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Monday, June 27, 2011

6 Months to Date...I am BAAACCCKKK! MOTIVATED and READY!

Maybe it has been the adjustment of turning 40 that put writing on the back burner, or maybe it is that I feared what would come of out my mouth in the last 6 months that kept me from writing...

We all have them...times in our life that we are foggy. That the world is moving around you and you are just sitting and watching and waiting..The times of transition from one period of life to another period of life that must have this universal effect on me because I have been living "in the space between" since well...exactly 6 months ago.

Do you want to hear the ups and downs...Of course NOT! You have your own issues and I am for certain that you do not want to be loaded down with my baggage!

I am just thankful to be back to writing, back to training my mind and body and thanks to God, not carrying any to NO baggage!

Recently, a friend told me that our bodies are a reflection of the lifestyle we live...this is so true. If you have followed my blogging you will know that I have been a yo yo of fit to fat and I am pleased to say it takes getting to a place in your mind that you decide NO MORE...No more sugar, no more sluggish full and fat building foods...I am ready for structure and success again and I am so glad to get back to writing about life in the SMALL but fast lane!

Buckle up and join me for the slide into homebase in the last 6 months of last 6 months of being Frenzy at 40!


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