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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SIN & A Pivotal Moment on Your FOCUS!

I heard Dr. Phil speak at a National Convention a few years back and will never forget that he shared that we will have on average 8 pivotal moments of change and we will have at least 5 people that will influence our life greatly!

In the last 6 months I can tell you that more than a few people have influenced my life and all of them have been angels in one way shape or form.

I want to share something with you that has really been an amazing way that I look at focus and an amazing discovery that really has been a sign for me that I am following the will of God and being a servant of his message!

Most of you that know me understand my career. I am an active REALTOR and I also am a National Motivational Speaker. In 2006 when I hit the road to share my heart and passion with the world I developed "The 3 B Method: Living Life Busy - Balanced and Blessed." The entire concept of The 3 B's is based on time management, focus, balance of 5 key life roles and I always have been careful with the blessed part based on being in business settings...I have used the role of "Giving Back" to your business, community and others as a key element of blessed as well as just being self employed is a blessing. You choose your own hours, income, vacation etc...Yes, that is a huge blessing! Anther concept that was a part of my speaking program was the impact of TARGET - AIM - SHOOT. Anyone reading this will know that I use those 3 words throughout my speaking event as a key factor to what we have to do to succeed. To simply understand most have great target and have lots of plans and ideas, some even go to the next level and they get close to success by getting the aim ready but what so many people FAIL to do is SHOOT!

As the real estate market has so greatly shifted so has the message of the 3 Method! Self employed people have had to be busier than ever, work harder for less money and put aside balance as it use to be. Balance is now more of following priorities with financial obligations, budgets and streamlining marketing to a method that still gives you and your company mass exposure. Blessed is still the 3rd key. However, self employed people are not choosing their own hours, they work all of the time, do they choose the income they are happy with or settle for what they make if anything and as for vacation...For some, sadly, vacations will be postponed for better years. However, blessed is still what we are...Blessed is what God wants us all to be...

In the last 6 months I have had amazing whispers from GOD. Some I have had heard through family and friends. Some have come direct from the man himself. Amazing stories I will share when I speak again about life, success, failure and the full circle of the many lessons I have learned.

The following discovery was an amazing realization that GOD was truly whispering to me and guiding me through some really tough valley's in life. I hope that by me sharing this that your eyes will open each day to the same realization that mine have!


Just recently I was discussing the 3 B's with a client and sharing the TARGET - AIM - SHOOT concept. After listening to me the client told me she was feeling very led to tell me to look up the word: SIN. I was a bit caught off guard because I certainly had no clue where that had come from! She is a business client, does not know me personally.

How could she be judging me and tell me I need to look up SIN? She asked me what I thought sin meant and I shared that I felt SIN was a wrong doing, a breaking of any commandment. She shared with me that I needed to look up the GREEK definition of SIN and for your knowledge it reads as follows:

SIN: it means "to miss the mark" or "to miss the target"!

WOW! I knew right then and there that again GOD had given me a piece to a puzzle in life! A pivotal moment of change washed over me again and the realization that I was getting the TARGET-AIM-SHOOT almost correct.

What I was missing in the concept was the true focus.

You see...FOCUS has to come 1st! Before you can focus on anything at all you have to make sure you have your focus centered on GOD and that what you are focusing on rather it be a business deal, a song you are singing, words coming out of your mouth, friends you are associated with, a relationship you are in...any and has to be something to glorify, give, lift up, acknowledge or lead others to a life of Gods blessings and a life of eternal salvation.
You also may have to remove things, people, habits or ideas from your plans that hinder the best FOCUS!

You see...You can have TARGET, AIM and you can SHOOT. But are you missing the mark or missing the target? If so, rethink every part of your FOCUS!!!

Taking this new concept has added such a peace in my life. I lay down at night and I pray for clear focus on new business that will serve him, a way to give to others in need, a way to acknowledge him in all I do and a way to lead more lost people to a life of joy, happiness, grace and mercy! I wake each morning with FOCUS on my mind. I then take each task and focus on them one at a time and I FOCUS - TARGET -AIM and SHOOT!

