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Monday, December 28, 2009


I just got this email and felt the need to share in my post because I talk to so many people about how I am stayng in shape and working on being in the best shape ever before I turn 40!
I encourage anyone that is wanting to jumpstart a better lifestyle or lose 10 - 100 lbs to grab a friend and go to one of Jen's camps!

I also know that the camps Jen has are all over the States and am sure if you really want to feel your heart beat, know you are alive and find out who YOU really are and be PUSHED to the limit you will love a PHATCAMP weekend!

So - here is a deal that you may want to jump on! I know that I am!


LAST CHANCE for Phat Camp specials and Get Phat Online deals!

Sign up for Phat Camp and get the bring a friend deal , 2 campers for the price of $400. Come alone and register for only $300.
When you register by JAN 1st you will also get a $50 Gift Certificate for Phat Camp Store.
To sign up visit or email Heather Bear at

Sign up for one on one training with Ms. Olympia and Ms. International Jen Hendershott.
Come to a Phitness Retreat and challenge yourself and get on the right track for 2010.
To see dates visit or email Jen Hendershott at

Sign up for 16 weeks for the price of 12 weeks in the Get Phat Online program.
This is the last chance till July to get this deal. Use it now or use it later.
To sign up or learn more about GPO visit or email Lishia Dean at
Tell them ItIzWhatItIzWithLiz sent ya this!

These specials end January 1st.
Have a Happy and safe New Year! Best Wishes.
Jen's motto is YOLO: YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!
I agree...Do not waste a second and commit to be fit now!
Pic above is of me getting some iron on with the Phatcamp gals!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Update On the Fly! Literally!

One of my favorite December Pictures!

This picture was taken before Christmas with Lucas a student from the Burlington Alamance School system that took part in the Mayor shopping event at Target! This was the 3rd year I have been honored to help with this event and enjoyed doing it with my business associates from Coldwell Banker TRIAD and other area businesses. I invited the local GetPhatOnline team and they were more than willing to squeeze two hours of the their busy schedule for this great charity event! I had a blast that day with Jen Hendershott and Lishia Dean. "Thanks Gals" -


First of all...Again...Sorry for the delays in posting any updates for itizwhatitizwithliz!

I just saw where I can do mobile blogging for this site. Oh boy, could that be problem for me. You see NC just passed the no texting while driving law and the one place I update and keep an eye on all day is Facebook...I can facebook mobile but NOW, I can't update in the fly!

Maybe I can get really techie and figure out how I can blog on the fly from my Iphone and it update Facebook and Twitter at the same time. I am sure there is guru out there that can tell me HOW TO???

Anywaze! Here we go. Your Fly By update since Turkey in New Orleans in no order of importance:

Family: Can I just say no comment on this one! oh....Life is grand in the SmallZ world but too much drama just drives me crazy and it seems with 2 kids 11 and 14, 2009 has been full of drama and 95% of it has occurred in the last few months...So, let's just say I will come back to this one later when my heart can take it or when I need to pour out the pain and suffering of raising four kids. Yes, that is four! A daughter 11, a son 14, a step son 27 and a husband that is 46! Enough said! LOL!

Personal: LMAO: Did someone say I was the founder of The 3 B Method: Living life Busy, Balanced and Blessed and that I get paid well to go all over the US to motivate and teach others to do the same???? WHO ME??? That must be my twin sister because the women writing this right now is in much need of personal time and is the first to say living the 3 B Method can happen but you have to make it happen! I guess I better start living what I teach 24/7!

Physical: Oh yum! I have said that so much, like 10 lbs so much since Thanksgiving! I have sure enjoyed it and I had my last sweet fix tonight and am getting my mind ready for 2010's bucket list of the 40 things I will do before I turn 40! Seeing that my countdown started on Christmas Eve (yes, my Birthday was just a few days ago and it was a BLAST!) - I have 363 days to rock out my list and being in the best shape of my life is on that list! So, bye bye sweets! Hello and killer Jen Hedershott workouts and eating plans!

Spiritual: Wow - God is working on me. I keep going from the prayer search me Lord to Lead me Lord to Search me some more. Amazing things have happened in my life this past month that really have me feeling the awesome arms of God all around me. I can't wait to share more with you in this blog in 2010 and have to go ahead now and say Jesus Freak Naysayers Game ON! I have the power of GOD within me and my fingers are typing a message intended for you!

Career: All of the hats I wear for the many jobs I have are sure making me tired! However, I love the quote by James Farmer Jr. "We do what we have to do, so that we can do what we want to do" - I am excited to focus in 2010 on just a few primary businesses so that I can focus more on what I feel is God's plan for me as well as focus more on my passions and what makes me happy! Thankfully, these are all things that will pay my bills and provide for my family and for the many things I WANT TO DO!

Many have asked for me to share my Bucket List of the 40 Things I want to do before 12/24/2010. I have it in writing in a non public journal and will promise to get it posted by New Years!

Thanks again to everyone that sent cards for Christmas and or my Birthday, to my greatest friends that came to my annual Christmas Eve lunch and for the so many facebook Birthday wishes and the many messages on facebook that encourage me to keep on encouraging "you"!

Love, Hugs and So Much More to Share Later! Chow!

Friday, November 27, 2009

10,000 calories and a Few Regrets...

My goofy husband being a Turkey head!

McKenzie and her beautiful eyes!

It is post Thanksgiving and my stomach has busted out of my jeans!

A new tradition has began for the Small's and one that I have enjoyed more than any other Thanksgiving I can remember! We are in New Orleans for TURKEY DAY with Lynn's brother BUZZY, sister SYLVIA and all of the kids!

I think that Cafe Du Monde has to be the first of my wonderful regrets! If you have never had the powdered doughnuts you are missing out on one of the best guilty pleasures of life...I am guessing there has to be at least 1000 calories in those things...and I had TWO!

We visited a cool shop and my nephew had cards read. I am not a fan of voodo or tarot cards but it was fun and McKenzie begged for us to blow $20.00 and regret 2 is that we did. Her cards were right on the money as well but maybe that was not a wise thing to encourage at her impressionable little 11 year old mind! On an interesting note for anyone that knows anything about these cards she had three of the strongest cards - The World, The Emperor and Strength...Interesting yet....strange.

We are planning a big day back downtown tomorrow and heading to the race track. Our few days are almost over and regret 3 is that we did not fly! I so dread 14 more hours in the car feeling as full as I feel now!

I hope to get up and take a good jog to sweat off some of the Turkey and the fudge and the other 8000 calories that I have packed on today!

Lynn and I have decided that Monday is day one of our clean up for the State show in April, 2010. I am ready and I know that he is!

I hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving. We are so blessed and thankful for such wonderful friends we have heard from today and such wonderful family!
Life is Good! Life is a Blessing!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Is 35 Days Away...Ready to help you with your cards!

Christmas Card Help is only minutes away!

The above designs were found online and this is exactly what you kind of Picture Christmas Cards you can have for less than $ 2.00 per card including a stamp using my online greeting card system and having some "creative help"!

Just a few ideas on how beautiful you can have your Christmas Cards using SendOutCards this year! Are you BUSY? Let me help you!

Regardless of how busy you are there is one thing that I believe in as a business professional and that is giving personal follow up to my clients, family and friends! I have been using a great program for almost two years now and I have tested it long enough to know that the quality and the service is top notch!

