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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Diet starts Day Rather Messy

I was rather excited to get my new eating plan for this week until I saw that I was eating 4 oz of white fish both for lunch and for my 3:00 meal! It is not that I mind eating it at this point (I am sure I will feel different in two more weeks), but cooking fish each morning and packing it is a pain!

The BIGGEST problem is the SMELL! This morning I had to be in my office at 8:30 and I was proud of myself packing all of my food (like it is really not a lot...LOL) and I was able to use my nice new lunch bag my girlfriend Amber gave me! Everything was great until I got to the office and dropped it all right inside the door! THANK GOD my fish did not hit the floor but the juice spilled everywhere!

Of all mornings....The owner of Coldwell Banker TRIAD was coming for a much awaited mandatory meeting to discuss our new location an the best compensation plan I have ever seen in real estate...She was due in the door within 30 minutes, so whew...I had time to clean!

PROBLEM with freshly cooked fish and fish juice! IT SMELLS! IT REEKS and here comes agent after agent in the door screaming about OH GROSS - what is that smell?

I am cleaning, doors and windows are opening and the nice chill of a soon to be Spring 55 degree mornings winds all over the 1st floor of our building! WHEW! Smell is gone...Heat is on in the building and doors and windows are wide open! 9:45 on the dot here comes BEV - the BOSS, the OWNER!

Thank GOD she did not smell the foul odor nor ask why we were airing out the building!

The meeting went great! I am so thrilled with our new plans and new office location! Burlington NC Coldwell Banker TRIAD will for sure have the best new office any real estate company has seen in the USA!

Have a super day! Have to go eat meal THREE and head out for a walk through on a house!

I had to share this morning because many people have messaged me and so love that about how I am doing on this and how it encourages and motivates them! The question is often asked how one finds time to eat 6 meals a day! The answer is PACK and CARRY but the best answer is

especially when FISH is involved!

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Saturday Date with my Man!

Saturday was so pretty! We fired up the Harley and took about an hour ride just to chill out and ride and feel the crisp wind! I laughed because we stopped to eat for meal 4 and once upon a time that would have been stopping for drink 4! Not anymore!

I loved the Chic's Rule poster that I saw at Davis HD! Had to snap a picture of it to share!

Whatever it is, it's better in the wind.
~Author Unknown


A picture timeline of when the MIND MET THE MOTIVATION!

I have talked to so many people this weekend and I have promised so many that I will post more often on here and share more about this crazy training experience...I also have decided that I will be 100% honest and really tell it like it IZ here!

NO BS! NO motivation just to make you read...Bottom line is that the next 5 weeks is GAME ON! If I am going to be on a stage the NPC NC State stage I have got to push harder, sweat more and stay as true as ever to my eating plan...I am not going to call the eating part a diet because I eat ALOT and there is no way one could think 6 meals a day is a DIET! It is a great lifestyle program to eat healthy and clean...but nope, not a diet.

Am I hungry...yes and no
Do I like what I am eating...yes and no
Do I want to eat more...yes and no
Do I have cravings...yes and no
Do I know what I am doing...yes and no

If that sounds like a women that is on low is! I am hungry at times but only when it has been over 3 hours since I have had anything...Once you get use to eating small meals every 3 hours when that 3rd hour comes around FOOD better be within site! The correct food as well! As for what I am eating...At 1st I was great eating the same thing over and over and over for weeks but I am really so bored with it. That is the hardest part for me I think at this point because I am ADHD and the training eating plan is getting BORING! However, Jen has be so great about making the foods yummy - or as yummy chicken and fish can be! I have had a few cravings. I know that sugar is the killer and I have done very good at not cheating or anything but I can't wait for a KRISPY CREME doughnut - a hot one! Do I know what I am doing...I should as I have fed Lynn for the last 3 years as he competed but every one's body is different and I am not doing body building so sometimes I question what I am eating but I trust the GetPhatOnline team and these Chic's know exactly what they are doing and have it perfected to each persons needs...

