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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


What a Monday! I love life and love all of the curve balls that are being thrown at me right now! I have to accept that and keep moving! My goal is to hit a home run on ALL of the pitches! The high balls, the low balls, the fast balls and the knock you down balls! You see, Every step is a step to move forward! Even when life has you upside down and you are holding on for dear life you have to be thankful you have something to hold on too!

Life is choice, every second of it! Choose wise...Choose Happiness! HIT HOMERUNS!

Most of you know I treat my blog somewhat like a diary...So, here we go:

Dear Diary,

Here is an overview on life for Liz...

Business LIFE:
Real Estate is picking up: Activity Breeds Activity! Shake tree's and make it happen has always been my take on this business! Knowledge is POWER and before 2010 ends I hope to get my belly full of some new and refreshing classes to help me broaden and expand my knowledge and get more homes sold in 2011! Wouldn't it be great to break my best year of 23 Million! YES IT WOULD! To do this being debt free would be EVEN BETTER!

SendOutCards is a blessing for me EVERYDAY! I love to wake and send a card from my laptop and know that in just a few days a real card will arrive to someone that needed to hear from me! There are SO many great new things with this company and for anyone out there looking for extra bling bling cha ching! NOW IS THE TIME!

Just today they launched an IPAD challenge! If you sign up and get 3 more and are one of the 1st 50 to also sign 3: you will have a FREE IPAD! Now, I had to think...COOL challenge but the best part to the WHY an IPAD is that I know they have been in the works with Apple to have a SendOutCards application on the is all fitting like a puzzle! SWEET! The IPAD most be the launch of the SOC APP! How cool would it be to leave your client from lunch...Before you leave the hotel send a thank you card right from your phone or IPAD?

So, do you want a chance to win a FREE IPAD...If so click here to see what SOC is about and send a FREE card on me...If you have questions call ME! 336-516-4506! Oh - here is the link:

I love that people can NOW just go to my site and SEND one card including gifts and be a customer on a pay as you go retail basis if needed! So, if you send cards..please save your gas and money and send cards via me for less than 3.00 a card including the STAMP!

Speaking and Training: Bookings are coming in and webinars are starting back! My BUSINESS BOOTCAMPS are getting lots of calls!

Family Life! Summer is flying by! Garrett is in Drivers ED! Watch out roads! McKenzie has the life of a vampire! She is UP all night having sleepovers and they DO NOT SLEEP! Yes, that may be why I am up blogging and sending out emails at 3AM! Red eyes, appointments all day tomorrow but YIPPEE! I am loving life!

Training Life! Break time is over! Eating clean, training hard again! I am trying some new things for cardio and being out of the gym to do these things has been VERY refreshing for me! Parks have great trails to hike and bike! So GET OUT and smell the fresh air!

Bucket List Update:

My 90 days to debt free is underway! I can't wait to share with you if it works for me!
IT WILL! I know it will! If interested in joining me on this feel free to email me or call...

Skydiving plans are underway for the FALL!

Concert with the kids is looking like Lady GAGA in Charlotte or RDU!

Avon Cancer walk is in the FALL and my dad wants to join me! Sweet!

Jen Hendershott's Body Building Show that started my whole get my butt in shape plan is in late October so....yes...I will be there! On stage....ummmmmmmm...we will see!

Life is what we make it! Make Yours GREAT!


PS - I miss you Grandpa

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