I want to share it with you in order for you to be able to use it as well. If you become a customer on any level in SOC by December 1st you can email me your photos (no more than 3 is best) and I will help you create a memorable Christmas Card for no charge! This offer is ONLY for customers or clients in SendOutCards under the downline of The 3 B Method Seminars!

Let me share with you about the system and you decide the level that interest you! Regardless of your choice in packages we will help you with your Christmas Cards this year and help you with your card sending year round!

The system is SendOutCards and it allows you to create a real greeting card and write what you want in the card in your own handwriting and you can have up to 4 signatures in the system. Once you make your card online choosing from over 15000 greeting cards you input who the card is going to, they validate the address, they print it, they stuff it in an envelope and THEY MAIL IT for you! You can send one card out to 1000's at a time or you can make greeting cards or postcards to be dripped out to one person over a period of up to 4 years!

The system also has a great reminder program for birthdays and anniversary's! I can tell you that we have loved using the system and have found it to be great to send a card from any laptop or smart phone...(i phone app is even being released very soon) -

Here is the cost breakdown for you to own your own online greeting card store:

Retail Customer Accounts - starter account

49.00 SOCBOX Customer - You pay a one time fee of 49.00. You can opt to get an instructions package in the mail for additional shipping or pay just the 49.00 for immediate access to the system. The 49.00 is a ONE TIME fee. This gives you access to over 15000 cards and it includes the picture plus system that allows you to send picture cards! This alone is a 99.00 software value! You also get 10 greeting cards including the stamp with your initial SOCBOX order. Once you have used all 10 cards you can purchase the ability to send cards in increments of $20.00 for 10 cards...Therefore the cost of cards using the retail SOCBOX is 2.00 per card (INCLUDING THE STAMP) - This is a great starter account. You can upgrade to wholesale or distributor accounts and get a 49.00 credit anytime!

Positive: 2.00 a card includes stamp, use pictures, great fonts available

Negative: NO personal handwriting or signatures can be used on this level, no campaigns can be set up for drip mailings on this level, you can only send 2 panel greeting cards, NO postcard or 3 panel card options.

Retail Customer Account with Full Features

The full feature accounts are on a points pay system. The points are used and valued as follows:


1 Point - a postcard
2 Points - a 2 panel greeting card
3 points - a 3 panel greeting card (is actually 4 panels that you can customize)


Retail: .49 a point
Wholesale: .31 a point

Here are how the full feature packages break down:

$99.00 RETAIL Picture Plus retail account: allows you to pay a one time fee of 99.00 and then you are a full featured SOC user. You pay an auto order of 24.50 a month for 50 points (that is 50 postcards or 25 greeting cards) - if you do not use all your points you do not lose them - they rollover and store in your system.

Positive: Picture Plus System is great and allows personal cards to be sent, full access to over 15,000 cards, Groups Manager to sort contacts, Contact Manager for contact storage and birthday reminders (yes you can upload contacts from outlook or other files), the ability to purchase the handwriting and signatures if desired and the ability to send GIFTS such as gift cards, kid gifts, wrapped presents, foods, books, etc.

Negative: None

298.00 WHOLESALE ACCOUNT: Pay a one time fee of 298.00 and get 200 points right away (62.00 Value) Get the Picture Plus system (99.00 value) - Get the personal handwriting package to send in to SOC (49.00 value), get 4 personal signatures uploaded for personal use with the cards (25.00 value) and with this package you are a WHOLESALE point user!

398.00 WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR: Pay a one time fee of 398.00 and get everything shared in the Wholesale account package and a full day seminar on customer service and self development. Also with this package you get 5% of your card spending paid back monthly once you have two customers and you have the ability to make an income or use as fund raiser for organizations! This package is the only package that allows you to make a residual check on greeting cards sent. You basically own your own greeting card business with this package and you can opt to make money with it or not...

Some may just want to get the 5% back of personal card spending as I do...However, after using it a year I feel comfortable to share it and encourage you to use it in your personal life and your professional life!

Positive: Money back in your pocket..ability to be paid back and make an income or raise money
If interested in this part you can learn more by watching this video:

If you are looking for extra income - this is a super business to be a part of!

Negative: NONE!!!

If you have specific questions please call Elizabeth Ward Small at 336-516-4506. You must make sure to tell her that I referred you to SOC and she will help you. She will even help you get your picture Christmas card created at no charge! You have to love that!

I know this was a lot to explain and I also know the economy is tough for so many. If you are a card sender you can't go wrong with this program! If you are on the road a lot as we are and you need to send personal gifts it is a wonderful system. If you just want to go ahead and get birthday cards sent for the the next 4 years so you do not forget it will work for that as well! Save time from going to the store, save gas by getting on the computer and 1.2.3 BOOM you are done and you are not forgetting someone or have a drawer full of cards that SHOULD have been sent!

If you wish to purchase a package NOW please got to and click the JOIN NOW button. You will need the following code: 31882

If you are more comfortable to trial the system for 3 days and to send a card to see how easy it is please take 1o minutes and do this now:
- this will give you ONE free card on me including a stamp to send to someone you need to reach out to!

Remember if you do this that the account is only open for 3 days and then you must join or it will delete from your system.

I am hoping you will consider this as a program for your personal life and your business year round.

If you decide to sign up and do so by December 1st, not only will we help you with a custom card we will donate a portion of the proceeds that are made to help needy families this Christmas!

So please, send your card today and I promise you this will be a program you will value for a lifetime!

If after you look at this and you feel SOC is not for you...Please tell me why? I would really value your feedback in growing my online greeting card business!

By the way - if you are a photographer or a graphics artist you must contact me to see how you can benefit owning your own greeting card store to share with your clients!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Pip and Pop CheerZONE

Accidently saved and not posted for OCTOBER


1st Competition October 17th

Our 1st ever cheer competition! WOW! It was awesome! The kids did a great job and for the first time I believe Garrett actually got "INTO" it! He was as nervous himself as the entire team!

Not that I feel the need to make any excuse for why my son is cheering...I will say he loves it and at 14 if you find something your kid go with it and be proud and I am as proud of them as any parent is!

McKenzie was NOT so crazy about all of the glitz and makeup! The stuff is like GLUE!

Garrett was just thankful we did not make him wear a star or anything!

The team placed 3rd in the overall and that is not bad seeing one girl lost her shoe as she was thrown in the air...

More pics to come at the next competition December 12th in Greensboro!

There is REALLY only ONE Answer!

I will not write a blog to apologize for being MIA since October!

I am sorry! Forgive me...I have been Busy! Busy! Busy!

Just a highlight of the last few months include:

Getting the Kids back in school...

Eating and training with Jen Hendershott's program (14 lbs down at this point and 20 more to GO)...

Listing and selling some real estate...finally...

Learning the SendOutCards new program SOC cool...( a great tool for Christmas cards...

Driving 10 hours in my car with Lynn getting to know friends better and attending a surprise 40th BDAY for a super special couple...

Having a blast at Halloween and of course dressing up...

Attending my 20 year reunion (WOW...So much fun)...

Celebrating a birthday drink here and a birthday drink there and seems like a lot of birthday drinks everywhere...

