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Friday, April 23, 2010

An answer to a QUESTION...and today's tip on RELATIONSHIPS~

I was sent a message via Linked in about my company "The 3 B Method" Living Life Busy, Balanced and Blessed. The person said they understood what I meant by Busy and Balanced but wanted to know what I meant by Blessed...

Maybe the person is sincere in asking so I am going to be sincere in answering.

Blessed is a choice we make everyday. Being Blessed and living a Blessed Life has nothing to do with how much money we have in our pocket or what kind of car we drive. Blessed is defined in Acts 20:35 as it reads it is more of blessing to GIVE than the receive. So many people think they are blessed by what they GET or what they HAVE. I feel blessed is what I can GIVE. Blessed is what GOD has given to me and I had the choice to accept his gift or reject it. I am Blessed because I was given the gift of salvation, the choice to believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save me and you from our sins, the gift of eternal life in heaven...the blessing to choose...

I wake every day and try so hard to rise out of bed with the thought process of asking...Is it going to be a good day or bad day? I choose it to be BLESSED day. I wake up to GIVE of myself to others, I wake up to GIVE to my children and my spouse. I wake up to GIVE to the public that is buying or selling a home and I now wake up to GIVE to myself the best physical body I can have to help GIVE others hope and belief that they can do this at any age!

This is my answer to WHAT IS BLESSED in the 3 B Method...Thank you for allowing me to be so sincere and honest.

Remember: The safest place we can be is in the WILL of GOD~


Life will carry you from one cycle to the next...As long as you remain in prayer and remain in a relationship with your saviour YOU will be walking in WILL of GOD!

Also my friend I must share this with you...I just had this conversation with Lynn. We have been married over 15 years, together for 18 (since I was 21) and let's face this fact. In 15 years you are going to be in love, be out of love, you are going to grow close and you are going to get bored with the same old relationship day in and day out...HOWEVER, marriage is just like your relationship with GOD...

GOD IS A FACT...Not always a feeling. MARRIAGE is a FACT...Not always a feeling...

You have to stay the course and you have to know what is right from wrong and sometimes, even EVERYDAY...You have to ask for forgiveness...You have to believe and you have to faith and you have to no matter what communicate. God knows our hearts and our souls...Communicate with him and he will open the door and GIVE you so many blessings...Honor him and give him credit and thanks...respect him and appreciate him...Same with the marriage...Honor, respect, appreciate and give thanks~Give to one another and learn to feed one another the love language needed...(read 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman) -

Those languages are:

Quality time
Physical touch
Acts of Service
Words of Affirmation

Learn to GIVE the language that your partner needs...Most often we GIVE the one we need and this is what causes communication breakdowns! I promise you this is book worht reading! OK - Bedtime for me! Maybe one day I will realize I need more sleep!

Live, Laugh and Love...Most of all LOVE!


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