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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Time is NO Longer in the BOTTLE!

From the fingers of the teacher of The 3 B Method: Living Busy, Balanced and Blessed I am working really hard to fit the BBB's into the new age of social networking. DO not get me wrong. I teach social networking, have it down pat other than the balancing part!

You see here is what we use to balance and what I teach and help others with all of the time:

Family Time, Physical Time, Spiritual Time, Career Time, Personal Time! Now I have to add to the five time blocks a special time for Twitter Time, Facebook Time, LinkedIN Time, BloggingTime, Active Rain Time, Itunes Time, YouTube Time, CraigsList Time and thanks to my daughters shopping fetish online, EBAY TIME!

There is not even room to say WHO HAS TIME because with my IPHONE all of the above tech times are with me so BAM! Knock me upside the head I am social media diva


Soif you have wondered where I have been on activerain...I can promise you I have not fallen off a cliff or dug myself under a rock! I AM WIDE OPEN! FULL STEAM AHEAD INTO 2010 and can be best found in twitterland at @ASKLIZWARDSMALL or on facebook or if blogging is your need find my personal blog at!

Cheers to you and 2010 and may all of your dreams come true! I know that all of mine will because I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Elizabeth Ward Small is a sought after National Motivational Speaker helping ALL industries to live Busy, Balanced and Blessed and be plugged into the Social Media Spectrum!

Written 1/16/2010 1:45 AM Yep...bedtime! Night! Night!


Is there just too much or too little going on right now! Your phone is chirping, tweets are posting, facebook is sharing, text is crashing, email is getting boring and who still even has a land line home phone?

Communication is spinning, growing and zooming by us. Is there too much static in the air. Can you even hear when someone is face to face talking to you?

Can you even slow down to see what is right in front of you?

I have a great concern for the generation that has no idea how to communicate without texting or carrying on a conversation on a real house phone (in which that is now looking like a bag cell phone to many) or the child that has no clue what a pen pal is...

I am still a huge believer in building relationships face to face with a handshake, a hand written card and phone call! However, in the social media age that we are in businesses that are growing and doors that are being open that would have never been open before without the communication platforms that we are experiencing...yeah...Like here are just a few...By tomorrow there will be 100 more!

Is there too much or too little or is it just that

It Iz What It Iz?

My tip for the day...Work with with it...but pay attention to it and do not get so caught up that you forget to communicate in other ways...the best answer to calm all of the static in the air is found in each persons own ability to control and balance it all!

Business is about prospecting, networking and staying in touch. When the doors open or the right pieces of the puzzles fall into place a masterpiece is born.

*Use communication platforms to meet new people.

*Open new doors!

*But do not forget how to open the door for others and remember how to use old school communication to work for you.

Snail mail me...I challenge you! You mail me and I promise to mail you back!

Liz Small
PO Box 700
Alamance, NC 27201

I Challenge each of you to open your eyes to keep old school methods of communication in place while leaping forward with this lightening speed communication...Find a new contact on Twitter, ActiveRain, LinkedIn or FaceBook, then do the following...Take the NEXT STEP: THE WOW APPROACH!

Pick up the phone and call and then follow up with a real card! Sure, send an email but also send a real "Nice to Meet you"card...Teach your children to do the same, teach your employees to keep a full circle of communication open.

We are still human.

We like to see, touch, smell and feel!

Balance it...Control it...Communicate with all of it! Do you agree? Are in overload as well?
Elizabeth Ward Small is a National Motivational Speaker dedicated to helping companies open the eyes of  all to relationship marketing! I use SENDOUTCARDS for all of my personal follow up! They even have cool twitter cards that are great for tweet friends! If you would like a free trial account to check it just message me at liz@The3BMETHOD.COM
Written by Liz 7/14/2009 ActiveRain

If you are not improving you are falling behind! A "HOW TO" on balance and goal setting!

I keep posting on facebook that life is a game and the objective is and always will be YOU vs. YOU!

I suppose it is safe to say that some of us are always creating? Always dreaming, creating, reworking, re planning...I once thought that life was all about being content and appreciative. I felt guilty to want for more, dream for more, ask for more or even to be praying for more...However, I have personally learned I AM very much appreciative but that if I am not setting goals in all area of my life I am not balanced or at all growing. I personally like to grow, evolve, change and to me that is the best challenge...How to just be a better me!