Ups and downs with the kids back in school...
Ups and downs with real estate...
Ups and downs with training...(Up a pound or two or three and down a pound or two or three and back up again with every freakin birthday)...

and finally...Here...back to my personal blog. The one fun thing I love to do and my sanity for unloading and sharing and downs and fun times with the world!

My title "There REALLY is only ONE answer" a true statement to sum up the last few months of my life...Confessions? Maybe....

You see..Since the last blog I think I have had a few of those pivotal moments of life. They say you will have SEVEN in your lifetime...In four months I have had about three!

Those moments that define who you are, those moments that peel the layers of who you think you who you really are...and yes...those moments you learn, you grow and you discover and sometimes, even change...

CHANGE IS GOOD...Or at least I hope it is!

I look forward to writing about some of these pivotal moments as I hope that you will be able to grow as well from my learning experiences...

In a nutshell, I have learned that as much of a people pleaser as I am...that is not what I want to be...I want to please GOD. I want to praise him, share what he has done for me in my life and by me doing this...GOD does his work for you in your life...

In trying to reconnect my spiritual self I have learned a lot about how I so many times have been talking to GOD yet as I talk to him I have my finger on the MUTE button...Just like in a marriage or any relationship...I hear what I want to hear and I press MUTE on what I do not want to hear....Sound familiar? Do you relate?

So..forgive me for saying things a bit to the point, a bit abrasive or just being down right honest...But...I, Elizabeth Ward Small, superwomen sales, is no longer a PEOPLE PLEASER...I am laying my heart and soul down for the truth. For the real answers...the one and only answers...the ones that are found by having a closer relationship with GOD.

I want to share a short few paragraphs from a GREAT book...This book was given to me the first part of this year...Nan, my dear angel of a friend was witnessing to me...I was hearing my friend speak to me and I was hearing my friend guide me and I was praying to God as I love him and knew he would not forsake me...Oh was I praying as real estate had hit such a low and my life had tail spinned from being on top of the world to sliding under a pile of rocks so deep I had no clue if I would see light again...Nan gave me this book and asked me to read it over and over and over again. TRUTH: I have still not read the book. It is only 95 pages and I hope by the time I write again, I will have read it and will share more TRUTH with you! I have read some and I love this particular chapter as it really reached out to me and gave me a hug straight from the heavens when I have needed it most...

The BOOK is: the practice of the presence of GOD by brother Lawerence

Page 65 reads: The Union of the Soul with God

The first way in which the soul is united with God is through Salvation, solely by His Grace.
This is followed by a period of time that a saved soul comes to know God through a series of experiences, some of which bring the soul into closer union with Him and some take it further away. The soul learns which activites bring God's presence nearer and remains in his presence by practicing those activities.

The most intimate union with God is the actual presence of God. Although this relationship with God is totally spiritual, iti s quite dynamic because the soul is not asleep; rather, it is powerfully excited. In this state, the soul is livelier than fire and brighter than the unclouded sun, yet, at the same time, it is tender and devout.

This union is not a simple expression of the heart, like saying, "Lord, I love You with all my heart, "or other similiar words. Rather, it is an inexpressible state of the soul - gentle, peaceful, respectful, humble, loving, and very simple - that urgest the person to love God, to adore Him, and to embrace Him with both tenderness and joy.

Everyone who is striving for a devine union must realize that, just because something is agreeable and delightful to the will, that it does not mean that it will bring one closer to God. Sometimes it is helpful to disengage the sentiments of the will from the world, in order to focus entirely on God. If the will is able to in some manner comprehend Him, this can be only by love. And that love, which has its end in God, will be hindered by the things of the this world.

Nan would say, just go get the book and read it. I am feeling...Oh my...That was a deep and spiritual chapter I just shared and I am sure to cause someone to unsubscibe to my blog...The people pleaser from my past is worried about offended you, the new God pleaser says...It IZ What It Iz with Liz and this Iz the way it Iz to be!

So be it and I will now leave you with this...My favorite quote:

"Why Seek Happiness and never find it when Happiness is a choice." A single choice that you make right this instance, right this second...You can choose to be happy! is not that difficult.
So Why Seek peace and a life everlasting when peace and everlasting life is a choice. Salvation is a choice. A single choice that you make right this instance, right this second. You can choose GOD, it is not that difficult!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Well my friends...It has sure been long enough!

I suppose 1st things are 1st! An apology to you and myself.

This blog was created to be my sanity. HA!

The one place to come and journal, share and be personal on life on the "Small" highway...

As those that know me will understand...Busy is an understatement and just like I teach everyone to put yourself 1st...It is the easiest thing said than DONE!

For those that really like to stay connected please know that my facebook is pretty much open 24/7 and I post several times a day there as it is the coolest application on my IPHONE! I can stay very consistent there because it travels with me....Maybe I will research and be a blogger on the go as well!

So I have missed you for about 30 days...Here is a recap of the months whirlwind!

Kids: Crazy as always...Both are growing and we are excited to gear up for the 1st Cheer Competition this weekend in Charlotte...It should be interesting! Love it!

Lynn: He has been busy helping his old company...We are not ever apart and have pretty much worked side by side for the last 7 years...This market, his training, my training, our schedules, our kids, life's demands has sure given our marriage the boost of survival and a kick in the rear! Love it!

Real Estate: WOW! Picking up...It has been a whirlwind itself! Love it!

Speaking: Busy! Busy! I have been to New Jersey and Texas and doing several webinars! Love it!

SendOutCards: Rocking! There is a new SOCBOX that is getting ready to make lots of organizations, businesses and distributors LOTS of money! GOTTA Have it!

Happy Times: Each day is a blessing...The last 30 days has been a true test of faith. I just thank God for his love everyday and pray to walk in the WILL of God in all I do...GOTTA Have it!

Sad Times: As crazy as this sounds I lost a piece of my soul this past weekend. My best friend and 9 year old Schnauzer was killed by a car. He has been roaming...Needless to say, my heart has been broken and I miss him so! Not Like it or Love it at all!

MY DIET! I have been working hard on the intake and trying to keep committed to the output! I am steady between 135 and 138...Pushing hard now for Nov. 6th to have some pictures made with Lisa Brewer for business! So...GAME ON! Love it and GOTTA HAVE IT!

I hope this quickie gets us back in the saddle again with one another! Stay tuned for much more!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Interview on How I use SendOutCards in Marketing...

This is how life happens!

I had a call from a FaceBook friend that is a new SendOutCards distributor...He wanted to talk with me about how I use SOC in my real estate and speaking business. We scheduled a call and I thought...MMMM - I will talk to him while I walk...I was out on my AM cardio and we started a call. Little did I know that he was planning a LIVE interview on this talk! I am sure if you hear this you will hear me panting and trying to control my talk while getting in that AM cardio!

If you are not a SendOutCard user and you would like a free trial account please contact me directly! I will be glad to set you up to be able to send a card (REAL CARD with A STAMP) for FREE and see why I love this system! If you want a personal card from me - feel free to post on this blog your mailing address and I will be glad to send you a card!

The interview is about 45 minutes! Enjoy!

You can't "OUT TRAIN" a Poor Diet!

"You can't out train a Poor DIET" SheriFitness and Jen agree!

This is a super interview on health and fitness with Jen and ShariFitness!

Leg Crushing PAIN feels GOOD!??

Good Morning!
Happy Holiday Weekend!

