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Sunday, December 26, 2010

In this moment....

It is post Christmas 2010. Ok just 45 minutes outside of the big day and here I am before I close my eyes reflecting on the day.

My 1st official day of being 40 and I had to honestly ask myself...Am I perimenopausal or something? I woke up and before my coffee was stirred I was crying...My kids opened Santa and as I watched them I held back tears to the point my jaw was quivering. I exploded with sobbing tears as I took my hot shower and looked in the mirror and asked? WHAT is going on here?

As I prepared to leave for my Christmas AM ritual of 40 years of heading to the farm I again could not turn off the pouring faucet of tears. My mascara was everywhere and at one point I was caught by my daughter and had no explanation... I just took a deep breathe and prayed... I am so happy, so blessed to be having a special Christmas and here I am acting almost depressed. Do I need medication? Am I depressed? What IS WRONG...

As Lynn drove me closer to the farm I cried harder and when we pulled into my grandparents driveway I knew immediatly what was wrong...

I missed my Grandfather.

For 40 years I spent Christmas mornings eating with my grandfather and more than anything I could walk into the living room and there he woould heart would just melt when I would get that precious wink and smile...This year,  I walked in and there at the table was my little Eva....her eyes puffy and red as she had of course been crying as well!

As she and I looked at each other we immediatly sensed each others pain and we held each other. Then I told was like I could hear him say right then and there in a rough matter of fact voice say..."Quit that crying. What are you crying about girls?" - "Look around here" "Appreciate each other and get on with it...."

A sense of peace crossed my body as I held ber...I did finally quit crying.

Now as I reflect I know that I am not the only one that shed a tear today for a loved one loss...

I pray for you and I ask you to do the same for me...

In memory of Roscoe Register Ward....I miss you.


Monday, November 29, 2010


Maybe you read my post on QR CODES when I was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning! Well, I have to post and share with you some sad, sad news....

NOW I feel like the little kid at Christmas that's motor scooter battery just died after only 15 minutes of riding it or the time that I ran out of the Betty Crocker packs for my Easy Oven...I mean... Gut wrenching torture...WHO DOES THAT TO ME...kind of feeling? Do you recall this? As a child it is one thing, but as a professional adult...I am perplexed to say the least.

I mean can something so good be so true anyway? Didn't our parents teach us that?

Long story short. Ha! My blogs are never short...

I researched and researched QR CODES. I was determined to be the QUEEN of TECHNOLOGY and be the speaker/REALTOR of choice when it came to sharing the function and use of marketing and lead generation with Scan Life and QR CODES! I wrote a blog here, I stood on stage and shared to 1000's of people the new and exciting tech toy that will get you more business and make you more money!

Yes, they are really high tech! Yes, they are a great conversation piece on your listing appointments, on your signs, on your business cards, on billboards, social media, ads on paper, ads online...Anywhere you put your personal QR code it will drive business right to you...however...NEW TO ME and NOW maybe new to you...



Congrats to the maker of the great tool and as always business is business and anything worth having will usually cost you. I just feel used!

Now...making sure I double explain this...The APP for scan codes is FREE! REPEAT: THE APP IS FREE to download on your smart phone...The codes you create online for others to scan...they appear free. There is nothing of cost on the site. There is nothing but code makers and code links from SMS, contact codes, direct web link codes, phone contact codes and much more! BUT...You got it...THEY ARE NOT FREE!

Now, I am not ditching the idea of having these but I honestly feel I have been SCAMMED. I was definitly hooked, realed in and now STUCK! (yes...signs made, cards made etc.)

What ONCE WAS no longer...The system has targeted REALTORS use for them and now have a nice annual fee for up to 10 codes and an even nicer hefty fee for more than 10 codes...they were even so kind to email me a marketing report on how to use them...Sorry... I was way ahead of that....

NOT HAPPY! NOPE! NOT at all...However...will I continue them?

Swallow hard...think a while....I do not know.

I do not write this to bash! I write this to inform. I know many that have taken this new tool and ran with it...if you are one of on the look out for your phone call once your code starts getting noticed!

Fly under the radar and maybe you will not get the call but as a LEAD GENERATOR and I hope that as a good REALTOR should be...that is what you are and "We don't go for flying under the radar"!

As a fellow rainmaker shared with me, "Once you have an engine in place to process transactions from leads, the focus must be on lead generation to fuel the engine!"

So, gas up baby! Pick your choice of fuel and like real gas these days SCAN CODES are going to cost you!

Evaluate and decide...we must get the most BANG for our BUCK these days! Is this new tech tool worthy not that is NOT FREE! How do you feel...Professional to professional...I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW~

DISCLOSURE: I am NOT affiliated with the company that produces these, My intentions are NOT to steer you to use or purchase scan codes for your business...I am seeking any news you can share...

Signing off...tryin not to be too pouty before Christmas...

Elizabeth Ward Small, REALTOR

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I have to share this! Page 52 in Chapter two of Andy Albright's book reads:

A favorite saying of mine is, "A dog in the hunt ain't got no fleas." When a bird or rabbit dog works, he is aware of nothing else. The same dog in a kennel, if he has fleas, will let them bother him. he will sit and scratch. However, that same flea-ridden dog does not know fleas exist when he is on the hunt. HE IS THAT FOCUSED!

This great book continues on and then says "A man in touch with the work he was designed to do, is like a A DOG IN THE HUNT!

I share this so if you ever see me post on facebook or say: I ain't got no fleas or You sure don't have no fleas! You will now know what I am talking about and that my friend will be a GOOD THING!



I am still reading the book and already highly encourage you to as well!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Visit to Pleasure Island In More Ways than One!

This past weekend our family packed it all up and pulled out of the driveway for destination: OCEAN WAVES and SAND BETWEEN TOES!

In debating where to land we thought it would be fun to take the kids to the place that Lynn and I shared our first weekend together...Carolina Beach. It has been years since we visited Brits Doughnuts, the boardwalk of memories and of course, the sunset cruise down the Cape Fear...

We joined up with family at one of the neatest places...If looking for a great all in one places to stay you have to check out Golden Sands in Carolina Beach. The hotel is right on a pier that has a tiki bar restaurant hopping and drinks pouring ALL day and night! We enjoyed a great band and evening of jamming while watching surfers and the sun set.

I was amazed in the changes of such a small town. Everything seemed so new and clean. Much of the old sections of downtown were repainted and the entire town seemed NEW!

The one thing that looked the same, smelled the same and tasted the same was the famous Brits doughnuts. There is much to learn from the history of Brits. KISS method proven again...Keep IT Simple Sister! The menu offers 3 choices. The same and only one style of doughnut, coffee, milk. They make 36 at a time and start early and finish at night when they decide it is time to go home (after the line is finally gone down!)

Yes, I had my share of them. They are a classic and no diet should erase such pleasures...

The weekend was refreshing and it proved another point to me...Everyone needs to recharge!

I hope you get a chance one day to visit Pleasure Island. Your kids will love you for it and your belly will love the BRITTS!



Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Do not be Confused...WINNING IS EVERYTHING!

There is nothing like football camp. Watching drills and new plays and hearing the coach yell for three hours straight takes me back to those years I was being molded myself to some being of "Greatness"!