I get a lot of personal emails with lots of questions on goal setting, balance, etc...I love getting your emails and they truly inspire me and give me fuel and passion to share and help others which is the core of who I strive to be! My answers are not complicated. They are really simple

Life is moving, and moving fast...To be sharp, to be cutting edge, to be at what I call "FULL THROTTLE" - requires goals and change all of the time...

Now, some reading this may never want to run at FULL THROTTLE. You may be content. You may be comfortable. You also may be completely happy with who you, where you are and where you are not going! Sorry but that is just true...You may not want to be going and that is OK! No problem by is your life...This blog is for the request I had on goals and for anyone that does want to run on FULL THROTTLE AND LIVE LIFE FUN, FIT AND FAB!

Without writing a full book I will give you a touch on how I personally view and handle balance and goal setting and to share what I call the balance wheel of life with you! Balance requires a guide to achieve it and I pomise to dedicate a full BLOG just to BALANCE tips and steps!

To best describe the balance wheel you need to picture an old wagon wheel as shown above. each spoke defines an element in your life that keeps you rolling so to speak -

There is also a very important center core which on the wheel is called the hub...Your center is the base for all of your other elements....I will share more later but I will tell you for many years of my life I had me, myself and I as the center of that hub thinking I was the one to carry the load for all of the elements! NO - NO - NO! Not anymore! After years of soul searching and I found a solid hub, center, core and I am forever thankful and blessed! This you must find on your own. Purpose Driven Life was a very instrumental book for me in finding the best direction and path for where I have been, who I am and where I am going! Enjoy that read!

Now back to the elements! 5 Key Elements should complete your wheel of balance and as you look at these please know that when you sit down and do serious business planning, life goal setting or just planning a general to do list it is important to consider all 5 key elements and make time for each of these factors in your life...

There are no order of importance because you will find that the wheel only rolls steady when you have equal weight on all elements.


Now, that you have this I want to leave you to ponder on it for a bit...Are you balanced? Do you dwell more in one area? Does one area take over all the others? Can you separate all five and be comfortable and dedicate time to each? Think about your core as well? Who or what is your core and why?

It is not what you do in life that defines you! If what you do defines you than who are you when you are not doing what you do?

mmmmmmm Say that 5 times! Have fun getting balanced...It is not something that will happen overnight but setting goals in each of these elements will sure be a great start!

Dedicated to you!


Elizabeth Ward Small is a mega producing REALTOR and National Motivational Speaker. She resides in Burlington, NC and beaches all over the USA!

Elizabeth would be honored for you to subscribe to her active rain blogs or her personal life blogs at or tweet with her at @AskLizWardSmall or add her as a friend on facebook!
Written in Activerain: 8/22/2009

REPOST: Life is Difficult and Full of Problems...OH REALLY?

I hope you do not see this as just another wall of words...My pictures are not uploading so all you get are words! Oh well! So be it! I am pushing POST ANYWAY!


This motivational moment will be just a bit more than a moment but it is something that has been strongly on my heart to share...I hope you print it, keep it, share it!

So, do you agree that life is difficult? I feel that several that read that can agree that in one way or another things are just not as great as they could be. Several read that and know exactly where my heart is and know that the answer to life's most difficult questions are only found by a true realization that difficult situations are really only what YOU make of them.

Are you going to let life's challenges slow you down or are you going to put your boxing gloves on and win the battles before you?

Are you going to sit and waste precious time by waiting on things to get better when in just a change of your own heart you can accept victory over every situation you face!

I was recently asked "Liz, how in the world do you stay positive all of the time?" Do you just fake happiness or really, please tell us - what is the secret?"

Well, I have to tell you...I never fake happiness. Those close know I wear my feelings on my shoulders and every day is a choice in being a good day or a bad day...the truth is all days are good, even really, really bad ones...just some are the "best" they can be under certain situations.

I have problems just like you. I have teens (enough said)...I have been married over 15 years (enough said)...I depend on this economy to feed our family and pay our bills (enough said), I wake up, I write, I read, I work, I play, I run kids everywhere, I work, I play, I eat, I Facebook, I LinkedIn, I Blog, I list houses, I sell houses, I travel and speak, I coach, I train, and I work...(enough said)...