I rolled over this morning and OUCH! The legs are aching and feel like they have been put through a grinding machine...Crazy as it sounds...

Yesterday I trained personally with Jen, Leisha Dean and 3 great gals from Charlotte that came in to train one on one with Jen. We did legs and I will say that I have done legs with Jen before but this was one of the most kicking routines she has ever ran us through!

We did lunges, lunges and yes...MORE lunges - we jogged laps and we did crazy obstacles that kept our heart rate up and in between each set there is no more than a 30 second break! My toes were sweating! I wore my sweat belt! I encourage you to go to Wally World and buy one! They are super to help keep your stomach tight while training and burn inches faster by sweating and compressing the skin! The bad part about a belt is the hot rush of sweat/water that gushes out and makes you feel like you have peed all over yourself! When this happens - you have been WORKING OUT!!!

I have known Jen a while and I just can't get over her energy. I joke that she is a machine! She plugs in at night to some type of recharge system and she wakes up with this super charge energizer bunny mindset!

She really is a positive role model and she teaches others to be positive and be happy! I do not know this for a fact but I would bet that Jen has a ZERO tolerance for negativity! This keeps her energy so ALIVE and so off the charts exciting! This again, is why I love being a part of her program. Even the motivator in me needs motivating! We all need this!

So - update on my personal challenge: I have lost 9 lbs so far and several inches! I will post some key measurements on Monday. I get a new 2 week meal plan as well tomorrow so I will be sure to post this for your review!
Have a super safe weekend!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Tooted and I Got Booted!

Circumstances that surround you and your own negative thinking have the ability to STOP you and keep you from being the best that you can be!

I had a facebook friend actually hurt my little ole feelings today...Well, let's say he stung me just a bit. I was posting YOU TUBE videos of testimonials which I think is a great thing for people to have out online about the business they are in...I was posting them to an event page and they all popped up on my profile page! All of sudden his comment popped up!
"Poof" you are gone - you do too much self promotion for me"
I of course was floored because I honestly try so hard to NOT SELL on facebook, activerain, linked in or twitter! I try to give advice, encourage, motivate and give people food for thought! I do promote events I am involved in and properties that I market but I also do that to TEACH others how to do the same so they can succeed in thier own business! I am not about to go into any detail as I would hate this blog to be considered a TOOT of my business! This my friend is more of a vent...

I immediatly sent him a message and feel that the bottom line is that he does not know me, nor maybe does he ever care to know me but I KNOW ME! I know what I stand for and I know who I am and also know that my one true mission in life is to help others...My message was professional. He has replied but still says too much was just too much...I put my bandaide on and starting really thinking...Can you self promote too much? Do you? Do I "throw up" my business all over peoples screens?

Do I toot my own horn every now and then...Yes - but that is limited to what I call G.I.V.E to TOOTING ratio of 10/1! I know that, but maybe today he just heard my toot a little to loud...or is he right? Either way...I found a positive light about it and I feel better now...So here I vent and BLOG!

Please let me tell you that ONLY YOU control who knocks you DOWN - You control how fast you get up! Just like this crazy real estate market we have been in for 2 years! Are you going to let it knock you down and send you on a downward spiral of changes or are you going to get up and stand up for what you believe in! Your clients, your market, your business - uhhhmmmm, yes and YOURSELF!

I almost turned off my facebook and shut down having an open page...I sat for a few minutes and went to my words of wisdom book where I keep all quotes that inspire me, help me and pull me through trials and hardships and I closed my eyes and opened the book and this is what was laid in front of me...

"Discipleship is spiritual reproduction. It is not in the "filling in the blanks," it is in the changing lives" that we are mentoring and teaching and sharing!

I felt that was a whisper to me...Keep changing lives! Keep giving, keep mentoring, keep sharing...

So, I urge you in the new world of Social Media that G.I.V.E is imperative....Give Individuals Value Everyday! Toot carefully....Learn to be MINDFUL of when negative talk comes creeping in and realize that "you" really are in charge of your own destiny.

Why seek happiness when it is a CHOICE?

Positive affirmations and daily feeding of self awareness are masters of our mind! Learn today to take charge of how you mold your thinking and how your energey is used in all you do: Blogging, tweeting, facebooking, listing, selling, training, educating, working etc...

Watch how you "fill in the blanks"! I would hate you to get booted!

Toot! Toot! and Blessings to you!


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!

I want to make sure you know you can also Follow me on Twitter!


Love and Limits

Wow! This has been a weekend. A full roller coaster of emotions! Overall, Life is still GOOD!

I have to say the most profound impact on my weekend was Church on Saturday night. It was one of those services that was 100% directed to my family! Full of all of the things we have done incorrectly in raising our kids! We are super on the LOVE part but have really failed on the LIMITS part and this my friend has caused some really hard times in the life of the "Smalls"!

I hope to look back on this blog one day as say wheew - we made it...and the kids turned out just great! However, I am not so sure that we have not waited too late to start boundaries, start limits and set rules...

I also know that it could be so much harder and far worse...We are not dealing with drugs or dealing with issues that I do not believe can't be handled but we are dealing with sensitive issues that involve complete lack of compassion, respect, integrity and responsibility! Key elements that are needed to survive in life!

Love and Limits....

On a lighter note...The Jenny Hendershot Diet is going well! Weigh in is tomorrow! I have started jogging thanks to my neighbor Jennifer who is dragging me out at 5:15 AM to try and see if I can survive 45 minutes of getting the cardio over with!!!I am actually excited to try this as I know it will blast off some fat!

Enough for now! I have to get the kids to bed! 1st night on real LIMITS for Pip and Pop!


:) Liz

Thursday, August 27, 2009

iBusy iBalanced iBlessed

My body is requiring that I hit the sack early tonight! Well, my body and my husband!

I have legs in the morning early and then I will be busting up a busy day again negotiating contracts and deals! The market is finally starting to rock and roll but the banks are sure keeping a few good buyers that want to buy from doing what they want! Investment purchases are the main thing I see suffering! There are so many really good deals out there!

I am still worried about my grandfather...He needs lots of prayers! At 94 years of age and the 100 degree days we are having - it is all just taking its toll all at once!

I am excited to report we have had 2 people join the Sept. 1 kick off for the 90 day challenge! Guys it is FREE~ so join in and let's get in shape!

I can't wait till Monday to weigh in! I feel my body shifting so....We shall see!

Lights out!

I leave you today with my iphone quote:

iBusy - iBalanced - iBlessed

Peace! Liz

Meal Plan for Weeks 3 & 4! I am 8 lbs down so far!!!

Me today with my Grandpa having meal # 5 for me at 4:30 PM and his meal #2...I see them every week as much as I can and he told me today I did not need to lose ANYMORE weight! I showed him my THICK love handles last week and today I showed him that I had less to squeeze! He just winked and said don't get skinny!
I keep him supplied with protein and it has really helped his energy levels and my side "Phat" squeeze get smaller!!!

OK - for those that ask what Jen has me goes! This is my diet for week 3 and 4! I am currently holding steady at a total of 8 lbs lost since I started 3 weeks ago! I am keeping cardio to at least 1 hour a day or more if time permits! My jeans feel great and I have a good amount of energy! Enough that I am up working and knowing that I must shut down before it hits 2 AM! Too much to do all day to pull a night like this! However, people are asking about what changed since weeks 1 and 2 - See for yourself! This is a great meal plan direct from the pro Jen Hendershot herself and her program! It is really a great program and I have no doubt this training will keep me fit for life once I get to the point of my love handles not existing AT ALL!!!