Yes, Lynn is competing April 10th in Masters Body Building...I have been through this with him and will have to say he can get a bit cranky near the last 4 weeks...I hope that I am going to prove that I can handle this without "LOSING" it...MMMMMM....He and I doing this together will sure make this blog one that will be a TELL ALL! We have survived 18 years together of some pretty tough stuff so I am not really worried about it but then again...I have never DONE this and not sure what the next few weeks will bring...

Right now I am excited about how I feel and am looking. There is LOTS of room for improvement when it comes to the STAGE looking body...and I am prepared for the comments of - oh you have lost too much weight and oh you need to NOT lose anymore weight...blah blah blah! I am taking this to the extreme for one reason and one reason alone. That is because it is on my 40 things to do before I turn 40 and by golly I am going to do it and do it right!

I have already had a few people piss me off with the "you have never competed...Why not do a little show 1st, get your feet wet and then a big SHOW!" Well, I am sure there is a crawl before you walk plan for everyone and yes, I probably should but I am not in this to go PRO or to be competing for the rest of my least this very second I am not thinking that...but I am not one to do anything small. I was born to shoot for the stars and that is just how I roll! I like to things BIG!

Speaking of BIG - Several have asked for the BIG before pics! EEEEK - Here goes!

This is the 210 lb picture at Coldwell Banker Convention...3/2001 - Size 18 dress I had to borrow! This was the turning point picture when I realized I was 178 in 3/1998 FULL TERM with McKenzie and in this picture 3 years later I was 210! Not baby fat anymore...I worked 24/7, ate once a day if lucky and did NOT workout at all!

Speaking Event somewhere in the USA  in 2007 or 2008??? - 165 lbs

April 2009 - Cheryl went to the beach with us after competing in the 2009 NPC State Show...I wore this dress all the time because it covered well! Seeing these pics I knew I may have been showing up in the gym but I was not sweating or getting anywhere...

April 25th 2009
144 lbs and 29% Body Fat

Oh - this is tough! Junk in the trunk!
April 25th THE REAR NEEDS TO GET IN GEAR! I was thinking about getting serious...

I took these pictures to use for a contest in Oxygen or Self..

July 19th 2009 - Jen Hendershott's ALL WOMEN WEEKEND is the weekend I really caught the competing bug! The chic that won bikini had the best butt I had ever seen and it motivated me...Now, I know she is taller than me and but here is the rear that inspired well as Jen in the poster...and Lishia and Heather Bear and Mary and Susie Torres...I started to believe...maybe I could do this! Check out this chic's butt! Geez!

So - I came home from Charleston AWW and started eating a bit better...

August 10th 2009
I also...started this blog around this BAD BUTT picture...

I hit is hard to just see if I could follow Jen's program and wow! I saw the 130's!

Halloween 2009 I was weighing 134 and feeling tighter!

Thanksgiving 2009 -  I am learning more about being ACTIVE!
Still holding in the 140's...
I took an eating clean break to enjoy the HOLIDAYS!

Christmas 2009 - Realizing I had taken too long of a break from eating clean...
Picture is of one of my best friends Amber who helped me decorate my leaning tree! BACK IN THE 140's!

The weekend I really realized I could do it!
I weighed 149 - 152 prior to this weekend and have went hard and solid ever since!

The picture is me with Susie Torres (Look her up and follow her) Very motivating friend just competed in the Arnold and made the top 10 in figure! Also, my friend Cheryl who looked so great at the Arnold! She has really worked hard and I am so proud of them! THEY motivate ME!

So, here I am today! Weight of 129 and 22% BF!

I can't wait to see the changes that are here to come! MORE PICS TO COME!

It's amazing what working out 6X a week, at least an hour of cardio, a gallon of water a day and eating 6 small clean meals a day can do to your mind and body! It's a great thing!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! YES I CAN and YES YOU CAN!

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