Did anyone notice that work is different than the things I do that produce income? That is secret # 2 - Love what you do and what you do is never work...

Here is the Big Secret that is #1...

I want to share it with you and I hope that for someone it is the answer you needed today.

I can't take credit for this acronym...I learned this from another that learned it from another...


D - Dreams Awaken NOT Shaken

i - "I" can do this attitude

f - follow your heart

f - find support

u - understand patience

l- love always

t - take nothing for granted


P - predicitons

r - reminders

o - opportunities

b - blessings

l - lessons

e - everywhere

m - messages

s - solvable

You see, we change our life when we change our heart. Lucy in the Peanuts cartoon said it best "I don't want ups and downs. I want ups and ups and ups!" Well, Lucy...I like the way you think!

Do not get lost in your problems or tied down with difficult issues~ When you do this you will lose your strength, your vision, your confidence and your security. Learn to cultivate an attitude of JOY with problems by realizing they are inevitable and they all have a purpose of growth in one way, shape or form! Know that rocks are always in front of you...Stumbles, bumps and bruises but you can be quick to get up, wipe off the dust, stick on a bandage if needed and be better, faster and stronger!

When Life give you Lemons - make Lemonade! When life throws a curve ball throw one right back by being ready! Be thankful for challenges, be thankful for growth, be thankful for the problems and for eyes of FAITH!

Have a super week of problems! Oh, sorry! I just had to end this that way~

Elizabeth Ward Small

Posted in the FB Group The 3 B Method: Living Life Busy Balanced and Blessed Fan Club add me as freind and join the Club...

written and posted 9/21/2009 ActiveRain


A blogger and facebook and twitter rule to live by:

You feed me, I eat...You bore me...I delete!

Just curious when are "you" writing and reading blogs? Do you read and then write? Do you write and then read? Do you post a blog and shut down your computer and then rush back over to see if anyone has responded?

I personally write at night. I try to read throughout the day and I scan over the list and am very guilty of headline judging! If it grabs me - I am in...Bore me and I just don't have time...

The problem I have is I really like to interact and respond to each and everyone that post. I also then like to go read the blogs of the people that post on my blogs...Isn't this the ethical thing to do?

It is like Twitter: Follow me and I Follow You! You feed me, I eat...You bore me...I delete!

I share this because here I am at close to midnight on the East Coast! I have toothpicks holding my eyes open because I blogged until 3 AM last night...Sounds like an is!

But...I will be blogging and shutting down. However, you are so important to me and I just want to know what you do, when you do it and how you do it...

Do you blog and run?

Have you tested the best hours to post...Should we write and save and then post in wee AM hours so our California friends can drink coffee to our craziness?

Just curious?


P.S. Goodnight! These toothpicks are going to give me wrinkles before I turn 40!
written: 9/22/09 10:50 PM


In loving memory of Nickalie Christmas Small 9/11/2001 - 10/10/09

The very best dog...We miss you so!

If you have ever lost a pet that you still miss today as I do my Nickalie...GRAB A TISSUE!


I wish someone had given Jesus a dog

As loyal and loving as mine

To sleep by His manger and gaze in His eyes

And adore Him for being divine.

As our Lord grew to manhood His faithful dog

Would have followed Him all through the day

While He preached to the crowds and made the sick well

And knelt in the garden to pray.

It is sad to remember that Christ went away

To face death alone and apart

With no tender dog following close behind

To comfort its Master's Heart.

And when Jesus rose on that Easter morn

How happy He would have been

As His dog kissed His hands and barked its delight

For The One who died for all men.

Well, the Lord has a dog now, I just sent Him mine

The old pal so dear to me

And I smile through my tears on this first day alone

Knowing they're in eternity.

Day after day, the whole day through

Wherever my road inclined

Four feet said, "I am coming with you!"

And trotted along behind.

Written By: Rudyard Kipling

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

THE UGLY BUTT TRUTH! What the H E Double Hockey Sticks?

OK - So I just posted that I was NOT going to share Before pics yet - but I checked out the recent BUTT pics and think I am making enough BUTT progress that I will share a few...

