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Monday, June 27, 2011

6 Months to Date...I am BAAACCCKKK! MOTIVATED and READY!

Maybe it has been the adjustment of turning 40 that put writing on the back burner, or maybe it is that I feared what would come of out my mouth in the last 6 months that kept me from writing...

We all have them...times in our life that we are foggy. That the world is moving around you and you are just sitting and watching and waiting..The times of transition from one period of life to another period of life that must have this universal effect on me because I have been living "in the space between" since well...exactly 6 months ago.

Do you want to hear the ups and downs...Of course NOT! You have your own issues and I am for certain that you do not want to be loaded down with my baggage!

I am just thankful to be back to writing, back to training my mind and body and thanks to God, not carrying any to NO baggage!

Recently, a friend told me that our bodies are a reflection of the lifestyle we live...this is so true. If you have followed my blogging you will know that I have been a yo yo of fit to fat and I am pleased to say it takes getting to a place in your mind that you decide NO MORE...No more sugar, no more sluggish full and fat building foods...I am ready for structure and success again and I am so glad to get back to writing about life in the SMALL but fast lane!

Buckle up and join me for the slide into homebase in the last 6 months of last 6 months of being Frenzy at 40!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

In this moment....

It is post Christmas 2010. Ok just 45 minutes outside of the big day and here I am before I close my eyes reflecting on the day.

My 1st official day of being 40 and I had to honestly ask myself...Am I perimenopausal or something? I woke up and before my coffee was stirred I was crying...My kids opened Santa and as I watched them I held back tears to the point my jaw was quivering. I exploded with sobbing tears as I took my hot shower and looked in the mirror and asked? WHAT is going on here?

As I prepared to leave for my Christmas AM ritual of 40 years of heading to the farm I again could not turn off the pouring faucet of tears. My mascara was everywhere and at one point I was caught by my daughter and had no explanation... I just took a deep breathe and prayed... I am so happy, so blessed to be having a special Christmas and here I am acting almost depressed. Do I need medication? Am I depressed? What IS WRONG...

As Lynn drove me closer to the farm I cried harder and when we pulled into my grandparents driveway I knew immediatly what was wrong...

I missed my Grandfather.

For 40 years I spent Christmas mornings eating with my grandfather and more than anything I could walk into the living room and there he woould heart would just melt when I would get that precious wink and smile...This year,  I walked in and there at the table was my little Eva....her eyes puffy and red as she had of course been crying as well!

As she and I looked at each other we immediatly sensed each others pain and we held each other. Then I told was like I could hear him say right then and there in a rough matter of fact voice say..."Quit that crying. What are you crying about girls?" - "Look around here" "Appreciate each other and get on with it...."

A sense of peace crossed my body as I held ber...I did finally quit crying.

Now as I reflect I know that I am not the only one that shed a tear today for a loved one loss...

I pray for you and I ask you to do the same for me...

In memory of Roscoe Register Ward....I miss you.


Monday, November 29, 2010


Maybe you read my post on QR CODES when I was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning! Well, I have to post and share with you some sad, sad news....

NOW I feel like the little kid at Christmas that's motor scooter battery just died after only 15 minutes of riding it or the time that I ran out of the Betty Crocker packs for my Easy Oven...I mean... Gut wrenching torture...WHO DOES THAT TO ME...kind of feeling? Do you recall this? As a child it is one thing, but as a professional adult...I am perplexed to say the least.

I mean can something so good be so true anyway? Didn't our parents teach us that?

Long story short. Ha! My blogs are never short...

I researched and researched QR CODES. I was determined to be the QUEEN of TECHNOLOGY and be the speaker/REALTOR of choice when it came to sharing the function and use of marketing and lead generation with Scan Life and QR CODES! I wrote a blog here, I stood on stage and shared to 1000's of people the new and exciting tech toy that will get you more business and make you more money!

Yes, they are really high tech! Yes, they are a great conversation piece on your listing appointments, on your signs, on your business cards, on billboards, social media, ads on paper, ads online...Anywhere you put your personal QR code it will drive business right to you...however...NEW TO ME and NOW maybe new to you...