I have no doubt that with FOCUS 1st, I am not missing the mark or the target and I have no doubt that this blog hit the bulls eye of what someone reading it is needing to hear. I know this because as I write and want to back up to rewrite a few very, very strong statements I am being whispered to just leave it alone, spellcheck and publish!

Think about it. FOCUS. TARGET.AIM. SHOOT.

FOCUS: Does this serve and honor others according to Gods will?

TARGET: Is this following Gods will for my life. Is there peace?

AIM: Am I in the position to complete the task at hand and ready, willing and able?

SHOOT: Taking action, making things happen and completing task at hand!


There is no need to miss the mark anymore and if you do, pray.

REFOCUS. TARGET. AIM and SHOOT AGAIN. You will know when you are on target! All of the pieces fall right into place!

Many Blessings,

Liz Small

My AWW Experience and New Motivation

As promised I wanted to tell you all about the AWW in Charleston, SC.

Before I get to this weekend, I have to take you back a few years!

I met Jen Hendershott at a yard sale. I rummaged through an old line of clothes and chatted with her about her fitness camps. She was eating tilapia at 9:00 in the morning so I knew that she was either crazy or really serious about what she was doing.

Little did I know she was Ms. Olympia...The Olympia is the World Cup, The Super Bowl, The Olympics of body building, figure and fitness.

I was in the presents of a champion...A Tiger Woods, a Lance Armstrong, a Babe Ruth!
To me, she was a neighbor and a nice person.

Through the next few years we have loved getting to know Jen and BK. I learned that she is fun and off the charts with energy! I have also learned she is very serious about everything she does!

Jen's 1st event to host an event of her own has been a dream of hers. As a friend we of course wanted to be there to support her. Little did we know we would be a part of her staff for the weekend. Lynn, myself and Kenzie all had a special part in making this weekend a super success and a success it really was!

The best part of the weekend was meeting her great team! Jen has women from all over the world that run a part in her successful business.

I already knew and loved Lishia Dean because she is local and I have worked out with her. She also competes in Fitness. I love reading her blog and she keeps everyone fueled with fit ideas:

I met Heather Bear who I just adore. I had already read her blogs and felt like I knew her already. She is a mother, wife and leader and I have no doubt you will enjoy reading her blogs.

The rest of the crew ranged from make-up artist to other friends in the industry.

I thought I knew Jen but the real realization of who Jen Hendershott really is, is when you meet the women that have followed her program. Ladies from all over the world came to compete in fitness, figure and bikini. The fact that they competed was wonderful but the stories I heard of the body transformations and the amazing stories of positive influence that Jen had brought to these people only answered what I already knew.

Jen Hendershott is a champion. Her talent to compete and perform like no one you have ever seen is from a God giving talent. However, that talent is only executed with perfection because of the many hardworking hours that Jen puts into diet and training. Amazing dicipline and dedication go into everything she does...She is not selfish, arrogant or a snob. She is a giver and through her personal training program I saw Jen in all of these women. I also saw Jen light up with each girl on stage and I feel that when each trophey was awarded Jen herself was as excited as they were!

The entire weekend was a blast. I took away a few lessons that I will never forget.

There was a competitor that flew in from Kuwait. She flew 9 hours into Atlanta and then took a rental car to Charleston. Her story shared that she trained in the desert at 5 am in 105 degree temperatures, she only had a George Forman grill and certainly did not have a Harris Teeter to run to when needed. She holds a high title in the military and works more than a full day every day! She showed me that I have NO excuse for anything.

I met so many ladies that had lost weight and were in the best shape of thier life in the 30's, 40's and 50's! I will do the best I can to get you the link to some of the amazing tranformations!

