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Saturday, August 28, 2010


I have to share this! Page 52 in Chapter two of Andy Albright's book reads:

A favorite saying of mine is, "A dog in the hunt ain't got no fleas." When a bird or rabbit dog works, he is aware of nothing else. The same dog in a kennel, if he has fleas, will let them bother him. he will sit and scratch. However, that same flea-ridden dog does not know fleas exist when he is on the hunt. HE IS THAT FOCUSED!

This great book continues on and then says "A man in touch with the work he was designed to do, is like a A DOG IN THE HUNT!

I share this so if you ever see me post on facebook or say: I ain't got no fleas or You sure don't have no fleas! You will now know what I am talking about and that my friend will be a GOOD THING!



I am still reading the book and already highly encourage you to as well!

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