As the mother of a 15 year old it was a pleasant surprise to finally hear a coach on the field that understood for once the true meaning to real life and real success. As I watched the boys run faster and harder on the field I could hear the coach demanding the same request out of every young ear that was tuned in to him...


Now, as I write this I am sure there will be some that may disagree...Those of you may be the coaches that taught my son and said "Give it the best you can and that is all I expect!"Ahhhhhh, How sweet.. As ture as those words are you have to understand that to WIN it takes a bit more than that! Giving the best we can is one thing but it will only get you so far. I speak from truth and understanding of this all to well. If you want to win in life, I believe that with every ounce in your body that you have to have that passion and drive to WIN and to WIN EVERYDAY in everything you do...You also need to undertant that more often in our adult life the competition is only against one person: SELF!

If you can learn to WIN in the game against SELF you have learned to WIN in EVERYTHING ELSE that you attempt. Being in shape, working environments, relationships, etc...

So how do you go about learning to WIN against SELF? There are many factors to gain full control of your mind but the two most important factors I have found in life is right here:


One of the 1st Keys of  The 3 B Method: Living Life Busy, Balanced and Blessed is WAKE UP! You can go through minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and sadly for some YEARS being alive and going through the motions of life and never really being AWAKE! You can rise up out of bed everyday and go from one place to another somewhat LOST and somewhat confused in life...You can easily miss out on some of the most important events in life and some of the most important people...

Think about it...How many times have you driven on a long trip to suddenly get to an exit and go, "WOW! How did I get here?" I hear this often from women that look in the mirror and do not recognize the women looking back at them...

You see, this happens all the time in everyone's life that is going from event to event without a plan, without a purpose. You may think you are awake...but are you REALLY? Do you know what your plan is in life for yourself for the next 6 hours, the next week, the next month, the entire year, 5 years, 10 years...Goal setting, dreaming big and putting events into action are all parts to WAKING UP!

A study was once conducted on 8th grade boys. It asked them what plans they had for after they graduated. They had to write a paper based on what goals they had...The same boys were followed throughout High School and the results were astounding...The boys that wrote IN DETAIL of the plans they had were all in place and some moving far beyond the potential they ever dreamed...The ones that were not sure were still 4 years later...just not sure...

You see...WAKING UP is very important no matter the age...

NOW THAT YOU ARE AWAKE....HAVE CONFIDENCE: You have to believe in yourself, love yourself and be happy with yourself! If you want a magnetic personality you have to create that energy and make that energy vibrate out of who you are in everything you do! I have always felt confidence has an equal link to acceptance. The problem is that people have allowed thier confidence to be built or destroyed based on the acceptance of others when the TRUTH is that the only acceptance should be with yourself and your creator.

So please, do not be confused! Doing your best is great! It will get you far...However, if you want to live a life of abundance, joy and pleasure than you need to make sure you put your game gear on everyday and PLAY to WIN!

 Winning IS everything! 

Looking in the mirror and giving yourself the 1st place trophy at the end of the day is entirely up to you! GO FOR IT!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts...

                               Why do people seek Happiness when Happiness is actually a choice?

Choices....Ahhhhh...The secret of life and how we live...

Happy Tuesday! God Bless!


What a Monday! I love life and love all of the curve balls that are being thrown at me right now! I have to accept that and keep moving! My goal is to hit a home run on ALL of the pitches! The high balls, the low balls, the fast balls and the knock you down balls! You see, Every step is a step to move forward! Even when life has you upside down and you are holding on for dear life you have to be thankful you have something to hold on too!

Life is choice, every second of it! Choose wise...Choose Happiness! HIT HOMERUNS!

Most of you know I treat my blog somewhat like a diary...So, here we go:

Dear Diary,

Here is an overview on life for Liz...

Business LIFE:
Real Estate is picking up: Activity Breeds Activity! Shake tree's and make it happen has always been my take on this business! Knowledge is POWER and before 2010 ends I hope to get my belly full of some new and refreshing classes to help me broaden and expand my knowledge and get more homes sold in 2011! Wouldn't it be great to break my best year of 23 Million! YES IT WOULD! To do this being debt free would be EVEN BETTER!

SendOutCards is a blessing for me EVERYDAY! I love to wake and send a card from my laptop and know that in just a few days a real card will arrive to someone that needed to hear from me! There are SO many great new things with this company and for anyone out there looking for extra bling bling cha ching! NOW IS THE TIME!

Just today they launched an IPAD challenge! If you sign up and get 3 more and are one of the 1st 50 to also sign 3: you will have a FREE IPAD! Now, I had to think...COOL challenge but the best part to the WHY an IPAD is that I know they have been in the works with Apple to have a SendOutCards application on the is all fitting like a puzzle! SWEET! The IPAD most be the launch of the SOC APP! How cool would it be to leave your client from lunch...Before you leave the hotel send a thank you card right from your phone or IPAD?

So, do you want a chance to win a FREE IPAD...If so click here to see what SOC is about and send a FREE card on me...If you have questions call ME! 336-516-4506! Oh - here is the link:

I love that people can NOW just go to my site and SEND one card including gifts and be a customer on a pay as you go retail basis if needed! So, if you send cards..please save your gas and money and send cards via me for less than 3.00 a card including the STAMP!

Speaking and Training: Bookings are coming in and webinars are starting back! My BUSINESS BOOTCAMPS are getting lots of calls!

Family Life! Summer is flying by! Garrett is in Drivers ED! Watch out roads! McKenzie has the life of a vampire! She is UP all night having sleepovers and they DO NOT SLEEP! Yes, that may be why I am up blogging and sending out emails at 3AM! Red eyes, appointments all day tomorrow but YIPPEE! I am loving life!

Training Life! Break time is over! Eating clean, training hard again! I am trying some new things for cardio and being out of the gym to do these things has been VERY refreshing for me! Parks have great trails to hike and bike! So GET OUT and smell the fresh air!

Bucket List Update:

My 90 days to debt free is underway! I can't wait to share with you if it works for me!
IT WILL! I know it will! If interested in joining me on this feel free to email me or call...

Skydiving plans are underway for the FALL!

Concert with the kids is looking like Lady GAGA in Charlotte or RDU!

Avon Cancer walk is in the FALL and my dad wants to join me! Sweet!

Jen Hendershott's Body Building Show that started my whole get my butt in shape plan is in late October so....yes...I will be there! On stage....ummmmmmmm...we will see!

Life is what we make it! Make Yours GREAT!


PS - I miss you Grandpa

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stumbling Blocks to Stepping Stones: 6 Character Defects that could Hinder Your Success in Life...

"Take the stumbling blocks out of the way." Isa 57:14

When waking each day to follow the will of God we have to wake with a clean and clear heart and mind. To wake with a clean and clear heart and mind, one must go to bed with just that...

I could blog to you about sleep patterns and the habits that you could develop to sleep better but I felt lead tonight to share with you a lesson in life that I am practicing on removing stumbling blocks from my life. The six defects in character that I am about to share with you come from a daily devotional from Safehouse Outreach. I have added and removed from the message...My prayer is that by sharing it that it reaches someone that needs the message just as I needed it when I discovered it...Who knows, it may actually help you sleep better! It sure has helped me!

