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Monday, November 29, 2010


Maybe you read my post on QR CODES when I was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning! Well, I have to post and share with you some sad, sad news....

NOW I feel like the little kid at Christmas that's motor scooter battery just died after only 15 minutes of riding it or the time that I ran out of the Betty Crocker packs for my Easy Oven...I mean... Gut wrenching torture...WHO DOES THAT TO ME...kind of feeling? Do you recall this? As a child it is one thing, but as a professional adult...I am perplexed to say the least.

I mean can something so good be so true anyway? Didn't our parents teach us that?

Long story short. Ha! My blogs are never short...

I researched and researched QR CODES. I was determined to be the QUEEN of TECHNOLOGY and be the speaker/REALTOR of choice when it came to sharing the function and use of marketing and lead generation with Scan Life and QR CODES! I wrote a blog here, I stood on stage and shared to 1000's of people the new and exciting tech toy that will get you more business and make you more money!

Yes, they are really high tech! Yes, they are a great conversation piece on your listing appointments, on your signs, on your business cards, on billboards, social media, ads on paper, ads online...Anywhere you put your personal QR code it will drive business right to you...however...NEW TO ME and NOW maybe new to you...



Congrats to the maker of the great tool and as always business is business and anything worth having will usually cost you. I just feel used!

Now...making sure I double explain this...The APP for scan codes is FREE! REPEAT: THE APP IS FREE to download on your smart phone...The codes you create online for others to scan...they appear free. There is nothing of cost on the site. There is nothing but code makers and code links from SMS, contact codes, direct web link codes, phone contact codes and much more! BUT...You got it...THEY ARE NOT FREE!

Now, I am not ditching the idea of having these but I honestly feel I have been SCAMMED. I was definitly hooked, realed in and now STUCK! (yes...signs made, cards made etc.)

What ONCE WAS no longer...The system has targeted REALTORS use for them and now have a nice annual fee for up to 10 codes and an even nicer hefty fee for more than 10 codes...they were even so kind to email me a marketing report on how to use them...Sorry... I was way ahead of that....

NOT HAPPY! NOPE! NOT at all...However...will I continue them?

Swallow hard...think a while....I do not know.

I do not write this to bash! I write this to inform. I know many that have taken this new tool and ran with it...if you are one of on the look out for your phone call once your code starts getting noticed!

Fly under the radar and maybe you will not get the call but as a LEAD GENERATOR and I hope that as a good REALTOR should be...that is what you are and "We don't go for flying under the radar"!

As a fellow rainmaker shared with me, "Once you have an engine in place to process transactions from leads, the focus must be on lead generation to fuel the engine!"

So, gas up baby! Pick your choice of fuel and like real gas these days SCAN CODES are going to cost you!

Evaluate and decide...we must get the most BANG for our BUCK these days! Is this new tech tool worthy not that is NOT FREE! How do you feel...Professional to professional...I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW~

DISCLOSURE: I am NOT affiliated with the company that produces these, My intentions are NOT to steer you to use or purchase scan codes for your business...I am seeking any news you can share...

Signing off...tryin not to be too pouty before Christmas...

Elizabeth Ward Small, REALTOR

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