Meal 1 5 egg whites and scramble them and add the following : green peppers, red peppers, mushrooms, onion, and 3 oz of grilled chicken ( the veggies have to fit into a cup)

Meal 2 banana OR a grapefruit and 5 almonds

Meal 3 Lunch 2 slices of lettuce (off the head of the lettuce) to make lettuce tacos, ADD 1 tbsp of the following: fat free sour cream, brown rice, chopped peppers (green only) and 2 oz of chicken in each, these are yummy

Meal 4 1/2 cup of oats with 2 tbsp of PB and 5 strawberries

Meal 5 protein shake with water and ice (2 scoops)

Meal 6 Dinner 4 oz sweet potato cooked and put on a salad ( the salad must be 2 cups of lettuce, you will also add the following, 6 oz of chicken grilled , 2 tbsp of croutons (fat free), 2 tbsp of fat free moz cheese, and 2 tbsp of cranraisains or raisins.

Last thing before BED- 1/2 apple and a 6 oz yogurt mixed together ONLY on Mon, Thursday, the other days I want you to have a rice cake with 1 tbsp of PB and a shake with 15 grams of protein.
Te last meal is really the hardest because I am so full!
Please join the 90 day fitness challenge with me! It is FREE and you could win a free weekend with Jen Hendershot and myself at a PHATCAMP of your choice next year! Please see blogs below with the competition rules and how to email me your details to start! Launch date for others to join in is September 1st!!! I am getting ready for you!
Enjoy and Lights Out! Jen will fuss at me for not getting 8 hours of sleep! SHHHHHH!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Life in The Fast Lane": Brain Dumping Wednesday

I officially am giving HUMP DAY a new name today! Wednesday's from now on will be my "BRAIN DUMPING" day! Feel free fellow bloggers to R & D (rip off and duplicate) this one and let's start a trend!

Where do I start? 1st off forgive me from the beginning for taking a blogging holiday. Now that the kids are back in school and I am back in the fast lane you will actually find post to come more often, more consistent and be far crazier than ever! That is because "Life in the Fast Lane" is back! Am I complaining? Heck NO! I am thrilled to be juggling 20 balls again but am I use to it after a slow, long summer? Heck NO~ So, that is how this blog is going to start a new trend...Brain dumping Wednesday's! Yippeee - I feel better already!


Well let's start with this morning...Kids up, out to school and back home to get see how fast I can wash and dry 4 loads of wet towels (wet...yes...Kids tub overflowed last night) new rule in the house is that they are to start and stop the tub! I am tired of starting it and nagging them to get in it and think they are in to to find them not and the tub overflowed - uuggghhhh! As I clean the house in a New York minute I am on the phone with an Alamance County Probation's Officer trying to find some slum crack head hooker that is the ex wife of one of my sellers to plead her into meeting me to sign a deed on a house she destroyed (and stole 150k of my nice older sellers money) - no luck! She has not been seen in a while and all my hopes for this one to close is that the divorce attorney can record his documents that she gave up her rights to this house! Crazy? YES!


All that drama so early was enough to send me for some cardio! By 10:40 I meet my girlfriend in her development to walk...Yes, 90+ degrees, I have on long pants and a long sleeve shirt planning to really sweat it out! We walk and take a few new routes in Mackintosh on The Lake to end up at a dead end and having to hike through practically a desert! Thank GOD we did not run into any snakes and we actually made it back to her house for 50 lunges, Jenny Hendershot pop squats and me feeling like I could puke!

Rush back home (5 miles) to shower and eat meal 3 of the new diet that I promise to post next and head out the door for a BIG 1:00 appointment...


At 12:58 as I am walking into the door and starting to shut down the Iphone the phone number of all phone numbers that I have to answer calls...It is my 93 year old Grandma. She tells me my 94 year old Grandpa has not gotten out of bed all day and she hoped I could come over to please visit him and make him take his meds and eat! Oh - how I love them and know that "THAT" time is approaching for him...I tell her I will be there as soon as I can but not sure how in the world I would fit that in the rest of the days plans!


2:05 out the door of that appointment, great appointment by the way and I head quickly to the office to check in, print a contract, fax an offer and check email to see that I have a few very important ones that must be addressed...Eat meal 4 on the way to pick up the kids and spill oatmeal all in my car! I have found in a hurry I can eat the stuff dry but today 1/2 is in my car and will be there until I find a sec tomorrow to vacuum it up - I forgot to pack my spoon for my peanut butter so I did a finger scoop - ooooooohhhhh getting it all under my nice new nails! Slam more water and head to pick up the kids from Southern. There right at 3 the line is already at leas 100 cars deep and guess what...I HAD TO go to the bathroom! All of the water I am drinking is really causing a time problem to find a bathroom all day! Maybe I should buy a port a john potty! I go in the teacher parking, run in and potty and have them call out the kids!

Presto - TAXI MOM

I was out of there by 3:05 and booking to Efland! My kids go to Camp Chestnut Ridge 2 x a week for after school study and fun! My plan is to just hang out there and work from there on my laptop but today that open window was my only time to run to Mcleansville where my grandparents are 40 miles away from Efland! Fly there - drop off, hit I40 and book to McLeansville...


I find my grandparents sitting and talking and my grandpa was up with the TV loud as ever...He is not eating but I have given him some Vanilla protein and he will drink that! So, we both drank a protein drink (my meal 5) and I sewed 5 buttons for my grandma on a blouse so she could wear red tomorrow when she goes and does Meals on Wheels for others! She is such an amazing little women!!!

PRECIOUS TIME in more ways than one...

OMG it was 5:10 before I knew it and I still had to run next door to buy my eggs from Aunt and Uncle who raise chickens! Bought 3 dozen eggs and zoomed back to I40 and back to Efland. Talking and negotiating an offer and confirming that I had no luck finding the crackhead, hooker as well as texting and facebooking "Breathe" update! I felt the fast lane at this point as I had to be there by 6:00 or get a 10.00 fine plus 1.00 a minute fee! Well, I made it!


More!!!! I still had to get kids supper, have them home, Lynn supper started and be at a class reunion meeting in Gibsonville by 7:00! Yeah - right...I went ahead and text that a would be 7:15 and picked up Taco Bell and zoomed home, did one more load of laundry, started the grill, threw on chicken and headed to Gibsonville....I know this is getting boring but this my brain dump and I can't tell you how great it feels just to release this crazy day! I am only 5 minutes from the meeting at 7:00 and on Highway 70 when my foot was heavy on the pedal...and....there he was! Undercover, white car, whipping around to come and get me! *^*&%^%$#^$#@%$#@%^$&*&^*(&^&*%$^&^%(P&)(*&^%^%$&

66 in a 50!

After 20 minutes of waiting on him to write me up I pulled off every new nail I had and instructed the kids to flip the chicken hoping Lynn would arrive at home to take over his dinner! By this time there are 2 officers behind me and I am thinking oh boy! What now???

