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Friday, November 27, 2009

10,000 calories and a Few Regrets...

My goofy husband being a Turkey head!

McKenzie and her beautiful eyes!

It is post Thanksgiving and my stomach has busted out of my jeans!

A new tradition has began for the Small's and one that I have enjoyed more than any other Thanksgiving I can remember! We are in New Orleans for TURKEY DAY with Lynn's brother BUZZY, sister SYLVIA and all of the kids!

I think that Cafe Du Monde has to be the first of my wonderful regrets! If you have never had the powdered doughnuts you are missing out on one of the best guilty pleasures of life...I am guessing there has to be at least 1000 calories in those things...and I had TWO!

We visited a cool shop and my nephew had cards read. I am not a fan of voodo or tarot cards but it was fun and McKenzie begged for us to blow $20.00 and regret 2 is that we did. Her cards were right on the money as well but maybe that was not a wise thing to encourage at her impressionable little 11 year old mind! On an interesting note for anyone that knows anything about these cards she had three of the strongest cards - The World, The Emperor and Strength...Interesting yet....strange.

We are planning a big day back downtown tomorrow and heading to the race track. Our few days are almost over and regret 3 is that we did not fly! I so dread 14 more hours in the car feeling as full as I feel now!

I hope to get up and take a good jog to sweat off some of the Turkey and the fudge and the other 8000 calories that I have packed on today!

Lynn and I have decided that Monday is day one of our clean up for the State show in April, 2010. I am ready and I know that he is!

I hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving. We are so blessed and thankful for such wonderful friends we have heard from today and such wonderful family!
Life is Good! Life is a Blessing!

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