None of us are perfect. Life is not perfect. We were designed to live and to learn. Stumbling blocks can come in many shapes and sizes in life. The ones I want to share with you now are the stumbling blocks within our character that keep us from living our God given purpose. There are six common ones and as you read this ask yourself if you recognize any or for some ALL of them in your own life? If so, your prayer is to ask God to help you to go to work on removing them...Ask him to reveal them in ways that will jump out of you so BIG that there will be no way you would not recognize it...Ask your spouse, partner or loved one to help you identify if any or all of the six defects are seen in you, in your actions and in your life in general...By realizing them and removing them you are opening your life to much greater success in all areas! Do you want better relationships at home, at work, with family and friends? Take a look deep inside yourself and let's move forward to a closer relationship with your true self...the person that you were born to be...not the the one that this WORLD has created...

The first one is PRIDE. God hates all forms of pride. His word says "with humility...regard one another as more important than yourselves" (PHP 2:3) It is PRIDE that toppled satan from the number two position in Heaven, and PRIDE will topple you too if you let it. (notice the no capitalization is not in error - I will not give him any glory by capitalizing his given name...)

The second is INSECURITY. Insecurity is doubt. Insecure people are often not willing to take risk. They have fear and anxiety. Insecure people will often complain about what they have NOT got in life, yet they are afraid to take risk or embrace change to do something about it. Insecure people will make excuses to remain comfortable. The beginning of INSECURITY, FEAR AND ANXIETY is the end of FAITH... The beginning of FAITH is the end of FEAR and ANXIETY and INSECURITY! God wants us to step out in FAITH and depend only on him and his word...Open your Bible and see what he has to share with you...You may be amazed at what you will learn and what He has wanted to share...One of my favorite sayings is "Living in the Will of God is the safest place to LIVE."

The third is MOODINESS...Confidence is never built on a person that is fickle...Moody people are like the wind. You never know which way they will blow. You also never know which mood they are in and that often causes stress in a relationship...The Lord wants to bless us with abundance but he also wants us to be able to handle the many blessings he will give us. Moodiness in your life will not allow you to ever stand on solid ground. You are shifting sand...Be honest with what, whom or why you are moody. Moodiness can often be a symptom of a sad and lonely disease called "emptiness". God in your life will never allow you to be empty. He wants to complete you and move you to a solid foundation...If your friends are falling off like leaves on a tree in the Winter and you have been moody...a simple apology and forgiveness can go along ways...With GOD, an apology and asking for forgiveness is eternal...a clean slate, a new beginning...You have to love that!

The fourth stumbling block in character is PERFECTIONISM...Perfectionist can't affirm themselves, therefore it's difficult for them to affirm anybody else. The need to perform flawlessly can stifle your creativity and can turn people off! Accept that you may want to be the best you can but accept less than perfect and learn to not control EVERYTHING...let life just happen and learn to go with the flow...

The fifth is a challenge...OVER-SENSITIVITY. Over sensitive people are always licking their wounds and looking inward; they will very often be unaware of the needs of others...They may be the sweetest of people and super kind but they are emotionally exhausting to be around. Ironically, they never understand why they are so lonely. If you think this could be you...simply ask an honest friend...Do not hold it against them if they tell you the truth. It may be the start to repair a relationship that is in much need of this type of communication...

The last and often the most damaging stumbling block in ones life is NEGATIVITY...Oh how this one can take a hold of you and ruin everything in your life...Negativity is like a cancer that can spread so fast...It alone can even kill you. It can weaken your heart, slow down your mind and allow you be blind to so much in life...A negative person says NO to life in general...They often have a "my way or the highway" style in actions...AVOID these people like the plague because negativity is very contagious if you are not careful...The most important thing you can do is realize that negativity is a CHOICE...also realize that association with these people is a choice as well! If you fell negativity has a hold of your life take steps to wake and pray for God to show you the positive side of life...REFUSE to be negative about anything and everything. ACCEPT things in a new light...

 Another one of my favorite sayings, so much of one that I have a full size poster in a my workroom goes like this..."Why do people seek happiness when happiness is simply a choice?" CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!

Each of these defects in character are a choice...We can realize them and remove them from our actions and take the steps to live a life that is FULL and JOYFUL! A life that GOd designed for you to be fullo f great abundance and victory. God so wants to bless us...Shall we allow him this? Why are you holding back? What has kept you from the truth? Ask God to help you...pray to him for answers to turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones...

Have a blessed week!


For your own subscription to the great daily devotions from Safehouse Outreach you may contact Philip:

SafeHouse Outreach
89 Ellis St. NE
Atlanta, GA 30303-2402

Monday, July 5, 2010

Oops...Again...I fell off the Wagon!

I would like to blame a million people for why I fell off the wagon after competing in April. The bottom line and the fact is I can only blame myself. Sure, circumstances lead me to get off track but I am the one that took the steps to get into shape and I am for sure the one that allowed myself to BINGE into an unhealthy stage of carbs, sugar and carbs....OK and yes....Some Margaritas at 900 calories each!

So, the  4th of JULY and vacation is officially over and for those that jumped on board with me and got all fired up to get and stay in shape...I have one thing to tell you! ONLY YOU CAN DO IT!

I am business life coach, REALTOR and yes, even the motivator needs motivating! I have coaches and mentors that lead me and encourage me! They are worth the money and time that I spend to help me stay on track...BUT they can't make me skinny or make me more money...I HAVE TO DO THE WORK~and so WILL YOU!

Keep drinking water, Eat 6 -7 small meals and burn calories! It is that simple but it those words require ACTION!



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Motivational Moment with Liz

Just a wall of words before bed...

Taken from a poster...I feel this says a lot!

“Meeting people halfway is the most significant trip we can take. We don’t work for each other…we work with each other.”

Now this is trip I would like more people to be going on!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again! Its BODY REHAB TIME!

I guess you could say I hit the wall! I hit my goal and I competed in the 2010 NC State Body Building show. This was April 10th and yes, I did a great job for my 1st show and yes, I saw my abs, my butt lifted and I honestly loved how 119 lbs looked! I did not like how .25 carbs a day felt and now I am on the mission to get back to 119 with the facts I have learned from Jen Hendershott, Ms. Olympia.
I am actually excited about getting back to eating clean and drinking water. It is amazing how different I have felt in the last 60 days NOT training...

I have been HUNGRY! I was never hungry on Jen's eating plan. I have been bloated and feeling like a tick about to explode! Sodium without drinking water will do this! I am not a drinker but when I have enjoyed an occasional drink it has knocked me OUT! I thought I could not wait to eat sweets but when I eat them I feel HORRIBLE! Sugar sickness feels like a roller coaster ride sickness and that is no fun at all! Other than that, my pants are tight again and my butt went from looking like a hot 30 something to a sagging old something! goes! Hope you join me on this mission!

Let me share the good news and ease of the plan and you can see if you want to join me on a 30 day mission to self improvement! if you need a very personal program tailored to you please visit and take the step to a full life change!

1) Increase water intake - You should be flushing out FAT all day! Dr. Oz says that if you are drinking just enough water to survive you should urinate 1 x per hour all day and sleep the night without wetting your!  He says if you are drinking to flush toxins and lose weight you should urinate every 15 - 30 minutes and yes, wear a diaper or get up and potty 2 -3 times a night!