He approached me and informed my my tag was expired. He gave me a warning on the speeding and ticket for the tags! However, he has a home he needs to sell and wants to buy so it was well worth the ticket for the lead!


Finally to my reunion meeting (The PHAT 5 Class of EGHS is class of 87,88,89,90,91!) Now I am more motivated than ever to stick on this eating program! November will be here fast!

It was great to see old friends and they have already done so much! Rush out of there by 8:20 and rush to PetSmart to pick up dog food! Phone has 5 voicemails and they are all about offers coming in on houses tomorrow!!!! YEAH! But eeeekkk the battery dies on my last voicemail and I still must notify my sellers! Tomorrow will be EXCITING!

Finally HOME! 9:00 PM and the chicken and steak for Lynn is sitting there - untouched! He opted for Mayflower! Whatever, I am not even going there! I ate meal 6 yummy salad and finished the laundry, called sellers and took a bike ride to tell one set of sellers face to face (My friends/neighbor)! Kenz and I cruised through the neighborhood totally my cardio to 1 hour and 20 minutes today and came home and was met by my dog that stunk! I through Bella in the tub because she smelled like she has found a skunk!

Kids are tucked in! I have vented this crazy, happy, exciting yet sad day and I feel better!

Thank God only 30 minutes are left in this BRAIN DUMPING DAY!

Just another Crazy Busy, Eating Clean, Super Selling, Loving Life day...but worried about my grandpa....

Yep - that sums up the day!


Friday, August 21, 2009



First of all I am so glad to be home from the beach...I learned a lot about myself this week and I will tell you that I will never family vacation without Lynn again! Now, don't get me wrong...I love being with my kids but being in our family vacation spot without the routines that Lynn and I had in place was just not fun at all...I did have one night I sat alone of the beach and just relaxed...That was nice! I also did spend an hour really working on my list of 40 things to do before I turn 40! Now that was just fun! I will promise to post the list soon!

However, in general I am glad to be home, back at work today and preparing for the kids to be back in school...

As for the diet! Yep - I AM STILL FOCUSED!

I also feel it is easier to follow my diet when here at home! I did great at the beach and followed the program well except for Thursday when I came home...I did not eat enough and ended the day with a PMS migraine!

I also found I did not drink enough water or sweat when I trained...I guess all in all it was just that...a vacation week and now I am ready for full blown action! I still feel trimmer and can tell a few things are shifting, shrinking, or maybe just rolling in a new direction!

School starts Tuesday and I can't wait to start my new workout schedule! It will require a NEW bedtime, lights out by 11 PM but I think I can do it...Ooooh it is 10:52 now...I will try and test it tonight and see how I feel tomorrow on 8 hours of sleep instead of 4...


Monday, August 17, 2009

Island Time

Finally! I am back on Island Time!

We arrived around six on Sunday and are staying in a beautiful home on Yacht Drive. Once we unpacked, the kids hit the arcade and I met up with Sissy Frazier (Lynn's sister) for a great meal at "Turtle Island"! I had tuna steak, my greens and a salad. They did not have sweet potato's however, they had fried sweet potato chips - (NOPE) - I had the salad! I had water instead of the delicious Margarita's they serve!

I enjoyed sharing a great conversation with Sylvia and always feel so spiritual fed around her...We got on the topic of the this crazy world we all live in and how things have changed so much. The battles we all deal with in YOU vs YOU!

I shared with her my most recent personal battle and that is the quote that knocked me upside the head recently!

"If what you do is who you are...

than who are you when you are not doing what you do anymore?"

I love life, I love my family, I love myself...I love my husband, I love my friends...I love what I do but something is missing...

Spending just an hour with Sylvia and having this "Deep" conversation led me to the realization that I need to focus on what is "eternal and what is permanent" in my life...

So this is what I will be pondering as I walk to the pier at sunset today and what I will seek as I read on the beach today...

In all areas of your life...

What are you doing that is eternal and what are you doing that is permanent?"

Chow - I am beach bound! Tennis shoes in one hand, books in the other!


Friday, August 14, 2009

Killer Legs Leads to FLYING IN THE SKY!

"I just take each experience and make the most of it" Jen Hendershot

I felt the same way training with her today! No complaints, I held my breathe and I prayed for it to go by FAST!

Jen is in the September IRONMAN MAGAZINE and this photo above is just one of the great shots from the photo shoot she did for this! I have to say that this photo is off the charts! It is worth at least a $10,000,000 contract for NIKE!Any sponsor would be smart to have Jen represent them! Why? She is loyal and dedicated and puts 110% in whatever she is doing or making someone else do!

Yep! The subject of this blog! What she made me do! OH~ how I dread how my body will feel in the morning after today's workout!

I honestly thought I would puke a few times. It went like this, HARDCORE, NONSTOP, PUSHED TO THE LIMIT and FAST! (Thank GOD!~)

Warm up was 20 weighted deadlifts (in which I can't do without bending my legs) - In time...
10 Pop Squats

4 sets

Then we did this killer routine of step ups and jogging and then even a harder cycle of double steps with a squat, 50 toe touches and then we would jog a lap! I wanted to crawl...

3 or 4 Sets (Felt like 20)

At this point my legs were sweating...Something I have honestly not seen happen since I ran track!

Then - yes there was MORE!

We did lunges and burpies...not just a few, about 20 of them and only rested for 30 secs between everything!

Freakin throw up at this point!

Then more...Lunges and pop squats and then MORE! We did side steps really fast that felt like I was doing basketball suicides!

After all of that we did leg presses and I have never been so happy for Jen to say..."That's all guys!"

We took a 15 minute break and then did LDean's awesome spin class! I am growing to like spinning more and have found you can burn 900 calories spinning for an hour! That is one Margarita on the Rocks! MMMMMM

Speaking of MMMMMM Food! I am so proud of how well I have stayed on this eating plan! Notice I did not call it a DIET! It is 7 small meals all day!

I think I get a cheat meal tomorrow...

Either way! What a day! That Jen is something!

I have to also mention that I officially met SUNSHINE! She trained with us and I am so proud of her for pulling through both the legs and the spinning! She had told me her goal was to go sky diving when she reaches her goal...I ran into a friend tonight that showed me pictures of her recent trip skydiving! It just felt like KARMA - I am booking it! Time to do it! I have the name and company and am now ready to book a FALL JUMP! I have a list I will share on a blog soon for you of my 40 things to do before I turn 40!

Sky Diving is on that list! OH YEAH! Rock ON! HERE WE GO!

Night all!

Photo courtesy of IRONMAN and GOOGLE IMAGES

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Walking on Sunshine and Feeling Great!

Day 4 of the 90 Day Challenge and I have to say that I feel SUPER!

Jen said that I would have far more energy and I REALLY, REALLY DO!

I also want to say that I have had a slammed day with appointments and this has been the best diet for pack and go! I can't wait to get on the scales Monday and weigh in!

Now listen, if you are reading this and debating on what to do or not to do about joining me on this challenge you have to GET OFF THE FENCE NOW!

Just contact Lishia Dean (all contact info is on the blogs below) or if you prefer just call her at 336-380-2691 and tell her I told you to call her! She will set you up on a program that will work with your budget...I am tell you that these women really know what they are doing. I thought I knew what I needed to do but I can't tell you how different it feels to know you have to be accountable to someone other than my mirror for results...

