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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Interview on How I use SendOutCards in Marketing...

This is how life happens!

I had a call from a FaceBook friend that is a new SendOutCards distributor...He wanted to talk with me about how I use SOC in my real estate and speaking business. We scheduled a call and I thought...MMMM - I will talk to him while I walk...I was out on my AM cardio and we started a call. Little did I know that he was planning a LIVE interview on this talk! I am sure if you hear this you will hear me panting and trying to control my talk while getting in that AM cardio!

If you are not a SendOutCard user and you would like a free trial account please contact me directly! I will be glad to set you up to be able to send a card (REAL CARD with A STAMP) for FREE and see why I love this system! If you want a personal card from me - feel free to post on this blog your mailing address and I will be glad to send you a card!

The interview is about 45 minutes! Enjoy!

You can't "OUT TRAIN" a Poor Diet!

"You can't out train a Poor DIET" SheriFitness and Jen agree!

This is a super interview on health and fitness with Jen and ShariFitness!

Leg Crushing PAIN feels GOOD!??

Good Morning!
Happy Holiday Weekend!

I rolled over this morning and OUCH! The legs are aching and feel like they have been put through a grinding machine...Crazy as it sounds...

Yesterday I trained personally with Jen, Leisha Dean and 3 great gals from Charlotte that came in to train one on one with Jen. We did legs and I will say that I have done legs with Jen before but this was one of the most kicking routines she has ever ran us through!

We did lunges, lunges and yes...MORE lunges - we jogged laps and we did crazy obstacles that kept our heart rate up and in between each set there is no more than a 30 second break! My toes were sweating! I wore my sweat belt! I encourage you to go to Wally World and buy one! They are super to help keep your stomach tight while training and burn inches faster by sweating and compressing the skin! The bad part about a belt is the hot rush of sweat/water that gushes out and makes you feel like you have peed all over yourself! When this happens - you have been WORKING OUT!!!

I have known Jen a while and I just can't get over her energy. I joke that she is a machine! She plugs in at night to some type of recharge system and she wakes up with this super charge energizer bunny mindset!

She really is a positive role model and she teaches others to be positive and be happy! I do not know this for a fact but I would bet that Jen has a ZERO tolerance for negativity! This keeps her energy so ALIVE and so off the charts exciting! This again, is why I love being a part of her program. Even the motivator in me needs motivating! We all need this!

So - update on my personal challenge: I have lost 9 lbs so far and several inches! I will post some key measurements on Monday. I get a new 2 week meal plan as well tomorrow so I will be sure to post this for your review!
Have a super safe weekend!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Tooted and I Got Booted!

Circumstances that surround you and your own negative thinking have the ability to STOP you and keep you from being the best that you can be!

I had a facebook friend actually hurt my little ole feelings today...Well, let's say he stung me just a bit. I was posting YOU TUBE videos of testimonials which I think is a great thing for people to have out online about the business they are in...I was posting them to an event page and they all popped up on my profile page! All of sudden his comment popped up!
"Poof" you are gone - you do too much self promotion for me"
I of course was floored because I honestly try so hard to NOT SELL on facebook, activerain, linked in or twitter! I try to give advice, encourage, motivate and give people food for thought! I do promote events I am involved in and properties that I market but I also do that to TEACH others how to do the same so they can succeed in thier own business! I am not about to go into any detail as I would hate this blog to be considered a TOOT of my business! This my friend is more of a vent...

I immediatly sent him a message and feel that the bottom line is that he does not know me, nor maybe does he ever care to know me but I KNOW ME! I know what I stand for and I know who I am and also know that my one true mission in life is to help others...My message was professional. He has replied but still says too much was just too much...I put my bandaide on and starting really thinking...Can you self promote too much? Do you? Do I "throw up" my business all over peoples screens?

Do I toot my own horn every now and then...Yes - but that is limited to what I call G.I.V.E to TOOTING ratio of 10/1! I know that, but maybe today he just heard my toot a little to loud...or is he right? Either way...I found a positive light about it and I feel better now...So here I vent and BLOG!

Please let me tell you that ONLY YOU control who knocks you DOWN - You control how fast you get up! Just like this crazy real estate market we have been in for 2 years! Are you going to let it knock you down and send you on a downward spiral of changes or are you going to get up and stand up for what you believe in! Your clients, your market, your business - uhhhmmmm, yes and YOURSELF!

I almost turned off my facebook and shut down having an open page...I sat for a few minutes and went to my words of wisdom book where I keep all quotes that inspire me, help me and pull me through trials and hardships and I closed my eyes and opened the book and this is what was laid in front of me...

"Discipleship is spiritual reproduction. It is not in the "filling in the blanks," it is in the changing lives" that we are mentoring and teaching and sharing!

I felt that was a whisper to me...Keep changing lives! Keep giving, keep mentoring, keep sharing...

So, I urge you in the new world of Social Media that G.I.V.E is imperative....Give Individuals Value Everyday! Toot carefully....Learn to be MINDFUL of when negative talk comes creeping in and realize that "you" really are in charge of your own destiny.

Why seek happiness when it is a CHOICE?

Positive affirmations and daily feeding of self awareness are masters of our mind! Learn today to take charge of how you mold your thinking and how your energey is used in all you do: Blogging, tweeting, facebooking, listing, selling, training, educating, working etc...

Watch how you "fill in the blanks"! I would hate you to get booted!

Toot! Toot! and Blessings to you!


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!

I want to make sure you know you can also Follow me on Twitter!


Love and Limits

Wow! This has been a weekend. A full roller coaster of emotions! Overall, Life is still GOOD!

I have to say the most profound impact on my weekend was Church on Saturday night. It was one of those services that was 100% directed to my family! Full of all of the things we have done incorrectly in raising our kids! We are super on the LOVE part but have really failed on the LIMITS part and this my friend has caused some really hard times in the life of the "Smalls"!

I hope to look back on this blog one day as say wheew - we made it...and the kids turned out just great! However, I am not so sure that we have not waited too late to start boundaries, start limits and set rules...

I also know that it could be so much harder and far worse...We are not dealing with drugs or dealing with issues that I do not believe can't be handled but we are dealing with sensitive issues that involve complete lack of compassion, respect, integrity and responsibility! Key elements that are needed to survive in life!

Love and Limits....

On a lighter note...The Jenny Hendershot Diet is going well! Weigh in is tomorrow! I have started jogging thanks to my neighbor Jennifer who is dragging me out at 5:15 AM to try and see if I can survive 45 minutes of getting the cardio over with!!!I am actually excited to try this as I know it will blast off some fat!

Enough for now! I have to get the kids to bed! 1st night on real LIMITS for Pip and Pop!


:) Liz

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