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Monday, July 5, 2010

Oops...Again...I fell off the Wagon!

I would like to blame a million people for why I fell off the wagon after competing in April. The bottom line and the fact is I can only blame myself. Sure, circumstances lead me to get off track but I am the one that took the steps to get into shape and I am for sure the one that allowed myself to BINGE into an unhealthy stage of carbs, sugar and carbs....OK and yes....Some Margaritas at 900 calories each!

So, the  4th of JULY and vacation is officially over and for those that jumped on board with me and got all fired up to get and stay in shape...I have one thing to tell you! ONLY YOU CAN DO IT!

I am business life coach, REALTOR and yes, even the motivator needs motivating! I have coaches and mentors that lead me and encourage me! They are worth the money and time that I spend to help me stay on track...BUT they can't make me skinny or make me more money...I HAVE TO DO THE WORK~and so WILL YOU!

Keep drinking water, Eat 6 -7 small meals and burn calories! It is that simple but it those words require ACTION!



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