I say that because....well.....I kinda even had the 1st thought of a real cheat today! I broke a nail and had to get it fixed and of all places I was right beside COLDSTONE! OMG!

I am so proud of myself...I left the nail place and went straight to my car and loved my rice cake and peanut butter!

I am telling you that if I can do this SO CAN YOU!

Please email me as well that you are joining the challenge - even if you are doing it on your own! I want to be able to submit you for your chance to win a weekend with the PHAT GIRLS at any PHATCAMP of your choice plus once you email me I am sending you a few free gifts just because I want you to have some positive words in your ears when you sweat!

Send those emails and follow the rules posted in the challenge blog and send it to!

Chow for now! Gotta go eat my Salmon, Greens and SWEET Potato! Oh so yummy!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If you are not improving you are falling behind...Set Goals, Get Balanced!

I keep posting on facebook that life is a game and the objective is and always will be YOU vs. YOU!

I suppose it is safe to say that some of us are always creating? Always dreaming, creating, reworking, re planning...I once thought that life was all about being content and appreciative. I felt guilty to want for more, dream for more, ask for more or even to be praying for more...However, I have personally learned I AM very much appreciative but that if I am not setting goals in all area of my life I am not balanced or at all growing. I personally like to grow, evolve, change and to me that is the best challenge...How to just be a better me!

I get a lot of personal emails with lots of questions on goal setting, balance, etc...I love getting your emails and they truly inspire me and give me fuel and passion to share and help others which is the core of who I strive to be! My answers are not complicated. They are really simple

Life is moving, and moving fast...To be sharp, to be cutting edge, to be at what I call "FULL THROTTLE" - requires goals and change all of the time...

Now, some reading this may never want to run at FULL THROTTLE. You may be content. You may be comfortable. You also may be completely happy with who you, where you are and where you are not going! Sorry but that is just true...You may not want to be going and that is OK! No problem by is your life...This blog is for the request I had on goals and for anyone that does want to run on FULL THROTTLE AND LIVE LIFE FUN, FIT AND FAB!

Without writing a full book I will give you a touch on how I personally master balance and goal setting and to share what I call the balance wheel of life with you!

To best describe the balance wheel you need to picture an old wagon wheel as shown above. each spoke defines an element in your life that keeps you rolling so to speak -

There is also a very important center core which on the wheel is called the hub...Your center is the base for all of your other elements....I will share more later but I will tell you for many years of my life I had me, myself and I as the center of that hub thinking I was the one to carry the load for all of the elements! NO - NO - NO! Not anymore! After years of soul searching and I found a solid hub, center, core and I am forever thankful and blessed! This you must find on your own. Purpose Driven Life was a very instrumental book for me in finding the best direction and path for where I have been, who I am and where I am going! Enjoy that read!

Now back to the elements! 5 Key Elements should complete your wheel of balance and as you look at these please know that when you sit down and do serious business planning, life goal setting or just planning a general to do list it is important to consider all 5 key elements and make time for each of these factors in your life...

These are no order of importance because you will find that the wheel only rolls steady when you have equal weight on all elements.






Now, that you have this I want to leave you to ponder on it for a bit...Are you balanced? Do you dwell more in one area? Does one area take over all the others? Can you separate all five and be comfortable and dedicate time to each? Think about your core as well? Who or what is your core and why?

It is not what you do in life that defines you! If what you do defines you than who are you when you are not doing what you do? mmmmmmm Say that 5 times! Have fun getting balanced...It is not something that will happen overnight but setting goals in each of these elements will sure be a great start!

Dedicated to you!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Vicious Cycle of Day Two

Wow! Day two of the challenge...I am feeling it and I am so glad I have this blog to vent my complaints because I sure can't whine to the Phat girls because they have this "NO WHINING" rule!

You see...I really am not complaining but oh how my legs are hurting. Like, I am walking like I have a big stick up my butt! Every step feels like it takes every bit of energy I have and this is all from just one workout!

I did arms with Jen, LD, and Morgan and my arms are feeling the workout but the spinning class that we did must be what has me in what I will call the "Vicious Cycle"!

Let me explain!

Jen has me drinking more water than I ever have before... Drinking the water is actually harder for me than the eating. My mind is super clear on the eating and I have not even had an urge to cheat at all but this water is torture and here is why...

I have to pee all day - which means I have to get up...Getting up from any still position is sooo hard...Then, I get to the bathroom and I have to sit down on the commode and OMG - that is task and feels like a full squatting workout! Then I have to get up again! Maybe, I just move my office to the bathroom!

This you see is the VICIOUS CYCLE I have had all day and as the day has progressed so has the pain...

I told Jen I my legs hurt and she said "Drink more water"! lol

LD said the 1st week is the hardest when you have been on a long break...She is so right because all I can say is:


I am training again tomorrow with the girlz and I honestly am so thankful for the torture because I know that in 90 days I will look back on this and just laugh!

By the way, my sister, who lives in Croatia and I miss dearly saw my bad butt picture today on this blog. She just laughed but she did agree it was a BAD butt picture - so there is much to do!

Please let me know you are going to join this great, fun, vicious cycle with me! Just email me at and send the information requested in the blog below!

Heading to bed now...I know it is going to take all I have to roll out of bed and walk tomorrow and I think LD is teaching spin at Golds as well tomorrow...Pray for me!


Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 1 of the 90 Day Challenge: Before Pics, Weight and Goals

This is not a pretty butt, BUT I can promise you that in 90 days it will be! I would post more of the before pics but felt it best to wait until I had a good comparison that I felt good with instead of a sleepless night of who was counting the dimples on my butt cheeks! Not that anyone really cares but there is just some sense of wierdness posting bad butt pics on my blog! By the way, no need to count, McKenzie already has...She has been counting my but dimples since she was old crawling and looked up at me washing dishes...Her little finger was pushing on my bottom and I realized what she was doing. It has been a joke ever since then but one that I prefer to hear from her say "MOM - no dimples"!

So here are the stats!

Starting Weight: 149 lbs 25% Body Fat


Breast ( across nips): 40"

Bra Strap: 33 1/2"

2" Above my Belly Button: 33"

Belly Button: 32" - pushed out 34"

4" Below Belly Button: 32"

Butt: 38"

The sitting spread of the Butt Hips: 40"

Upper Thighs: 24"

Mid Thigh: 21"

Above Knee: 17"

Bicep: 12"

Wrist: 6"

Neck: 13 1/2"

I will be posting a weight check in for everyone that is doing the challenge with me each Monday night! If you want to join me just read the post here in this blog and email me!

Later my friends!


My 1st day on the Challenge! The Meal PLAN!

As I write this the exciting part of the day is that I am not starving! I have had a busy day with real estate, speaking bookings, preparing for upcoming webinars that I will be teaching with Real Estate Champions and getting on track with my 2 week eating plan!

I have weighed, measured and prepared by getting things packed so as the rest of the busy week unfolds I will have everything ready for a cooler to go!

I want to make sure again before I share what I am eating that this plan was designed for my needs. What your needs are and what my needs are could be different but I am excited about the portions and the timing for the program. I asked Jen if I could switch anything around and I was told NO - that the plan is designed for a metabolism boost and she has fats, proteins, carbs etc. timed perfect for what she is trying to accomplish with me...(a drop in 20 lbs) -

So, I have to say that I encourage you to contact Lishia Dean and see what is the best program for your needs...But here is my plan!

