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Thursday, August 27, 2009

iBusy iBalanced iBlessed

My body is requiring that I hit the sack early tonight! Well, my body and my husband!

I have legs in the morning early and then I will be busting up a busy day again negotiating contracts and deals! The market is finally starting to rock and roll but the banks are sure keeping a few good buyers that want to buy from doing what they want! Investment purchases are the main thing I see suffering! There are so many really good deals out there!

I am still worried about my grandfather...He needs lots of prayers! At 94 years of age and the 100 degree days we are having - it is all just taking its toll all at once!

I am excited to report we have had 2 people join the Sept. 1 kick off for the 90 day challenge! Guys it is FREE~ so join in and let's get in shape!

I can't wait till Monday to weigh in! I feel my body shifting so....We shall see!

Lights out!

I leave you today with my iphone quote:

iBusy - iBalanced - iBlessed

Peace! Liz

Meal Plan for Weeks 3 & 4! I am 8 lbs down so far!!!

Me today with my Grandpa having meal # 5 for me at 4:30 PM and his meal #2...I see them every week as much as I can and he told me today I did not need to lose ANYMORE weight! I showed him my THICK love handles last week and today I showed him that I had less to squeeze! He just winked and said don't get skinny!
I keep him supplied with protein and it has really helped his energy levels and my side "Phat" squeeze get smaller!!!

OK - for those that ask what Jen has me goes! This is my diet for week 3 and 4! I am currently holding steady at a total of 8 lbs lost since I started 3 weeks ago! I am keeping cardio to at least 1 hour a day or more if time permits! My jeans feel great and I have a good amount of energy! Enough that I am up working and knowing that I must shut down before it hits 2 AM! Too much to do all day to pull a night like this! However, people are asking about what changed since weeks 1 and 2 - See for yourself! This is a great meal plan direct from the pro Jen Hendershot herself and her program! It is really a great program and I have no doubt this training will keep me fit for life once I get to the point of my love handles not existing AT ALL!!!

Meal 1 5 egg whites and scramble them and add the following : green peppers, red peppers, mushrooms, onion, and 3 oz of grilled chicken ( the veggies have to fit into a cup)

Meal 2 banana OR a grapefruit and 5 almonds

Meal 3 Lunch 2 slices of lettuce (off the head of the lettuce) to make lettuce tacos, ADD 1 tbsp of the following: fat free sour cream, brown rice, chopped peppers (green only) and 2 oz of chicken in each, these are yummy

Meal 4 1/2 cup of oats with 2 tbsp of PB and 5 strawberries

Meal 5 protein shake with water and ice (2 scoops)

Meal 6 Dinner 4 oz sweet potato cooked and put on a salad ( the salad must be 2 cups of lettuce, you will also add the following, 6 oz of chicken grilled , 2 tbsp of croutons (fat free), 2 tbsp of fat free moz cheese, and 2 tbsp of cranraisains or raisins.

Last thing before BED- 1/2 apple and a 6 oz yogurt mixed together ONLY on Mon, Thursday, the other days I want you to have a rice cake with 1 tbsp of PB and a shake with 15 grams of protein.
Te last meal is really the hardest because I am so full!
Please join the 90 day fitness challenge with me! It is FREE and you could win a free weekend with Jen Hendershot and myself at a PHATCAMP of your choice next year! Please see blogs below with the competition rules and how to email me your details to start! Launch date for others to join in is September 1st!!! I am getting ready for you!
Enjoy and Lights Out! Jen will fuss at me for not getting 8 hours of sleep! SHHHHHH!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Life in The Fast Lane": Brain Dumping Wednesday

I officially am giving HUMP DAY a new name today! Wednesday's from now on will be my "BRAIN DUMPING" day! Feel free fellow bloggers to R & D (rip off and duplicate) this one and let's start a trend!

Where do I start? 1st off forgive me from the beginning for taking a blogging holiday. Now that the kids are back in school and I am back in the fast lane you will actually find post to come more often, more consistent and be far crazier than ever! That is because "Life in the Fast Lane" is back! Am I complaining? Heck NO! I am thrilled to be juggling 20 balls again but am I use to it after a slow, long summer? Heck NO~ So, that is how this blog is going to start a new trend...Brain dumping Wednesday's! Yippeee - I feel better already!


Well let's start with this morning...Kids up, out to school and back home to get see how fast I can wash and dry 4 loads of wet towels (wet...yes...Kids tub overflowed last night) new rule in the house is that they are to start and stop the tub! I am tired of starting it and nagging them to get in it and think they are in to to find them not and the tub overflowed - uuggghhhh! As I clean the house in a New York minute I am on the phone with an Alamance County Probation's Officer trying to find some slum crack head hooker that is the ex wife of one of my sellers to plead her into meeting me to sign a deed on a house she destroyed (and stole 150k of my nice older sellers money) - no luck! She has not been seen in a while and all my hopes for this one to close is that the divorce attorney can record his documents that she gave up her rights to this house! Crazy? YES!