2) Increase your cardio! One hour a day maintains your weight. A sweating, hard core Hendershott hour will melt the weight. Trust me...there is a huge difference in training with ease and training to get in shape! My personal goal the next 30 days is 30 minutes of weight training and at least one hour if not more of cardio! The cardio is a great stress reliever for me and gets my creative brain waves moving!

3) EAT! EAT! EAT! Small portions 6 -7x a day.  I love Solution FIVE and will be drinking that on my busy days Tuesday and Thursdays and the other days I am sticking to the same thing for the 1st 2 weeks! Egg whites, Oatmeal, Almonds, Chicken, Asparagus, Fish, Broccoli, Grapefruit and again LOTS OF WATER!

5) JOURNAL! Write it down! If you eat something bad...WRITE IT DOWN so you know you have to work a bit harder to get it OFF! (yes, I had 2 cookies today)

Let's do it! If you need a text from me to help push you please email me your contact information to and I will add you to a group text for reminders!


Day one Body Rehab

Calling all participants in body rehab! Day one is today and your goal
is to up your water intake! Flush out the waste and push to get in at
least 90 oz! You should have to use the potty about every 15-30 min!
Write down your food intake and shoot for 6-7 clean small meals! Oh
and of course sweat for at least one hour today! Can you do it? Sure
you can!

Sign up for bootcamp with Jen Hendershott if you are really ready for
a change!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Best is Yet to Come...Dedications to a life of love well lived...

Roscoe Register Ward Sr. and Eva Estell Jessup
Married July 3, 1938

A life of love well lived...

I can't wait to start sharing many of the love stories about my grandmother and grandfather. I will title these the Best is Yet To Come...My grandfather passed away last week and we buried him a week ago today. My grandmother is still alive and is as beautiful as the picture above...

I learned so many lessons in life from both of them and look forward to sharing more... many people called him Roc. He was my rock and a true Gentleman...

Golden Heart

God saw you getting tired

and a cure was not meant to be,

So he put his arms around you

and whispered "Come to Me".

With tearful eyes we watched you,

as we saw you pass away.

Although we loved you deeply,

we could not make you stay.

Your Golden Heart stopped beating,

hard working hands at rest.

God broke our hearts to prove to us,

He only takes the best.

Copyright © 1997 Therese Williamson

Here is a final tribute video that was composed by my neice Kansas Ward.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pass it on...If this does not move you...YOU ARE DEAD!

Serious. If this does not spark you in some way than you are either in serious depression and need immediate attention or you are the most negative person I know. If you are depressed. Get help. Call me. I am not your answer but please reach out to someone. If you are the 2nd of two please do not call me. Unfriend me and stay away from me. I do not surround myself with NEGATIVE peeps!

OK now that we have that clear...

The following is copied straight out a book...and you must go and read this book NOW! NO, I am not promoting this book to make money. I just think this man is the BEST and has my vote if he wants to run for President!

Once you read this please click on the link to see a YouTube video of a child that very well could be a President one day. She will sure be a success in whatever she does!


Bridging the Gap - General Colin Luther Powell:
American Statesman and Four Star General in the United States Army
Former Secretary of State to President George W. Bush

Read and share with your positive friends...

The less you associate with some people, the more your life will improve. Any time you tolerate mediocrity in others, it increases your mediocrity.An important attribute in successful people is their impatience with negative thinking and negative acting people.
As you grow, your associates will change. Some of your friends will not want you to go on. They will want you to stay where they are... Friends that don't help you climb will want you to crawl. Your friends will stretch your vision or choke your dream. Those that � don't increase you will eventually decrease you.

Consider this:
Never receive counsel from unproductive people. Never discuss your problems,
½ with someone incapable of contributing to the solution, because those who  never succeed themselves are always first to tell you how.Not everyone has a right to speak into your life. You are certain to get the worst of the bargain when you exchange ideas with the wrong person.Don't follow anyone who's not going anywhere...

With some people you spend an evening: with others you invest it. Be careful where you stop to inquire for directions along the road of life. Wise is the person who fortifies his life with the right friendships.If you run with  wolves, you will learn how to howl. But, if you associate with eagles, you will learn how to soar to great heights. "A mirror reflects a man's face, but what he is really like is shown by the � kind of friends he chooses." The simple but true fact of life is that you become like those with whom you closely associate - for the good and the bad.

Note: Be not mistaken. This is applicable to family as well as friends. love, appreciate and be thankful for your family, for they will
always be your family no matter what. Just know that they are human first and though they are family to you, they may be a friend to someone else and will fit somewhere in the criteria above.

"In Prosperity Our Friends Know Us. In Adversity We Know Our friends."

"Never make someone a priority when you are only an option for them."

"If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters.
Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.."

Colin Powell

Now...Enjoy this!


Elizabeth Ward Small
National Motivational Speaker
SOC Sr. Manager

Monday, May 17, 2010

So..What is Next? Only the Good Lord Knows..

It is amazing how time flies! I guess that cliche has been around forever but the truth it that the older I am getting the faster the sand is sifting through the hourglass...

I apologize for not updating the blog in a while. I think when you take your brain to .25 carbs a day it takes a while to get back to normal. Then...once you are even close to normal (meaning eating ice cream and all of foods great pleasures), normal does not even feel good. HONESTLY....YUK! BLOATED and RESTLESS!

I will have to say I was very excited to see 118.9 on my scales 4 weeks ago. Ha - no more! I just needed a break and have not been a full time gym rat at all. I have actually been trying to stay as focused on my kids and work as much as I possibly can. Realizing how hard it was to get two hours of cardio a day and 6 meals in and drink 2 gallons of water...all of this and try and be a mom and a wife and still master my many careers...Glad I understood the 3 B Method!

Anyway, it has been a bit over a month since the State Show, I am holding 126 lbs and ready to get back to some fish and asparagus...NOT yet ready to shoot for anymore shows...(not yet anyway) - I did promise Jen I would compete in the Charleston Show October 22nd...That is a ways off so I am not committing just yet!

I am ready to just get all of the eating and training down to a real LIFE APPLICATION and ENJOY LIFE at the same time...

SO, WHAT IS NEXT on the bucket list?

Less than 7 months left to complete a pretty huge list!

I guess I better get my calendar out and start getting busy!

I will tell you that one of the items on the bucket list I plan to merge with this blog is a prayer journal...I recently attended an AM Bible Study and was encouraged by others to journal my prayers. Of course that sounded pretty neat to me...Not sure if that should be a public or private thing. My prayers are pretty deep and as most people...pretty personal. However, prayer changes lives and I have always been an open book so I will just have to see where the Lord leads me on this one...

AnywaZE! Happy Rainy Monday!


Friday, April 23, 2010

An answer to a QUESTION...and today's tip on RELATIONSHIPS~

I was sent a message via Linked in about my company "The 3 B Method" Living Life Busy, Balanced and Blessed. The person said they understood what I meant by Busy and Balanced but wanted to know what I meant by Blessed...

Maybe the person is sincere in asking so I am going to be sincere in answering.

Blessed is a choice we make everyday. Being Blessed and living a Blessed Life has nothing to do with how much money we have in our pocket or what kind of car we drive. Blessed is defined in Acts 20:35 as it reads it is more of blessing to GIVE than the receive. So many people think they are blessed by what they GET or what they HAVE. I feel blessed is what I can GIVE. Blessed is what GOD has given to me and I had the choice to accept his gift or reject it. I am Blessed because I was given the gift of salvation, the choice to believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save me and you from our sins, the gift of eternal life in heaven...the blessing to choose...