Congrats to the maker of the great tool and as always business is business and anything worth having will usually cost you. I just feel used!

Now...making sure I double explain this...The APP for scan codes is FREE! REPEAT: THE APP IS FREE to download on your smart phone...The codes you create online for others to scan...they appear free. There is nothing of cost on the site. There is nothing but code makers and code links from SMS, contact codes, direct web link codes, phone contact codes and much more! BUT...You got it...THEY ARE NOT FREE!

Now, I am not ditching the idea of having these but I honestly feel I have been SCAMMED. I was definitly hooked, realed in and now STUCK! (yes...signs made, cards made etc.)

What ONCE WAS no longer...The system has targeted REALTORS use for them and now have a nice annual fee for up to 10 codes and an even nicer hefty fee for more than 10 codes...they were even so kind to email me a marketing report on how to use them...Sorry... I was way ahead of that....

NOT HAPPY! NOPE! NOT at all...However...will I continue them?

Swallow hard...think a while....I do not know.

I do not write this to bash! I write this to inform. I know many that have taken this new tool and ran with it...if you are one of on the look out for your phone call once your code starts getting noticed!

Fly under the radar and maybe you will not get the call but as a LEAD GENERATOR and I hope that as a good REALTOR should be...that is what you are and "We don't go for flying under the radar"!

As a fellow rainmaker shared with me, "Once you have an engine in place to process transactions from leads, the focus must be on lead generation to fuel the engine!"

So, gas up baby! Pick your choice of fuel and like real gas these days SCAN CODES are going to cost you!

Evaluate and decide...we must get the most BANG for our BUCK these days! Is this new tech tool worthy not that is NOT FREE! How do you feel...Professional to professional...I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW~

DISCLOSURE: I am NOT affiliated with the company that produces these, My intentions are NOT to steer you to use or purchase scan codes for your business...I am seeking any news you can share...

Signing off...tryin not to be too pouty before Christmas...

Elizabeth Ward Small, REALTOR

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I have to share this! Page 52 in Chapter two of Andy Albright's book reads:

A favorite saying of mine is, "A dog in the hunt ain't got no fleas." When a bird or rabbit dog works, he is aware of nothing else. The same dog in a kennel, if he has fleas, will let them bother him. he will sit and scratch. However, that same flea-ridden dog does not know fleas exist when he is on the hunt. HE IS THAT FOCUSED!

This great book continues on and then says "A man in touch with the work he was designed to do, is like a A DOG IN THE HUNT!

I share this so if you ever see me post on facebook or say: I ain't got no fleas or You sure don't have no fleas! You will now know what I am talking about and that my friend will be a GOOD THING!



I am still reading the book and already highly encourage you to as well!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Visit to Pleasure Island In More Ways than One!

This past weekend our family packed it all up and pulled out of the driveway for destination: OCEAN WAVES and SAND BETWEEN TOES!

In debating where to land we thought it would be fun to take the kids to the place that Lynn and I shared our first weekend together...Carolina Beach. It has been years since we visited Brits Doughnuts, the boardwalk of memories and of course, the sunset cruise down the Cape Fear...

We joined up with family at one of the neatest places...If looking for a great all in one places to stay you have to check out Golden Sands in Carolina Beach. The hotel is right on a pier that has a tiki bar restaurant hopping and drinks pouring ALL day and night! We enjoyed a great band and evening of jamming while watching surfers and the sun set.

I was amazed in the changes of such a small town. Everything seemed so new and clean. Much of the old sections of downtown were repainted and the entire town seemed NEW!

The one thing that looked the same, smelled the same and tasted the same was the famous Brits doughnuts. There is much to learn from the history of Brits. KISS method proven again...Keep IT Simple Sister! The menu offers 3 choices. The same and only one style of doughnut, coffee, milk. They make 36 at a time and start early and finish at night when they decide it is time to go home (after the line is finally gone down!)

Yes, I had my share of them. They are a classic and no diet should erase such pleasures...

The weekend was refreshing and it proved another point to me...Everyone needs to recharge!

I hope you get a chance one day to visit Pleasure Island. Your kids will love you for it and your belly will love the BRITTS!



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