Your almost 40 and honey when you hit that age it all goes down south from there if you don;t make it stay up! She said she lost a lot of weight once and everyone criticized her and she gained it all back! So SHIRLEY DIXON THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU!

I have a few new pics of Lynn I will post in a seperate Blog...I promise an updated bikini pic of me tomorrow...(eeeek -  I am not use to being so OUT there with all this skin but I have to get use it!)

Chow for now! I must go get my beauty sleep!


Monday, April 5, 2010

The Market is What You Make it...My TEAM at CBTRIAD makes it MOVE!

I have seen some crazy things in real estate...

After 15 years I have learned more than ever that the market is what YOU make it...

There has never been a more important time to have company support and a strong team of support...

I seem to always have several people asking me...Liz..Why do you not go on your own? My answer is simple...WHY? When you are with the best and it is working why start over...Why would I ever leave a NATIONAL COMPANY that has the back end support of the White House? I have a TEAM~

Lynn and I work real estate together...I speak across the country and educate and train professionals to live Busy, Balanced and Blessed and we have built a great business helping companies use SendOutCards to have the best follow up and have simple and easy greeting cards to use 24/7 that are really mailed...

We have an admin support team, a listing team, a closing team, a referral team and my listings and my businesses get more exposure than any company can offer anyone...I also give service and have the knowledge that noone else has...This is why I am important to my company and why they are important to me...More often I am asked HOW DO YOU DO IT ALL? Without the CBTRIAD team  there is no way that I could! This is why my blood runs blue...

If you are an agent and looking to work and have a team to support you... Call me...We are looking right now for about 10 key people...Strong people that want to make 75% - 95% of commission!
I promise you...We have the best pay plan out there!

Never bite off the hand that feeds you...


That's my MAN and I am PROUD OF HIM!

                                 March 2010                                                         April 3, 2010

Here is a few snaps of Lynn who is also getting ready for the April 10th NPC State Show. He is 47 and will compete in the Masters Men 40 and over! I am very proud of him and will have to say he has shown me and many others that a life of fitness and health has age reversing benefits!

Of course to keep up with me he has to stay young and full of energy! LOL!

Lynn is working on being able to help other men that are in 30's and 40's and beyond that want to get in the best condition of their life... His website  will be up and running soon!

Game on! I...I....I...WILL BE THERE!

Saturday April 3rd

I am amazed at how many emotions a women can go through in preparing for anything that is as personal as wearing a bikini in front of hundreds of people. Confidence! I have never seemed to have an issue with that speaking to 1000's of people but I have to say...Having clothes on helps!

I have said I would make an "official" decision to be in this weekends NPC State Body Building Show in the BIKINI class by April 1 and then on April 1 I said April 3, and then on April 3 I have taken this very deep breath and remembered why I was doing this to start with...

Winning is a self driven, self fulfillment VISION that can come without a trophy or a medal. I will be on stage on April 10th to represent all of the women that have ever been 20 - 100 lbs heavier than they wanted to show them they can DO THIS! I am going to be on stage to represent every women that wakes up every day and looks in the mirror and says "can I make a change to this old, worn out body?" show them THEY CAN DO THIS! I will be on stage for myself as well...The winner within me that says, I am going to be 40 this year...I am going to be in the best shape of my life before 12/24/2010 and this 1st show (yes, there will be more) is just the stepping stone! I WILL SHOW YOU AND MYSELF...I CAN DO THIS!

You will see from the picture above that was taken on Saturday I am have plenty of area that are in need of "tightening" up! However, I am excited to be where I am at 36 *26 * 35 1/2 seeing that I was 147 - 152 Jan 2, 2010 and don't forget 210 lbs in 2001! I think I am holding at 124 lbs, so I am hoping the all fish meal plan this week and NO Diet drinks, splenda or anything fun will  do! WE shall see!

A special thanks before I get to emotional to my husband for his encouraging, my children whom I love more than life and thank them for not giving me the chocolate, peanut butter bunny that I wanted so bad and for my team of trainers and competitors that have lead the way for me and for so many others...Jen Hendershott, Lishia Dean and my training buddy Cheryl Pontius! You guys all rock and if anyone ever asked me what was the KEY factor of change in my mind to start really seeing results, that answer is ( "Fitness Retreat" - a 3 day bootcamp personally with Jen and the Get Phat Online team...You will learn to push your own limits, you will learn to breath but more than anything you will  learn that "ONLY YOU CAN DO THE WORK"! Thank you Jen for teaching me that!

ROCK ON! Many more pics to come as the body is changing every day at this point!

Lots of fish and asparagus will do that!



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