I wake every day and try so hard to rise out of bed with the thought process of asking...Is it going to be a good day or bad day? I choose it to be BLESSED day. I wake up to GIVE of myself to others, I wake up to GIVE to my children and my spouse. I wake up to GIVE to the public that is buying or selling a home and I now wake up to GIVE to myself the best physical body I can have to help GIVE others hope and belief that they can do this at any age!

This is my answer to WHAT IS BLESSED in the 3 B Method...Thank you for allowing me to be so sincere and honest.

Remember: The safest place we can be is in the WILL of GOD~


Life will carry you from one cycle to the next...As long as you remain in prayer and remain in a relationship with your saviour YOU will be walking in WILL of GOD!

Also my friend I must share this with you...I just had this conversation with Lynn. We have been married over 15 years, together for 18 (since I was 21) and let's face this fact. In 15 years you are going to be in love, be out of love, you are going to grow close and you are going to get bored with the same old relationship day in and day out...HOWEVER, marriage is just like your relationship with GOD...

GOD IS A FACT...Not always a feeling. MARRIAGE is a FACT...Not always a feeling...

You have to stay the course and you have to know what is right from wrong and sometimes, even EVERYDAY...You have to ask for forgiveness...You have to believe and you have to faith and you have to no matter what communicate. God knows our hearts and our souls...Communicate with him and he will open the door and GIVE you so many blessings...Honor him and give him credit and thanks...respect him and appreciate him...Same with the marriage...Honor, respect, appreciate and give thanks~Give to one another and learn to feed one another the love language needed...(read 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman) -

Those languages are:

Quality time
Physical touch
Acts of Service
Words of Affirmation

Learn to GIVE the language that your partner needs...Most often we GIVE the one we need and this is what causes communication breakdowns! I promise you this is book worht reading! OK - Bedtime for me! Maybe one day I will realize I need more sleep!

Live, Laugh and Love...Most of all LOVE!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lynn and Liz
NPC NC Body Building Show
April 1Oth 2010

The things I learned as a newby to competing...

These things I learned are in no order but I want to publish for anyone that ever wants to compete or that is competing for the 1st time...

Fake Eyelashes...Practice with a pair before the big day...

Posing...Practice posing everyday before you compete...competing next year...that means practice 365 days!

Look at the judges...Not the audience...

Follow the instructions to where to go and stand on stage...LOL

Bikini Bite...Own it...Be careful where you glue and how you glue your skin in your how you bend once you are glued in...

Orange Roughy is a super white fish but if you eat it straight for 2 weeks BE CAREFUL...

Do not use a razor on your skin anywhere once you are painted or sprayed with tanning products...

If sticking or glueing on nails - do it after all painting is done!

Keep gloves on hand at all times to help touch up friends and not mess up your nails!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I will compete in a body building show before I turn 40...CHECK IT OFF LIST! DONE!

I still can't believe I did it...I also never dreamed that competing would be as hard as it was! I owe so many people a huge thank you for the support, love and encouragement and helping me keep the drive to eat so much tilapia and asparagus!

I also owe so many people a huge apology for saying that competing would not be so hard...I have helped my friends and my husband for years and have honestly thought they were C.R.A.Z.Y because they get so...mean and so out there the week of the show. I have said NO WAY would eating change me...Well, let me just say that eating does change you. It changed my shape and my mind! Not always for the best...

For those just dropping in here is the story:

January 2nd I started the program in which Jen Hendershott put me on a serious life changing food plan. I weighed 147 -152 and was a full size 8 to 10...My goal was to compete in the bikini division of the NPC NC Body Building Show in the best condition I could be. Lynn, my husband was also competing in the men's masters 40 and over division. The show was April 10th and I am so glad I did it and so proud that my body reached 122 lbs! In the last 2 weeks I lived off of egg whites, white fish and asparagus! ONLY!!! 6 meals a day of that and 2 gallons of water...and 2 hours of cardio a day!

I can tell you that if you want to shrink...just eat fish all day! I actually felt wonderful and was never hungry. I had a blast before the show getting ready, the day of the show with my friends and the day after getting to eat at Cracker Barrel and not having to eat every 3 hours...BUT can you believe that I missed it by Monday...I was ready to get right back to eating all day and craved my seared fish!

Will I compete again? I do not know. So much is going on with my kids and work that I really must focus on...I have loved getting to be a bit selfish and do something for ME for a change but there is a time and a place for everything and right now...there are others that need me and of course, the queen of living busy, balanced and blessed realized that carbs are required to have the 3 B;s! I also have to make some $$$$!

Lynn placed 2nd in Masters 40 and over...I am so proud of him. Competing together is a challenge! There is some good to it for eating together etc...but then again, there are some hard times with no carbs that make it tough for two people that work, live, laugh, love and play together! Our poor children...They have lived off McDonalds... Let's just say again that I am so glad this weekend and ALL of the events of the last week are over with! We have been married for 15 years, together for 18 and this last 2 weeks experience for us has been CRAZT in both good and bad ways! It has been a step in just making us stronger and being again the best friends that we always have been! Sometimes I guess NO CARBS CRAZINESS can do some good!

So, what is next? Who knows right now...Lynn is competing in the Charlotte show on the 24th. I am still not sure...I just ate 3 cookies and drank a cup of whole milk...I needed the calcium and was just craving the chocolate. They say to never regret what makes you smile...We will see if the cookies show up on the scales or my butt or BOTH!

Lynn is training a 13 year old teen for the Burlington show! I cant wait to share more of that with you!

Competing can be expensive...I did reconstruct my bathing suit and was so proud of my purple and gold suit and purple shoes that I spray painted...Yes, I painted my shoes....I guess I tell you this because I want you to know that where there is a WILL there is WAY! If you want something bad enough you set your mind to it and you DO IT!

I have had to say this over and over and over again everyday. I did not like 2 hours of cardio a day but I did it...I was not crazy about eating ALL day every 3 hours, but I did it! Cold fish, cold raw asparagus and cold sweet potato. Where there is a WILL there is a WAY!

So, what do you want to do? What changes do you want to make in your life? In your body? I am telling you that if I could do this SO CAN YOU!

Thanks again for supporting me...

Bucket List next check off list is SKY DIVING! Anyone want to join me for that?

Friday, April 9, 2010


Do not doubt your abilities. Do not delay your worthy impressions. With God’s help, you cannot fail. He will give you the courage to participate in meaningful change and purposeful living.

Great words from Marvin J. Ashton

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gotta Love Some Lynn...Eyes Only...Hands OFF!

I will let this be a picture blog...I am really proud of him!

Yeah...At 47 he looks really great...Ladies...You can look all you want but don't even think about touching...I am not kidding either...:)

I am low carb and I am liable to kick someone square in the tush if I have too...

Gee...he does look good though! He has worked hard and is a winner to me no matter what!

OOOH Now I am getting EXCITED!