1st meal: 4 egg whites (yes just the whites) and 1/3 cup Oatmeal - I use Quaker Instant Oatmeal

2nd Meal: 2 Pieces of fruit choose: Apple, Grapefruit or 1/2 cup green grapes (Did I hear Yummy)

3rd Meal LUNCH: 2 Cups of Spinach lettuce, 4 oz. of grilled chicken (NO SEASONING), 2 Tbs. of raisins, 2 tbs of sliced almonds, and 1/2 cup of chopped peppers and 3 tbs. of Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing
This was soooooooooo good!

4th Meal: Protein Shake with water and ice

5th Meal: ONE Plain Rice Cake and 2 TBS of any peanut butter
6th Meal: 6 oz of white fish, salmon, or tuna steak, and 1 cup of green veggie of our choice, MUST BE GREEN and a 6 oz. sweet potato

Lastly, before bed M, W, F have 6 oz. yogurt and Kachi cereal mixed in it and on T, TH a protein drink!
Believe it or not that is a lot of food and I have not went hungry today.

I have been pretty good on the water intake but am sure I should be drinking more because I have not lived in the bathroom flushing out!
My favorite meal today was LUNCH!
To keep today's blog from being so long I am breaking down day 1 into a few blogs -
Meal Plan, Starting Pics and Measurements and Challenge MEMBERS !

90 Day Challenge Starts with YOU!

I am so excited to start today and feel so energized with my new eating program and plans!

Most of you know that I have consulted in a professional for this final, almost 40, get it together life change!

Personally, I motivate and love to help others but every now and then even the motivator in me needs someone to push me and hold me accountable. So, I have not just hired a personal trainer, I have hired the best of the best, a professional, a hard core fitness expert, a TWO time Ms. Olympia, TWO time Ms. Fitness International and TWO time Arnold Classic Fitness Champion! If you do not know who "Jen O" is please let me introduce you to her now! Yes, above - see Jen on the front cover of the September 2009 IRONMAN Magazine...

Jen Hendershot, my trainer, my friend is holding me accountable to this 90 day challenge.

The exciting part is that she will be watching you as well!

If you would like to join the GetPhatOnline program you can contact Lishia Dean at and she will be sure to set you...You can also have 2 chances to win a FREE PHATCAMP weekend!

The first one is easy, just register to join the mailing list for GetPhatOnline by clicking here:

The next one is a chance to win a 2010 Phat Camp of your choice with me! That means that when Jen announces the 2010 schedule you will get to pick the location of your choice and I will cover your registration and your hotel accommodations and $200.00 for travel/spending! I will even join you at the camp and we can celebrate your victory together! I can promise you that the PhatCamp weekend is the hardest boot camp of training you could imagine. I have only had a sample of this camp on a training day by Jen's pool once and I ended up in the pool fully clothed, about to pass out and honestly realized how OUT OF SHAPE I had gotten! So, with that - LET'S GET IN SHAPE!!!

How can you GET IN SHAPE and win the 90 day Be Fun, Fit and Fab with The 3 B Method/PhatCamp Challenge?

Follow these rules:

1) Subscribe to this blog

Click the Button to FOLLOW

2) Join the Facebook group Be Fun, Fit and Fab with The 3 B Method

3) Email me at the following with the subject line:


a) Your name (real name)

b) Challenge Nickname for me to use when blogging and posting weight

c) Your address (Physical and best email that will not be shared)

d) Birthdate and Anniversary if applicable

e) Current weight

f) recent photos

(please send the following that will be kept private: bathing suit or shorts and tank, front view, a rear view and side shot) and the starting photo of you is clothed, holding up a sign with your starting weight and the date you took it!

g) Permission to share photos or NOT! I will only share your pics with your permission so please let me know that when you submit

h) Your pants size!

i) EXTRAS: If you want to get even more detailed for me you can by sharing your measurements ie: chest, waist, hips, thighs etc...

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Either way - Once you commit to be fit it is just like the real game of is YOU vs. YOU!

I promise to share tips, tools, recipes and help you all I can and I hope that you will join me in the quest for success and a super body by Christmas! Wow, what a gift!

The winner will be voted on by the GetPhatOnline team and myself.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oh No! I am NOT Pregnant or FULL FIGURED or...Am I?

For any that have dared to follow my crazy personal blog here in the I am sure you are wondering if I am ever going to get on with my Fit to Fab transformation!

It appears that when I was once that comfortable 129 lbs (see pic) I enjoyed a cheat meal that became a cheat week, that became a cheat month that has almost became an entire cheat year!

Lynn competed in Boone in September of last year. That was the night I let it all go. I was really just tired of the day to day battle to stay fit and thought that I would stay in shape even if I took a break. Well, I have to say that being fit is a lifestyle. I am 5'1" and at this point,right now, this second I am 149.8 lbs and am obese on the medical charts!

So, as you are aware if you have been following this on and off yo yo of my when to start battle you will know that I have gained 10 lbs in the getting ready to start phase! That was not planned but I sure enjoyed it.

Here has been an idea of things I have enjoyed and with each bite all I can think of is that I will NOT be eating this once I start GetPhatOnline...

Strawberry Shortcake and ice cream from Cracker Barrel

Cold stone Ice cream at least 2 times a week

Starbucks Tai Chi Latte Grande everyday

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal

and few other high carb, high fat things!

I have also only trained at the gym on average once a week. Slack, yes. Lazy, NO but maybe a little only when it comes to the gym!

So - why tonight before I sleep do I need to dish out the latest plan? Maybe as accountability again to you and myself that I am starting MONDAY with or without a plan!

I really prefer to get the A B C plan but I understand that my trainer has a lot on her plate right now and to be honest, I can't keep using her as an excuse for eating bad! I know what to do and as we all know we have to have our mind right to do this!

So, now my mind is right and here is why!

This week the following has happened to me for the bottom line NOW IS TIME facts to kick in!

The first was when I was at the store and a lady referred to me as "FULL FIGURED" body type...Now, for anyone reading this please know that I love my body at all sizes. I was 210 once and I was a size 17/18 and a true FULL FIGURED body. I believe you should love your body no matter what size you are and I fully support loving your curves but we need to be healthy and 210 is not healthy for me, nor is 149! I also made a promise that I would never see 150 again and at this very second I am ..2 away from breaking that promise!

The other thing was when McKenzie came home from camp and I was helping her unpack I was full and had my stomach poked out actually being very comfy in my PJ's! She looked at me asked...Are you Pregnant? Mom, look at your stomach. You could not be THAT pregnant THAT fast can you in ONE WEEK? I hugged her and laughed it off. Then I dreamed all night a crazy dream about being pregnant and my belly button popping out of my stomach!

So, here we go! Day one on my plan starts tomorrow! If my trainer gets me a plan, SUPER because she really rocks and knows what to do...However, I know my body and I know what it will take as well!

I plan to post "The PROOF is in the PICS" starting Monday as well and that will include before pics, measurements, and picture proof of everything I eat and training proof! I will be very detailed at least the 1st week just to have accountability to myself and to you if you care to follow!

I was planning to weigh 135 before 9/17....mmmmm...maybe I can! Right now, the goal is not look pregnant or full figured!

Have a great weekend!

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