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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Visit to Pleasure Island In More Ways than One!

This past weekend our family packed it all up and pulled out of the driveway for destination: OCEAN WAVES and SAND BETWEEN TOES!

In debating where to land we thought it would be fun to take the kids to the place that Lynn and I shared our first weekend together...Carolina Beach. It has been years since we visited Brits Doughnuts, the boardwalk of memories and of course, the sunset cruise down the Cape Fear...

We joined up with family at one of the neatest places...If looking for a great all in one places to stay you have to check out Golden Sands in Carolina Beach. The hotel is right on a pier that has a tiki bar restaurant hopping and drinks pouring ALL day and night! We enjoyed a great band and evening of jamming while watching surfers and the sun set.

I was amazed in the changes of such a small town. Everything seemed so new and clean. Much of the old sections of downtown were repainted and the entire town seemed NEW!

The one thing that looked the same, smelled the same and tasted the same was the famous Brits doughnuts. There is much to learn from the history of Brits. KISS method proven again...Keep IT Simple Sister! The menu offers 3 choices. The same and only one style of doughnut, coffee, milk. They make 36 at a time and start early and finish at night when they decide it is time to go home (after the line is finally gone down!)

Yes, I had my share of them. They are a classic and no diet should erase such pleasures...

The weekend was refreshing and it proved another point to me...Everyone needs to recharge!

I hope you get a chance one day to visit Pleasure Island. Your kids will love you for it and your belly will love the BRITTS!



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