OK Friends...I know I am all over the place! That is the ADHD in me that I personally think I manage pretty well juggling a million balls and two fun, loving and CRAZY kids! I know that when I am focused I may only blog about one subject over and over again...Sorry - I am just wired that way and this week, spring break is all about prepping for this NPC show! The picture above was taken this afternoon after posing with LD and Jen and getting a final hour of cardio in with them! THANKS GALS! YOU BOTH ROCK!

LD competes as well and I am sure hoping she rocks out and gets her Pro Card! She is ready!

Am I ready? I again am not sure the jiggle in the butt is going completely away but I will have to say that I have not seen my abs or legs looking this lean since track days in High School! So...Yes...I am excited. I will be there and be there proud of what I have accomplished for myself and my family! McKenzie has been my biggest supporter and is as excited as I am!

So, if you are curious what I am eating...FISH and ASPARAGUS ALL DAY LONG! NO seasons, no salt, no diet drinks, no fun stuff AT ALL! NO splenda, no crystal light, no no no no NOTHING!

Oh but it is only a few more days! I am excited and I can't wait to see Lynn compete! Yes, this is the 1st time that I have competed and so far the good has outway the bad when it comes to doing this together...The hardest part is getting our kids fed...Poor things are living off McDonalds and Pizza which they do not mind at all! It is just so hard to cook and not lick the spoons this week. We make chocolate chip cookies after school almost everyday for them and that has had to stop last week because the temptation is just there! We have been great and not cheated...Or at least I have not! The one thing I fell in love that JEN said NO to was sugar free RED BULL...this week like I said above I get nothing but H2O and almost 2 gallons of it until Friday!

So, all that great stuff being said I have to tell you that I really appreciate everyone's support. There are people out there that drive us to do better and be more than we are! There are also those lifelong friends that honesty was the driving force in pushing me harder to do this...My dad for one loves me unconditionally but will tell me when my 5'1" frame is looking on the heavier side...I also have a dear friend that I have worked with since I was 22 and I ran into him and his most awesome wife whom I love and adore in January...He told me that if I was going to be on stage in April in a bikini that he would not believe it! He kindly did not recognize me that day because I was in that upper 140's thicker frame that I WILL NEVER BE AGAIN!
Speaking of that day...He never hurt my feelings, he only inspired me! I will hug his neck and thank him for it and hope that I inspire him and his wife to live a life of fitness as well!

I have to also tell you...If you see me...DO NOT say...You are too little, you have lost weight too fast! I have been a steady 2 lbs per week, some weeks more, some NONE...I have not had drugs or products other than RED BULL to boost me or trim me! I am natural, I am real and I do not want to hear from anyone saying anything negative...and honestly, I am NOT too little...I have plenty more weight (at least 15 lbs that really could be shed) -

I am sure those that follow my facebook know that I visit my family farm to check in on my grandparents as much as I can. My grandfather is in his final months of life and that alone is a blog for another day...Anyway, the caretaker that is there fussed at me about my new little size and keeps trying to make me eat dumplings, cobbler and many other things they have on hand 24/7 on the farm! Another friend of the family, Shirley Dixon told me...Liz, you keep doing this! Your almost 40 and honey when you hit that age it all goes down south from there if you don;t make it stay up! She said she lost a lot of weight once and everyone criticized her and she gained it all back! So SHIRLEY DIXON THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU!

I have a few new pics of Lynn I will post in a seperate Blog...I promise an updated bikini pic of me tomorrow...(eeeek -  I am not use to being so OUT there with all this skin but I have to get use it!)

Chow for now! I must go get my beauty sleep!


Monday, April 5, 2010

The Market is What You Make it...My TEAM at CBTRIAD makes it MOVE!

I have seen some crazy things in real estate...

After 15 years I have learned more than ever that the market is what YOU make it...

There has never been a more important time to have company support and a strong team of support...

I seem to always have several people asking me...Liz..Why do you not go on your own? My answer is simple...WHY? When you are with the best and it is working why start over...Why would I ever leave a NATIONAL COMPANY that has the back end support of the White House? I have a TEAM~

Lynn and I work real estate together...I speak across the country and educate and train professionals to live Busy, Balanced and Blessed and we have built a great business helping companies use SendOutCards to have the best follow up and have simple and easy greeting cards to use 24/7 that are really mailed...

We have an admin support team, a listing team, a closing team, a referral team and my listings and my businesses get more exposure than any company can offer anyone...I also give service and have the knowledge that noone else has...This is why I am important to my company and why they are important to me...More often I am asked HOW DO YOU DO IT ALL? Without the CBTRIAD team  there is no way that I could! This is why my blood runs blue...

If you are an agent and looking to work and have a team to support you... Call me...We are looking right now for about 10 key people...Strong people that want to make 75% - 95% of commission!
I promise you...We have the best pay plan out there!

Never bite off the hand that feeds you...


That's my MAN and I am PROUD OF HIM!

                                 March 2010                                                         April 3, 2010

Here is a few snaps of Lynn who is also getting ready for the April 10th NPC State Show. He is 47 and will compete in the Masters Men 40 and over! I am very proud of him and will have to say he has shown me and many others that a life of fitness and health has age reversing benefits!

Of course to keep up with me he has to stay young and full of energy! LOL!

Lynn is working on being able to help other men that are in 30's and 40's and beyond that want to get in the best condition of their life... His website  will be up and running soon!

Game on! I...I....I...WILL BE THERE!

Saturday April 3rd

I am amazed at how many emotions a women can go through in preparing for anything that is as personal as wearing a bikini in front of hundreds of people. Confidence! I have never seemed to have an issue with that speaking to 1000's of people but I have to say...Having clothes on helps!

I have said I would make an "official" decision to be in this weekends NPC State Body Building Show in the BIKINI class by April 1 and then on April 1 I said April 3, and then on April 3 I have taken this very deep breath and remembered why I was doing this to start with...

Winning is a self driven, self fulfillment VISION that can come without a trophy or a medal. I will be on stage on April 10th to represent all of the women that have ever been 20 - 100 lbs heavier than they wanted to show them they can DO THIS! I am going to be on stage to represent every women that wakes up every day and looks in the mirror and says "can I make a change to this old, worn out body?" show them THEY CAN DO THIS! I will be on stage for myself as well...The winner within me that says, I am going to be 40 this year...I am going to be in the best shape of my life before 12/24/2010 and this 1st show (yes, there will be more) is just the stepping stone! I WILL SHOW YOU AND MYSELF...I CAN DO THIS!

You will see from the picture above that was taken on Saturday I am have plenty of area that are in need of "tightening" up! However, I am excited to be where I am at 36 *26 * 35 1/2 seeing that I was 147 - 152 Jan 2, 2010 and don't forget 210 lbs in 2001! I think I am holding at 124 lbs, so I am hoping the all fish meal plan this week and NO Diet drinks, splenda or anything fun will  do! WE shall see!

A special thanks before I get to emotional to my husband for his encouraging, my children whom I love more than life and thank them for not giving me the chocolate, peanut butter bunny that I wanted so bad and for my team of trainers and competitors that have lead the way for me and for so many others...Jen Hendershott, Lishia Dean and my training buddy Cheryl Pontius! You guys all rock and if anyone ever asked me what was the KEY factor of change in my mind to start really seeing results, that answer is ( "Fitness Retreat" - a 3 day bootcamp personally with Jen and the Get Phat Online team...You will learn to push your own limits, you will learn to breath but more than anything you will  learn that "ONLY YOU CAN DO THE WORK"! Thank you Jen for teaching me that!