Until then...I am ready for another body transformation. I signed up for the 8 week program and I start August 1st! I hope you will enjoy this blog as a journal of my progress!

I also hope that if you are looking to make a life change that you will realize there are people that will help you!

You know my motto: Live life busy, balanced and blessed! Loving life is a part of that and giving all you got in all you do is from within. Get passion for yourself and let's make the rest of 2009 the year to shine like never before. When you feel good and you look good...Nothing can keep you from being your best in all you do no matter what you are doing!

Full coverage of the weekend is found here:

Special thanks to Isaac at for full photo coverage that I can share as well! Look for Kenzie in the pictures!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Are Chiropractors what they "Crack" up to be?

My crazy husband had a bike accident last Friday night!
Oh, no need to pity him. It was not a motorcycle accident (thank God)! It was a bicycle accident and he was being really stupid!!!

Now with that said...He was hurting so bad and a friend called a friend that got us in with a great local chiropractor. He did an X-Ray and sure as the world I saw Lynn's neck bones all out of whack!

(see pic) Hos neck spine is opposite of the curve shown...

His spine showed that it curved opposite of the way it was suppose to in which had to be that way prior to the "stupid accident"? However, he also had bones really shifted in his neck. No wonder he was in so much pain...

He had an adjustment and felt better...

Of course, I was there and read all about the great things a chiropractor can do for headaches. (I have them all the time... I was sure to try this!)

I made my appointment and sure enough the XRAY showed my neck was out of alignment as well. I could have told him that about everything about me was out of whack but I sure thought my spine was straight! Amazingly, to me, it looked just like Lynn's! I know it was my XRAY but the position of us both being the same was odd to me! We curved opposite of normal??? Whatever and what is new?

He did a few wild moves on me, crack, crackle and pop! I felt better. I really did but I bet my neck bones are still curved wrong???

I have even went back for a 2nd appointment and he cracked me up even more...he is super nice, explains everything he is doing in the less then 15 minutes we are there and his staff is wonderful. The testimonials I read from others has me really believing this guy has magic hands crackling bones....BUT!!!!

Is it safe? Once he gets it where it is suppose to be will this be a lifetime commitment? I love massages and could get one every week for the cost of two appointments! However, my neck is crooked!!! What do I do?

Do you believe in snap, crackle and pop? Have you had good experiences or bad?

Feedback appreciated!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Early night...Empty Stomache!

Oh wow! 4 people are ready to see m crazy life! I never dreamed anyone would be so bored! lol...

I decided today to start cleaning up my eating and I am about to starve!

Here is what I have had...

1/2 cup dry Oatmeal with 2 tbl. peanut butter


1/2 cup cottage cheese
3 strawberries

6 oz. grilled chicken
green beans
1 corn on the cobb

6 egg whites

I think I was a bit low on what I should have...because I now need to add the following:

5 handfuls of popcorn!!!

I did walk for 30 minutes. It was a super busy day of getting caught up from the weekend. I will write about it tomorrow. I can't wait to start Jen Hendershotts 8week program. I know it will be hard but I am ready! Until then I can have what want so guess what...the kids want to go to COLDSTONE. I am so glad they close soon! I would have been glad to have taken them there!!! (Samples maybe?)

Short post - Heading for mom time now! I hope I do not get crazy! They want PANCAKES!


Motivational Moments With Liz

It'll cost you nothing to dream & EVERYTHING not to!

I am up early and loving the cool breeze that is unusual for July in NC.
Moisture is in the air and there is a chance for a nice evening thunderstorm. I am not a fan of grey sky's and rain but there is nothing like a good loud thunderstorm in my opinion. I love to hear and feel God's music in the crackles and can just imagine him up there directing an orchastra when the winds blow from every direction. The best part of a good thunderstorm is how I sleep when we are having one.

I need a really good nights sleep...Soon. I will have to see to it. If I do not I will be having my own grey sky's, fog and complete lack of focus and vision.