All that drama so early was enough to send me for some cardio! By 10:40 I meet my girlfriend in her development to walk...Yes, 90+ degrees, I have on long pants and a long sleeve shirt planning to really sweat it out! We walk and take a few new routes in Mackintosh on The Lake to end up at a dead end and having to hike through practically a desert! Thank GOD we did not run into any snakes and we actually made it back to her house for 50 lunges, Jenny Hendershot pop squats and me feeling like I could puke!

Rush back home (5 miles) to shower and eat meal 3 of the new diet that I promise to post next and head out the door for a BIG 1:00 appointment...


At 12:58 as I am walking into the door and starting to shut down the Iphone the phone number of all phone numbers that I have to answer calls...It is my 93 year old Grandma. She tells me my 94 year old Grandpa has not gotten out of bed all day and she hoped I could come over to please visit him and make him take his meds and eat! Oh - how I love them and know that "THAT" time is approaching for him...I tell her I will be there as soon as I can but not sure how in the world I would fit that in the rest of the days plans!


2:05 out the door of that appointment, great appointment by the way and I head quickly to the office to check in, print a contract, fax an offer and check email to see that I have a few very important ones that must be addressed...Eat meal 4 on the way to pick up the kids and spill oatmeal all in my car! I have found in a hurry I can eat the stuff dry but today 1/2 is in my car and will be there until I find a sec tomorrow to vacuum it up - I forgot to pack my spoon for my peanut butter so I did a finger scoop - ooooooohhhhh getting it all under my nice new nails! Slam more water and head to pick up the kids from Southern. There right at 3 the line is already at leas 100 cars deep and guess what...I HAD TO go to the bathroom! All of the water I am drinking is really causing a time problem to find a bathroom all day! Maybe I should buy a port a john potty! I go in the teacher parking, run in and potty and have them call out the kids!

Presto - TAXI MOM

I was out of there by 3:05 and booking to Efland! My kids go to Camp Chestnut Ridge 2 x a week for after school study and fun! My plan is to just hang out there and work from there on my laptop but today that open window was my only time to run to Mcleansville where my grandparents are 40 miles away from Efland! Fly there - drop off, hit I40 and book to McLeansville...


I find my grandparents sitting and talking and my grandpa was up with the TV loud as ever...He is not eating but I have given him some Vanilla protein and he will drink that! So, we both drank a protein drink (my meal 5) and I sewed 5 buttons for my grandma on a blouse so she could wear red tomorrow when she goes and does Meals on Wheels for others! She is such an amazing little women!!!

PRECIOUS TIME in more ways than one...

OMG it was 5:10 before I knew it and I still had to run next door to buy my eggs from Aunt and Uncle who raise chickens! Bought 3 dozen eggs and zoomed back to I40 and back to Efland. Talking and negotiating an offer and confirming that I had no luck finding the crackhead, hooker as well as texting and facebooking "Breathe" update! I felt the fast lane at this point as I had to be there by 6:00 or get a 10.00 fine plus 1.00 a minute fee! Well, I made it!


More!!!! I still had to get kids supper, have them home, Lynn supper started and be at a class reunion meeting in Gibsonville by 7:00! Yeah - right...I went ahead and text that a would be 7:15 and picked up Taco Bell and zoomed home, did one more load of laundry, started the grill, threw on chicken and headed to Gibsonville....I know this is getting boring but this my brain dump and I can't tell you how great it feels just to release this crazy day! I am only 5 minutes from the meeting at 7:00 and on Highway 70 when my foot was heavy on the pedal...and....there he was! Undercover, white car, whipping around to come and get me! *^*&%^%$#^$#@%$#@%^$&*&^*(&^&*%$^&^%(P&)(*&^%^%$&

66 in a 50!

After 20 minutes of waiting on him to write me up I pulled off every new nail I had and instructed the kids to flip the chicken hoping Lynn would arrive at home to take over his dinner! By this time there are 2 officers behind me and I am thinking oh boy! What now???

He approached me and informed my my tag was expired. He gave me a warning on the speeding and ticket for the tags! However, he has a home he needs to sell and wants to buy so it was well worth the ticket for the lead!


Finally to my reunion meeting (The PHAT 5 Class of EGHS is class of 87,88,89,90,91!) Now I am more motivated than ever to stick on this eating program! November will be here fast!

It was great to see old friends and they have already done so much! Rush out of there by 8:20 and rush to PetSmart to pick up dog food! Phone has 5 voicemails and they are all about offers coming in on houses tomorrow!!!! YEAH! But eeeekkk the battery dies on my last voicemail and I still must notify my sellers! Tomorrow will be EXCITING!

Finally HOME! 9:00 PM and the chicken and steak for Lynn is sitting there - untouched! He opted for Mayflower! Whatever, I am not even going there! I ate meal 6 yummy salad and finished the laundry, called sellers and took a bike ride to tell one set of sellers face to face (My friends/neighbor)! Kenz and I cruised through the neighborhood totally my cardio to 1 hour and 20 minutes today and came home and was met by my dog that stunk! I through Bella in the tub because she smelled like she has found a skunk!

Kids are tucked in! I have vented this crazy, happy, exciting yet sad day and I feel better!

Thank God only 30 minutes are left in this BRAIN DUMPING DAY!

Just another Crazy Busy, Eating Clean, Super Selling, Loving Life day...but worried about my grandpa....

Yep - that sums up the day!


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