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Monday, June 14, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again! Its BODY REHAB TIME!

I guess you could say I hit the wall! I hit my goal and I competed in the 2010 NC State Body Building show. This was April 10th and yes, I did a great job for my 1st show and yes, I saw my abs, my butt lifted and I honestly loved how 119 lbs looked! I did not like how .25 carbs a day felt and now I am on the mission to get back to 119 with the facts I have learned from Jen Hendershott, Ms. Olympia.
I am actually excited about getting back to eating clean and drinking water. It is amazing how different I have felt in the last 60 days NOT training...

I have been HUNGRY! I was never hungry on Jen's eating plan. I have been bloated and feeling like a tick about to explode! Sodium without drinking water will do this! I am not a drinker but when I have enjoyed an occasional drink it has knocked me OUT! I thought I could not wait to eat sweets but when I eat them I feel HORRIBLE! Sugar sickness feels like a roller coaster ride sickness and that is no fun at all! Other than that, my pants are tight again and my butt went from looking like a hot 30 something to a sagging old something! goes! Hope you join me on this mission!

Let me share the good news and ease of the plan and you can see if you want to join me on a 30 day mission to self improvement! if you need a very personal program tailored to you please visit and take the step to a full life change!

1) Increase water intake - You should be flushing out FAT all day! Dr. Oz says that if you are drinking just enough water to survive you should urinate 1 x per hour all day and sleep the night without wetting your!  He says if you are drinking to flush toxins and lose weight you should urinate every 15 - 30 minutes and yes, wear a diaper or get up and potty 2 -3 times a night!

2) Increase your cardio! One hour a day maintains your weight. A sweating, hard core Hendershott hour will melt the weight. Trust me...there is a huge difference in training with ease and training to get in shape! My personal goal the next 30 days is 30 minutes of weight training and at least one hour if not more of cardio! The cardio is a great stress reliever for me and gets my creative brain waves moving!

3) EAT! EAT! EAT! Small portions 6 -7x a day.  I love Solution FIVE and will be drinking that on my busy days Tuesday and Thursdays and the other days I am sticking to the same thing for the 1st 2 weeks! Egg whites, Oatmeal, Almonds, Chicken, Asparagus, Fish, Broccoli, Grapefruit and again LOTS OF WATER!

5) JOURNAL! Write it down! If you eat something bad...WRITE IT DOWN so you know you have to work a bit harder to get it OFF! (yes, I had 2 cookies today)

Let's do it! If you need a text from me to help push you please email me your contact information to and I will add you to a group text for reminders!



  1. Hey Liz!

    I am on Week 5 of a 12 week makeover plan to be my wedding weight, by my anniversary :)

    Feel free to *push* me anytime!

    I lost 5 lbs weeks 1,2 and 3, then NOTHING weeks 4 & 5 - so that was very discouraging - but I am NOT giving up till I reach my goal :)
    931-626-0280-cell for text

  2. Laurie - What are you eating? Or maybe...What are you NOT eating? Will push you all I can! Congrats on the wedding plans!


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