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Monday, December 28, 2009


I just got this email and felt the need to share in my post because I talk to so many people about how I am stayng in shape and working on being in the best shape ever before I turn 40!
I encourage anyone that is wanting to jumpstart a better lifestyle or lose 10 - 100 lbs to grab a friend and go to one of Jen's camps!

I also know that the camps Jen has are all over the States and am sure if you really want to feel your heart beat, know you are alive and find out who YOU really are and be PUSHED to the limit you will love a PHATCAMP weekend!

So - here is a deal that you may want to jump on! I know that I am!


LAST CHANCE for Phat Camp specials and Get Phat Online deals!

Sign up for Phat Camp and get the bring a friend deal , 2 campers for the price of $400. Come alone and register for only $300.
When you register by JAN 1st you will also get a $50 Gift Certificate for Phat Camp Store.
To sign up visit or email Heather Bear at

Sign up for one on one training with Ms. Olympia and Ms. International Jen Hendershott.
Come to a Phitness Retreat and challenge yourself and get on the right track for 2010.
To see dates visit or email Jen Hendershott at

Sign up for 16 weeks for the price of 12 weeks in the Get Phat Online program.
This is the last chance till July to get this deal. Use it now or use it later.
To sign up or learn more about GPO visit or email Lishia Dean at
Tell them ItIzWhatItIzWithLiz sent ya this!

These specials end January 1st.
Have a Happy and safe New Year! Best Wishes.
Jen's motto is YOLO: YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!
I agree...Do not waste a second and commit to be fit now!
Pic above is of me getting some iron on with the Phatcamp gals!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Update On the Fly! Literally!

One of my favorite December Pictures!

This picture was taken before Christmas with Lucas a student from the Burlington Alamance School system that took part in the Mayor shopping event at Target! This was the 3rd year I have been honored to help with this event and enjoyed doing it with my business associates from Coldwell Banker TRIAD and other area businesses. I invited the local GetPhatOnline team and they were more than willing to squeeze two hours of the their busy schedule for this great charity event! I had a blast that day with Jen Hendershott and Lishia Dean. "Thanks Gals" -


First of all...Again...Sorry for the delays in posting any updates for itizwhatitizwithliz!

I just saw where I can do mobile blogging for this site. Oh boy, could that be problem for me. You see NC just passed the no texting while driving law and the one place I update and keep an eye on all day is Facebook...I can facebook mobile but NOW, I can't update in the fly!

Maybe I can get really techie and figure out how I can blog on the fly from my Iphone and it update Facebook and Twitter at the same time. I am sure there is guru out there that can tell me HOW TO???

Anywaze! Here we go. Your Fly By update since Turkey in New Orleans in no order of importance:

Family: Can I just say no comment on this one! oh....Life is grand in the SmallZ world but too much drama just drives me crazy and it seems with 2 kids 11 and 14, 2009 has been full of drama and 95% of it has occurred in the last few months...So, let's just say I will come back to this one later when my heart can take it or when I need to pour out the pain and suffering of raising four kids. Yes, that is four! A daughter 11, a son 14, a step son 27 and a husband that is 46! Enough said! LOL!

Personal: LMAO: Did someone say I was the founder of The 3 B Method: Living life Busy, Balanced and Blessed and that I get paid well to go all over the US to motivate and teach others to do the same???? WHO ME??? That must be my twin sister because the women writing this right now is in much need of personal time and is the first to say living the 3 B Method can happen but you have to make it happen! I guess I better start living what I teach 24/7!

Physical: Oh yum! I have said that so much, like 10 lbs so much since Thanksgiving! I have sure enjoyed it and I had my last sweet fix tonight and am getting my mind ready for 2010's bucket list of the 40 things I will do before I turn 40! Seeing that my countdown started on Christmas Eve (yes, my Birthday was just a few days ago and it was a BLAST!) - I have 363 days to rock out my list and being in the best shape of my life is on that list! So, bye bye sweets! Hello and killer Jen Hedershott workouts and eating plans!

Spiritual: Wow - God is working on me. I keep going from the prayer search me Lord to Lead me Lord to Search me some more. Amazing things have happened in my life this past month that really have me feeling the awesome arms of God all around me. I can't wait to share more with you in this blog in 2010 and have to go ahead now and say Jesus Freak Naysayers Game ON! I have the power of GOD within me and my fingers are typing a message intended for you!

Career: All of the hats I wear for the many jobs I have are sure making me tired! However, I love the quote by James Farmer Jr. "We do what we have to do, so that we can do what we want to do" - I am excited to focus in 2010 on just a few primary businesses so that I can focus more on what I feel is God's plan for me as well as focus more on my passions and what makes me happy! Thankfully, these are all things that will pay my bills and provide for my family and for the many things I WANT TO DO!

Many have asked for me to share my Bucket List of the 40 Things I want to do before 12/24/2010. I have it in writing in a non public journal and will promise to get it posted by New Years!

Thanks again to everyone that sent cards for Christmas and or my Birthday, to my greatest friends that came to my annual Christmas Eve lunch and for the so many facebook Birthday wishes and the many messages on facebook that encourage me to keep on encouraging "you"!

Love, Hugs and So Much More to Share Later! Chow!

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