Recent up close and personal BUTT picture! See the sag...:) The goal is for that SAG to lift by hard work and diet...No cosmetic surgery just sweat and pain...lots of pain from lunges and squats! DATE TAKEN: 1/10/2009The Butt from a distance always looks better than THE BUTT close up... 1/10/2010 I think they call this a Valentine Butt! Lynn says my butt is two handfuls at this time. How sweet!

EEEK - THE WORST BUTT BEFORE PIC of 2009! Here is the real start of all of this. This pic was taken 8/10/2009 when my daughter counted 12+ dimples on my rear! My body fat in August was around 34% - Lynn did not say but I can promise you that there was MORE THAN TWP HANDFULS HERE!

So, I have lost my mind! You have seen ugly butts before, I am sure of it...Well guess what, so have I and this butt is bad but there are far worse in the world and I personally love my tush!

I realize that in 13 weeks I have a long ways to go. I feel that if I am honest with you and with myself and share the UGLY BUTT TRUTH that it just means I am more determined to be able to show you great progress! So, I will post THE UGLY BUTT TRUTH each week just for fun and eventually I promise I will show more skin...I will have to get use to that anyway before 4/10!

Systems are ALL ON GO!

WOW - What a week! I have 1,000,001 things going in my mind 24/7. Honestly! I am thankful for my ADHD at times and other times I just want...medicine!

I had a nutritional evaluation this morning and showed the doctor my GetPhatOnline diet plan. She said: WOW! If you are following that and getting in at least 150 min. of cardio a week you are sure to get in tip top shape! Well...DUH!

Following the eating program and training more like 120 min. a day is burning some serious fat FAST!

So week ONE is OVER - and THIRTEEN MORE to go!

Sorry - NO BEFORE PICS YET! My girlfriend and I are meeting Friday night to take a few to send to the GetPhat team and as much as I would like to share my pics NOW with you...I just prefer to wait until I have decent "ALMOST AFTER" shot to go with it...Somewhere in here I know I posted a bad butt shot! Have fun looking for it!

So: today 1/13/2009: 137.5 lbs and 29% Body Fat! I was able to get a B12 SHOT (ouch) but she said NO NO NO to the Phentermine I begged for...I honestly think it should be an ADHD medicine because I can do so much more and am so much more focused when I was taking it...once upon a last year!

I am 1% qualified actually (the doctors rule of thumb is Body Fat should be over 28% to qualify) and I was 29%! Still did not get it! Oh well...I guess I will have to just do more cardio or eat more Tilipia!

By the way...Workouts are killing me! I am one sore pup! I have trained with Ms. O (Jen Hendershott) twice this week and all I have to say is if you want to feel like you have had a should train with her...She had me doing or trying something called a crab walk and a spider walk. I did not do so hot...My butt just dragged the floor! The great thing about Jen is that she shows you HOW, she says TRY and then she looks at ya with this "DON'T GIVE UP" look that makes you just push a little harder!

I tried to do them again in my living room and my husband just laughed! I challenged him and of course he scooted right across the floor! He said keep working on the crab Liz - just be thankful she did not have you doing a LOBSTER -Oh whatever!

The diet is actually really good and the workouts are an unbelievable plus. I am very fortunate to have Ms. O on a local level to train with even if it makes me just roll across the floor!

By the way...I have had a few ask about the price for GetPhatOnline and I will have to direct you to Lishia Dean or Heather Bear or even better finding them on . I can tell you that just paying for the nutrition part is not that expensive at all compared to what you get and comparing it to the cost of WI with Fitness Plus, weight watchers or Nutri Diets...This program is tailored to YOU and you get 12 weeks of diet, 24/7 email/phone support, a true accountability team and of course the best benefit...GETTING IN SHAPE!

So, anyway - I make NO money from promoting this great team of ladies. I just feel very honored to be able to share what they are doing for me and how it is working or not working! So far - ALL SYSTEMS ARE ON GO!

Stay tuned for more updates about the countdown to APRIL 10! If the jiggle and the wiggle are out of the butt I will DO bikini, if there is any muscle left under this thick skin and I look the part of Figure I will go that route...We will just have to see...No matter what I am doing what I wanted to do and that is to get my body in its BEST SHAPE ever before the BIG 40!

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

If you are doing the same and have a mission along the same line I would love to hear from you! If you are blogging please share your post so I can subscribe!

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