Today I am ready to gear up and finalize plans for the rest of summer and start preparing for Fall work and school. Today I am ready to dream, set goals and finalize a few much needed business plans!

Today's blog is dedicated to my FAMILY! Everything I do, I do for the them and today's dreaming will have them at the core of everything!

I can't wait to find 15 minutes to get back on here and post about my weekend. I can promise you that a lot of my planning and dreaming focus is based on the events I experienced over the last few days.

Until later...Do you dream? If so, what do you dream about?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Reverse W.I.I.I.F.M...Finally it IZZZZ about ME!

I have been blogging for a while now.

I blog about business tips and tools and have primarily in the past used blogging to train, educate and provide others with tips, tools and new marketing ideas to help them. I learned the W.I.I.I.F.M a few years ago when I began speaking. The W.I.I.I.F.M factor in communication changed the way I spoke to not just groups but I try to use it in every conversation I have. FIf you have never heard of this...The letters represent What Is In It For ME?

This is the 1st Blog of many that will be written by me with a very different twist. You see, I for the 1st time in a very long time will be the reversing the W.I.I.F.M! Let me explain a bit more.

The 1st time I heard how to use the (WIF for short) I was a bit puzzled. Let's be honest here...I thought I understood the WIF because I have sold real estate and when you sale anything in life you in some way, shape or form have a streak of "$" WIF that smells....No need to hold you nose because this is not a smelly blog! Anyone that has ever sold anything will have to agree with me that "selling" makes you ask WHAT IS IN IT FOR ME ME ME in everything you do! I was taught just like you probably were that you have to always look out for A #1...

Boy was I wrong about the WIF rule and also about looking out for A #1!!!

You see, the WIF rule is about taking the ME out of things. It is about really listening to a conversation and making sure that the person you are talking to is the ME and that they walk away feeling like the entire conversation/meeting/sales pitch was about them. Delivering the WIF is about giving value in all you do. Example: Making sure that when I speak to a room of 500 people that I meet all the needs they came to get. It is not about me talking about me, me, me and my success and how I did what to get where. I mean, honestly who cares about that!

In a nut shell the WIF is about making sure that you ask the question in your head when talking about anything and everyone that you remember the WIF. What is that person needing?

People in general only really care about the WIF in life..

Realize that and you will be a success in all you do.

Deliver the WIF to others and you will succeed in building quality relationships...

So...I share all of this because I have to tell you this... Reversing the WIF to do this blog is different for me...I really do care about others. I have a servant heart and I love to give, give, give. I love to meet the needs of others and I love to blog about things that will help you run your business and work smarter and not harder! I am not use to writing about myself.

Will this blog have followers. I really doubt it. I really do not care. Will it be a success? I am not looking for it to be at all used that way. I for once just needed something that was my place to be. My place to vent. My place to talk.

I plan to write a journal here. Blogs on a day to day events and stories that have really molded and changed me. This is an entire different blogging style for me. However, I AM SOOOOOOO excited to open this new door and really share things on a more personal level. I will look at this as my life journal starting July 19th, 2009!

It Iz What It Iz with Liz will have many faces to it...I do hope that in many ways I will help you, train you and give you something of real value to help your life! I hope that by sharing a more personal side of my life with you that you will get to know me better and that you will see that in life it really IZ WHAT IT IZ with Liz! I also know that by doing this I will be helping myself. I will have a place of personal accountabilityand personal growth.

So, if you are curious about what I do all day, what my goals are, what makes me happy, makes me sad, what make me tick you will love this blog. I personally can't imagine anyone being interested in my life. It is crazy, yes! It is wild sometimes, yes! Are my dearest and closest friends going to freak out when I tell them I am now live posting my life....probably not.

Buckle your seat. Hold on tight! It IZ WHAT IT IZ WITH LIZ IZZZZZZZZ starting NOW!

This blog is dedicated to one person.....ME. ME. ME.

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