ROCK ON! Many more pics to come as the body is changing every day at this point!

Lots of fish and asparagus will do that!



Monday, March 29, 2010

Still without a laptop or desktop to get back to regular blogging!
Both are in the hands of the computer wizards! Thankfully this wee
little Iphone packs a ton of power and I have learned to blog via both
the verbal talktotext and by just emailing! So, this short and sweet
little note is to let you know I am still here! Much to share when I
have a real keyboard to type away at!

Until busy, balanced and blessed!

Also yes, FREE gifts at!

Elizabeth Ward Small

Message sent from iphone 3G

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Talk2Us from Elizabeth Ward Small

Hello. This is Elizabeth bringing you a talk to gets blog as I have just arrived form Tennessee on my 2 day trip for the My Y 2010. What an exiting day we have had. I have met some of the most interesting people. Both at the conference and on my airplane ride home. I am still to this moment amazed to how God weave people into our lives in some of the most unusual circumstances and some of the smallest places. Our god is an awesome God, and amazing God, and he teaches us in so many ways. I look forward to share in more. Until then, I am so glad to be home. Be busy.

Recording attached. Thanks for using Talk2Us.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Talk2Us from Elizabeth Ward Small

Good morning. This is Elizabeth. Calling to you live from Talk to Text. I want to share with you a (??) from my father who has always quote me life is for the leaving. He is such a happy and giving man. And his father is approaching his final days. My grandfather at 93 is such a strong man. And he does not want to leave this world. A Christian, yes. He will be an angel. But here, in his final days it makes me so realize the value of every minute of everyday with those we love. Spend them wisely. Spend them well. Have a good day.

Recording attached. Thanks for using Talk2Us.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Talk2Us from Elizabeth Ward Small

Good morning. This is (Elizabeth Words now?) bringing you a quote to text blog on Saturday. The sun is shining and so should you. It is beautiful and I want to tell you today that no matter what circumstances surrounds you. No matter what you were dealing with, realized that you have a choice. Is it a good day or a bad day. I'll choose to make it a bless day. Join with me and realize that you have the power to make those changes with each moment, with each step. As the the sun is shining, so should you. Be blessed.

Recording attached. Thanks for using Talk2Us.

Talk2Us from Elizabeth Ward Small

Wow, now this is a trip. It's 2 a.m. I am extremely jacked up on (Concovi?) and I have just installed this Talk to Text on my new Iphone. Needless to say in testing the texting to myself I use the account that it set up for my blog and it appeared on my blog immediately. So I am testing a pretty long winded little voicemail here to see if it will be on appear on my blog. This should be interesting. Stay tuned.

Recording attached. Thanks for using Talk2Us.

Talk2Us from Elizabeth Ward Small

Testing. Testing. Testing.

Recording attached. Thanks for using Talk2Us.

Friday, March 19, 2010


It is late...1 AM and I am on my last blog for the night before I close my eyes and dream of walking across the NPC stage April 1Oth in my hot new almost 40 beach ready booty with my new hot and sexy curves that were created via fish and sweat!

So, I have a challenge...BEACH BOOTY time is approaching...It is time to think about getting into the bathing suit and being one proud hot chick! So, are you ready? I mean are you really ready...If so I have a BEACH BOOTY CHALLENGE FOR YOU!

THE WINNER will be selected by me with the help of Jen Hendershott and her team!

I strongly encourage you to contact them and get started on a 6, 8 or 12 week plan! I personally started in September and took a NOV and DEC break and since Jan. 2nd it has been game on! I have lost 22 lbs so far and we shall see what the next few weeks bring me...

THE WINNER will WIN a WEEKEND PHITNESS BOOTCAMP with me! This is a $400.00 value. You will need to cover your travel to Burlington NC. I will cover you hotel stay and all meals!

So, what do you need to do...You must take before pics with you holding a paper or something representing your start date of this contest. EMAIL IT TO ME AT:!

Send pictures, measurements and why you want your BEACH BOOTY HOT statement to me no later than April 12th! You must also give me permission to post your pics...(wear shorts and a tank if you prefer) -

I will help you all I can but I strongly encourage you to check out the program I am on with Jen at - however, any trainer you use is great and your chances of winning will not be determined by who is training you! It will be determined by how you train you and how you change your eating and training! More to come on that!

The contest will run starting NOW until July 1st! This my friend will give you at least 90 days to be BEACH BOOTY HOT!

Any women, any weight, any age can join this challenge!

Let's have fun with this!


Last Sunday I blogged the picture timeline from 210 to now...I am so happy to finally be under 130 and I know I am doing this the right way! I am healthy and no fasting or taking crazy drugs! I am eating 6 small meals a day that are clean (read earlier blogs - all diets are there) and I am training hard, REALLY hard!

BUT I AM STUCK! I could not get under 130 last weekend and now as we approach this weekend I am stuck all over 128! I know I should be happy but the pictures I did take to share with you still tell the truth...I am just not at all ready for stage! The butt dimples are still there in the picture although today they are smaller and look much better...What will my stage weight be? Who knows! I have never done this. I do know that I the last time I was 117lbs I was in 8th grade! In 9th Grade I was 122 and a size 0 or kids 16 and right now! I am sure after 2 kids 122 will be more like a 1 but I suppose we shall see!

I have been sprinting, running steps, walking on an incline, pushing water to the tune of 100 oz a day and still eating the same thing I have been on for the last two weeks in which I realize I have not shared...

So here goes!

3 egg whites, 3 tablespoons of Cream of Rice

Solution 5 Protein Drink Yummy - Link at the bottom of my page to order!

4 oz white fish, 4 oz of broccoli

4 oz white fish, 1/2 grapefruit

4 oz chicken, 4 oz sweet potato

5 egg whites PLAIN

That is a safe and clean 1203 calories, 185 Proteins, 85 Carbs and 13 Fat Grams!

SO WHY AM I NOT DROPPING! I am still shrinking.
The goal per my friend Susan Torres AKA Turtle Torres is Skinny and Tight! You just gotta love that being almost 40 (8 more months)!

Maybe work stress, maybe I need more than 6 hours of sleep! OK...yep - I am sure that is it...I need more sleep! .So after this I have one more very important blog that I know a few are waiting on...

So, hang in there with me - I will post the new pics when I get my IPHONE back!


MY WHY 2010 Conference Call Recap

Tonight I had a 30 minute conference call to share with some of the people that are registered for the event in TN next weekend a little bit about who I am and what I will be sharing with them next Saturday. We also opened it up for anyone that just wanted to listen and and Jesse Lee, the host offered a great discount for anyone that has not purchased tickets a sweet deal...He did a buy 4 tickets and get 1 free! So, still if you can grab a group and head to TN, I would love to meet you and have you really get a great day of great information from both Dani Johnson and myself!

The call was fun but eeek - conference calls make me nervous. I can stand in front of a crowd of 10,000 and speak for 3 hours and have a ball doing it, I can stroll across a stage as I hope to April 10th in a wee little bikini and not be nervous but get me on the phone to share and I am nervous...Go figure.

