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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Freakin' FOCUS!

No, No, No! I am not giving up but I am realizing that I have some serious butt reduction that needs to be going on in order to be in this April 10th NPC State Show. Lynn asked me today if I wanted to try a smaller show to get my feet wet 1st...No... I did not smack him like I wanted to but H*** NO! If you know me in which after 18 years you would think he would...I do nothing in a small way! So...maybe I will not be ready...Maybe I will. I will NOT get on stage if I do not look like I should. I have seen too many people be up there that although they may have reached the "personal best" they should not have been on the stage.

The stage has a light that just shows all...So...WE SHALL SEE! I will trust my honest friends that know I will not be hurt. I honestly have until December 24th to reach my goal!

This is my week of bloating and cramping so I plan to double the water and fiber and I have tweaked the diet to be more AM carbs and none after 3. This has worked well for me and other than that I am following the same diet I was on last week...

Business has been crazy still which is good and bad. The roller coaster ride of real estate has many perks and many hard times. I feel I am needing to pull out my own CD's and make sure I am staying FOCUSED to my own rules of time blocking, phone control and follow up.

Personal life sure has had its blows this week as well...My BFF lost her brother and my I am concerned about my grandfather. He is 93 and his skin has started to yellow. We are concerned his liver is shutting down. I spent some time with him tonight. Oh, how I love that man!

American Idol is my relaxing date night now with Lynn over white fish and asparagus. My biggest treat in life is a hot bath and a diet cherry Dr. Pepper in which I am sure will be something I bet I am not suppose to have or am sure I will have to cut it out soon!

Life is GRAND! LOL! Oh honestly it is...I am thankful for the options God gives me everyday and I pray to just wake up and walk in his will always!

Blessings and for those reading this that are training with me! STAY FOCUSED. I have been drained this week and that is just part of it...When tired either take a nap, take a bath, go tan or go cardio! I have been going to tan and I am almost too dark already! The chance to nap for 20 minutes over powers me and then yes....I go cardio!



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