I did it...However, the introduction was not recorded. So, the recorded session missed the story of me being 210 lbs and hitting rock bottom because I was in debt over $1,000,000, being told I possibly had cancer, being on top of my career and making 3 times what the Bank CEOs were making, yet...I was broke, unhappy, not in such a happy place in my marriage and raising two babies at the time that thought my name was "Elizabeth Ward Small Coldwell Banker"! It also missed me sharing that I owned a 5000 sq. ft house on land and 8 rental properties that went vacant AND that I had to MAKE over $17,000 a month to just pay debt of mortgages, cars. Harleys, phone & so on....

Hang on....I want to go and puke just writing this remembering the stress and the burdens I carried! I did not eat EVER after breakfast. I had one meal a day and no water...I ran, ran, ran and honestly am today so thankful GOD directed me on the path that he did so I could discover and create not only "Simply Rocks" to write and share with you in a book one day but The 3 B Method: Living Life Busy, Balanced and Blessed!

Life is still a challenge and a journey that I am on...I am still learning  as we all are...But I have peace in ALL I do and I have a new outlook on life since 2000 that will have forever changed me. God saved me, changed me and has molded and shaped me!

I hope you enjoy listening to this 20 minute clip that was recorded...I also hope that if you can make it to TN that you come up and give me a huge HUG and introduce yourself!

Here ya go! Call 1-712-432-1085 and enter 933602 - I am sure this will only be good for a short amount of time so listen soon!


Dedicated to you!


Limited Time OFFER - Two FREE GIFTS!
See website for details!

KhhhhCCCHhhheeeee....Technical Problems. Please try again later...

KhhhhCCCHhhheeeee....Technical Problems. Please try again later...That is honestly how I have felt since Friday afternoon when all of sudden as I am sending a very important email my Toshiba laptop of less than 2 years CRASHED. I mean just turned off and would not turn back on...

Well, thank God for the IPhone and the email ability I have there now (FINALLY) - however, for those that love me and tolerate me so well...know that the screen has been cracked FOREVER and it is has been one thing after another on getting it repaired...

Then, on top of all of that...My old and trusty desktop that I am using in my new home office space that I so love started acting like a TURTLE...It took me the entire show of American Idol last night to complete a contract, upload it to Docusign and email it...something that honestly takes me less than 5 minutes to prepare and send! AN HOUR! I do not have that kind of patience....and then again...the Lord reminds me...simply rocks Liz, Simply Rocks!

Simply Rocks is my baby that I hope to birth this year before I turn 40! This book is all about how God teaches us to slow down, appreciate and go back to the basics of so many things...I mean let's face it...We ZOOM around everything, whip in, whip out, whip up! I did take a deep breathe this week, just as I teach and I said...IT IZ WHAT IT IZ! I know what I must do to fix this problem as it will not fix itself and finally, four days later I am back to typing on my desktop that is moving a bit faster than me now and it is awaiting its new memory BOOST that was ordered today!

So, I am again sorry for those that have waited for a few day eating plans and for updates on this past Sunday's pictures that did not get posted (and still will not because the IPHONE is in day surgery at the moment)!

So, I leave this technical blog update with my new them song...BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! I still am not sure if I love it or hate it...You decide!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Take it On Tuesday has MUCH TO TAKE ON!

I am laughing as I type this becuase honestly I can't see! I had an eye appotintmet this morning afoter my workout and they put hose drops in your eyes that blind you! He told me I would be OK within an hour and well...It has been THREE! I love my eyes and am thankful for them because it has been really hard to NOT SEE this morning and do everything I have on my list today!


I use this on facebook about...yeah...every Tuesday! I will try and be more original but hey - It works and why redo what works! I started this whole personal blog as my place to vent and air my frustrations...I have not posted in the last week because of the fear of people going OMG - this girl is really losing it! HA!

This competition eating has been a new dicipline for me that is OUT OF THE NORM! I do not ever do anything with structure and this has really been a tough week for me. Many other things have been going on with my kids, with contracts, with closings faling through, with my grandfather turning yellow (now he is OK), to me still not budging past the 128 mark and Jen telling me I need 3 lbs a week to be ready! OH yes, the pressure of life has been on! Then of all things...My laptop is DEAD!

So, have a complained enough yet that you wish to quit reading! I am sorry! I know we all many problems! What would life be without them! Boring I suppose!

I have came across some really good eating plans I want to share for some of you that I have ran into at GNC and the gym...For all my gals at BLISS and for a few others that I know are watching (which I so appreciate)~! I will post all of this and more updated pics within the next 24 hours! I am working around not having my laptop and just now set up blogging on the GO so I will be able to send blogs direct from my Iphone as great and exciting things happen! OH BOY! That will be a blast!

Thanks for understanding! More later peeps!

PS - I still can't see so sorry for any mishaps!

Retry of photo upload to blog

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My crazy child in Target!

Testing photo upload from iPhone!

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Test blog from iPhone computer and most important business too crashed this weekend! So I am sorry to have delayed in getting a posting on here! This is a simple test to see if this even works!

Know that I have lots to share! So check back in tonight!

Elizabeth Ward Small

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Diet starts Day Rather Messy

I was rather excited to get my new eating plan for this week until I saw that I was eating 4 oz of white fish both for lunch and for my 3:00 meal! It is not that I mind eating it at this point (I am sure I will feel different in two more weeks), but cooking fish each morning and packing it is a pain!

The BIGGEST problem is the SMELL! This morning I had to be in my office at 8:30 and I was proud of myself packing all of my food (like it is really not a lot...LOL) and I was able to use my nice new lunch bag my girlfriend Amber gave me! Everything was great until I got to the office and dropped it all right inside the door! THANK GOD my fish did not hit the floor but the juice spilled everywhere!

Of all mornings....The owner of Coldwell Banker TRIAD was coming for a much awaited mandatory meeting to discuss our new location an the best compensation plan I have ever seen in real estate...She was due in the door within 30 minutes, so whew...I had time to clean!

PROBLEM with freshly cooked fish and fish juice! IT SMELLS! IT REEKS and here comes agent after agent in the door screaming about OH GROSS - what is that smell?

I am cleaning, doors and windows are opening and the nice chill of a soon to be Spring 55 degree mornings winds all over the 1st floor of our building! WHEW! Smell is gone...Heat is on in the building and doors and windows are wide open! 9:45 on the dot here comes BEV - the BOSS, the OWNER!

Thank GOD she did not smell the foul odor nor ask why we were airing out the building!

The meeting went great! I am so thrilled with our new plans and new office location! Burlington NC Coldwell Banker TRIAD will for sure have the best new office any real estate company has seen in the USA!

Have a super day! Have to go eat meal THREE and head out for a walk through on a house!

I had to share this morning because many people have messaged me and so love that about how I am doing on this and how it encourages and motivates them! The question is often asked how one finds time to eat 6 meals a day! The answer is PACK and CARRY but the best answer is

especially when FISH is involved!

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Saturday Date with my Man!

Saturday was so pretty! We fired up the Harley and took about an hour ride just to chill out and ride and feel the crisp wind! I laughed because we stopped to eat for meal 4 and once upon a time that would have been stopping for drink 4! Not anymore!

I loved the Chic's Rule poster that I saw at Davis HD! Had to snap a picture of it to share!

Whatever it is, it's better in the wind.
~Author Unknown


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